Best DSLR Brands for Video? Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Panasonic Cameras!

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100 thoughts on “Best DSLR Brands for Video? Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Panasonic Cameras!

  1. Hey hey PV Peeps! QUESTION: What are your experiences with each of the big brands? Which are you rocking in your shoot day kit and why? (Or which do you WANT to pack in there one day 😉 )

    Keen to hear if you have a different perspective or if you agree with my take on it! We always get some awesome suggestions & insights down here – and yours may help someone else make their decision 👊🏻💯

  2. Very informative video! I am interested in the Panasonic Lumix because they don't have a recording limit for video… However, I live in Germany and the model numbers are different over here.  Is there an easy way to roughly translate the model numbers?

  3. Actually Nikon has way better low light performance than Canon does and has more dynamic range. Downside is codecs and lens choice.

  4. I have a Nikon D90 , it’s my moms. Con: it doesn’t have a mic port. And I have to get an extra piece that plugs into my cameras cord so that I can use it with my tablet as a mirror to see what I’m doing. So super annoying!
    I’m 17 so getting a new camera is no where in my budget. But I want to get a mirror camera, something I can use for vlogging as well. But I don’t know which camera is he best one to get.

  5. I’m looking to upgrade from my d3300. I mostly shoot video. I’m stuck with Nikon because all my lenses are Nikon. Which Nikon camera I best for video? Under $1000? Thanks!

  6. I know nothing of video, but I am surprised about Nikon being not that good in low light; in photography environments I was always told they were excellent.


  8. first time i go with canon for run n gun shoot ,, i meet a big problem because i just have a canon camera with a lens kit, video very noisy,, and even i try a nikon camera with lens kit , then i saw the result,, omg , that was very amazing video, very sharp and good color, but canon have smart autofocus , just my opinion

  9. some of my favourite videographers use the 1dx mark ii but you just can't beat the features of the gh5! I'm trying to convince myself to buy a 1dx mark ii for video but i can't justify the price!

  10. Panasonic recently released yet another firmware "fix" for the GH5 auto focus dramas. While it helped, it still is a worthless camera for rapid motion in near-field video…imo

  11. Hey Justin, does the G85 come with that amazing ipad app you are using or is that only available with the GH4/5? than,s

  12. A lot of people contemplating video already have a camera. The first question should be whether the camera they have will do the job.

  13. I once asked a Japanese lady I know how to pronounce Nikon. It's not exactly as you do, but very close. Certainly nothing like Niekon.

  14. This is the first question I've ever posted on YouTube, so hope you can give me some advice. May I know if it's still worth investing in DSLRs as there are a lot of amazing mirrorless cameras to choose from in 2018? I have owned several compact cameras before but usually, focus on withstanding weather conditions, but as I'm growing up and getting more interested in photography, I wanted to take pictures with much better quality for picnic/travels/vlogs, so I'm placing emphasis on both vid performance and pictures (wildlife, scenery, portraits & sports event). I have an HTC RE for wide angle vlogs (not very good image stabilisation) and an iPhone 8+ which can act like a decent point-and-shoot for daily pics but I have been doing a lot of research and is deciding between Canon G7x Mark ii, Canon T7i/800D or Canon 77D. I never own a DSLR so it will be a first for me if I get one of those. These three cameras are the ones that seems to suit me but I'm still in a dilemma. What do you recommend?

  15. This is your assessment and review huh? I thought I might find it interesting and informative. But! I restarted and timed 55 seconds of absolutely rubbishing Nikon followed by 125 seconds of singing Canon's praises. Which camera is better for a certain job is purely subjective, so any online assessment is irrelevant anyway.

  16. Wow… so much hate for Nikon and honestly… little to NO experience or knowledge of their system. I'm guessing you're a Canon fanboy because no one would lie so poorly about Nikon cameras. Just… wow.

  17. You don't know what you're talking about saying that no other brand of camera compares to canons auto focus because Sony has by far much better auto focus points than any other brand of camera. They are literally for there auto focus. If you don't think so then look at the Sony RX10 mark 4.

  18. No DSLRs for video for god sake, they have no IBIS and heavy and huge and no focus peaking in 4k, and most don't have 4k capabilities. Always use mirrorless for video.

  19. talking about using a DSLR for video and then comparing them by using features like auto focus? really, are you using auto focus while filming?

  20. Thanks so much for this video! We are looking at upgrading withing a budget and you answered a lot of questions I had. Keep the videos coming!

  21. Hello Justin, please let me know if Canon EOS 700D DSLR Camera and 18-55mm & 75-300mm III Lenses is worth to pay £500 as I want to use it for my cooking channel. Thank you

  22. I use Panasonic because you can record up to 4k 30fps at UNDER $500! The camera I'm talking about is the Panasonic G7 14-42mm lens and its SO worth it! (I use the G85 cause it has IBIS)

  23. Trying to decide between canon 80d and panasonic g85…decided on 80d because of sensor size and focus…really sad im not getting 4k though like on the g85…did i make a mistake?

  24. Thanks for this.

    Just a quick note. It is beginning to drive me crazy when I hear the explanation of depth of field being "That blurry background look". Depth of field actually refers to the part of the image that is in focus in addition to the subject that has been deliberately focused on.

    This means that, with a shallow depth of field, with the camera focused on a subject (for example) 15 feet away, anything in the background or the foreground would be out of focus, when using cameras in which the sensor is parallel to the lens.

    With some view cameras, however, which can have the plane on which the sensor is mounted, varied (set at an angle) from the plane that the lens is in, the depth of field can be set to cut across the image at an angle.

    I realize that you, and others, may be using the 'blurry background' explanation as a kind of 'shorthand' to give people an idea of what a shallow depth of field does visually, but you end up confusing the issue by limiting the idea to describing only the background.

  25. Wow, this is one of the most solide Camera Comparison Videos I have ever seen! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  26. Hello Justin, I have a question. I looked up Panasonic GH4. My question is….Will the Panasonic G7 perform like the GH4?

  27. Thanks for the video but there are a few glaring mistakes when it comes to Nikon. 1st, Nikon has a MASSIVE range of lenses. In fact, they are renowned in the photography world for being able to put a lot of manual lenses from the 70's and 80s straight on to modern bodies without hassles (if you focus manually). This is unlike Canon who have changed their mounting systems quite a few times, meaning more adapters.
    Secondly, Nikon are better than Canon when it comes to dynamic range. Again, they are well known for trouncing Canon in this area.

    When it comes to Canon and Panasonic vs Sony, you should mention that the latter two have a bigger range of cameras with fully articulating screens. Much better for filming yourself vlog-style or shooting above your head like you may do in a crowd in a concert or just want to film something from a different angle. I'm a fan of Sony but it frustrates me they only do the tilting lcds for most of their serious cameras.

  28. Longer recording time, ease of use, and price led us to the Panasonic LUMIX G85 with a 2.6 lens. Perfect for us. We haven’t done much with the WiFi but might in the future.

  29. always loved canon watched this considering changing to sony but don’t think i will now think i’m gunna get the 7d mkii for video

  30. In the end you don't talk about the Fuji cameras, even though you mentioned them at the beginning of the video. What do you think about Fuji ? And Perhaps the X-H1 model ?


  32. Nikon video features are bad, but for still photography , i think nikon is the best so far, the DOF are amazing. And nikon camera's have great built quality, most wildlife photographer use nikon

  33. Hey Justin, thanks for the info, great video. I have experience with Canon and Sony. What you said is so true. I love Canon because of the great colors and ease of use, but I have to use Sony because of $$$. I shoot most of my videos at 120fps in 1080, and Sony provides that feature in its cameras at a much lower cost (I have RX10 and a6300) than Canon does. But, Sony colors are not even close to Canon's. Thanks again my friend.

  34. Is it compatible about the lenses u mention that u are using canon lenses on your panasonic cam? Are they all fit in terms of measurement?

  35. TL;DW – Canon and Nikon are the most famous and revered prosumer brands for still photography. They video capture is scarce and very limited. Sony is the best brand of Full Frame cameras capable of great video capture, but they suffer from many technical problems which have been known for years. Panasonic is considered the most advanced brand nowadays for video capture. Their GH5 and GH5S are the best (while cheapest) cameras you can buy today that will capture impeccable 4K 10-bit video (VFR and lots of other features) and can be compared to the results of RED and ARRI Alexa cameras. Most image quality and dynamic range tests have shown that the best cameras for still photography are the less known ones. Fuji, Pentax, Leica, Hasselblad and so on are on the forefront of photo technology and are surprising photographers worldwide. The professional models are very expensive though.

  36. Don't buy Metabones speedboosters, they are too expensive! Viltrox makes great speedboosters that cost 1/3 the price of a Metabones. The Viltrox EF-M2 (Canon EF to Micro 4/3) has no apparent difference in quality or reliability and you can buy 3-4 Viltrox speedboosters (for multiple camera mounts) for the price of one Metabones. Comparing the two, some users have found that Metabones speedboosters don't mount well on the camera, and result in a bit of play…way more play than their Viltrox counterpart!!!

  37. Hey Justin, great video! What lens you use on this video, when you sit and talk? (I see three lenses in your equipment list).

  38. Japan No 1
    Konica Minolta

  39. Hi Justin, great video again, I am right now in a bit of hurry for some short film shootings. being more of a script writer, i decided to direct a couple of <10 mins short videos just to get the taste of Direction and Cinematography. With all the above in place i am a little low on budget and want to invest little money and concentrate more on the script and screenplay. With my constraints i tried a Nikon Cool pix s7000 and found it waste of time even though they claim to be a Full hd. I hopped on to a Nikon actually borrowed it from a friend and found it reasonably good. However i thought of investing some money to own a reasonable camera for my script video shoots and listed them like –

    Panasonic HC-V270GW-K Consumer Camcorder (Black)
    Sony HDRCX405 9.2MP HD Handycam Camcorder

    Can you suggest me something that fits the above budgets? by the way any comments on a Camcorder vs DSLR cameras?

  40. OMG Over 2 minutes of preamble, blah, blah, blah before you get into it!!! Get on to the topic within 20-30 seconds please. Your introduction to your video and what we are about to learn was faaaar too long. I know you mean well but… I eventually learned a few things.

  41. hi there, I am planning to make some blogging video mostly out on a sunny day. Should i go a Camcorder ( like Sony FDR-AX700 which has a 1-inch sensor ) or a mirrorless camera ( like Sony A6400 which can shoot for more than 29 mins )? Which one will produce stunning video footage? Please note that i am not trying to become a professional videographer but i want to make some blogging video with stunning image quality! Your kind advice will greatly be appreciated . Thanks heaps

  42. Hi Justin! I'm a dancer/choreographer and want to create films with a lot of movement. I'm wondering if the canon would be the best first option for me and if there's anything I need to know about steady lenses if I'm following movement? I've seen people do steady cam on their phone and it looked pretty good especially since they were moving so fast, but any additional tips how to achieve this vision with a really nice camera would be great! <3 All the best, thank you this really really helped.

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