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100 thoughts on “Bethesda ATTACKS Over Prey Trademark – The Know Game News

  1. Bathesda should sue the church. A lot of people Pray there. Very confusing. I walked into a church once and they tried to convert me. No sign of any games though.

  2. whats next as far as trademark copyright lawsuits? valve suing respawn entertainment because team fortress 2 and titanfall 2 both abbreviate to TF2?

  3. This is the most reasonable lawsuit attack I've heard a game company pull in recent memory. When I heard of Prey to the Gods (Just now) I thought, what is that? A Prey 2? DLC? Bethesda was right to do this. I feel sorry for the other guy though, his game had a cool name, and it looked cool.

  4. Make the laws protect "phrases" instead of "words". That way the name "Prey" is a phrase, but the word prey can exist inside a distinctly seperate name, "like "Prey for the Gods" as that name is a different phrase. King could also trademark "Candy Crush", "Crush Saga", "Candy Saga", and even "Candy Crush Saga" and OTHER people would be allowed to use the individual words. They'd just have to make their brands DISTINCTLY seperate from Candy Crush Saga. No one company could effectively own a word, but they'd still be protected by the people who are less original in their titles than they are. = P

  5. Sooo basically if you don't like the petty pathetic moves by Bethesda/Zenimax, you can hit them the only place they care about. Their wallets. Any game with Bethesda's name on it never buy, and don't buy any DLC for their games. If you want to play one of them, wait for it to be available somewhere used. That way you play their game, and they see none of the money for it.

  6. Companies should stop being allowed to Trademark single GENERIC word like CANDY, PREY, SUPER. That shouldn't be allowed, secondly if a game like Fallout Fortress or whatever SHOULDN'T get attacked if it CLEARLY has NOTHING to do with a big thing like Fallout. Cleary that mobile game was nothing even related to the fallout universe

  7. I can't wait to play the new indie game "giu£@uik_7$32" …I kind of understand the "Fortress Fallout" point that Gus made, but some of these claims are ridiculous.

  8. Personally I want pray for gods to win because the new prey looks crap in comparison to the original

  9. Time to start using Shakespearean English or old Latin to name games, or do crazy things like that gramatically correct sentence that is the word "Buffalo" a bunch of times in a row.

  10. i thought u cant trademark words if they were tittles yeah but words single words soud like bullshit

  11. I want someone to make a YouTube channel covering game news called the The Knowing or another channel called Rooster Tooth and see what they do

  12. It's is really crappy for the devs of both games because Bethesda is being greedy. So far Prey is looking to be a great game and I have been seeing noting but high marks for the game yet this comes out and makes people not want to get the game.

  13. come on now, i understand that you want to protect your trademarked words, but Jesus "prey" and "prey for the gods" are so different as to not even remotely be confused by customers, people that buy games aren't that stupid (i hope). i bet they wouldn't sue Nintendo if they made a game titled "prey to mario" now would they? because nintendo would kick their asses and make them eat it in court, betheda/zenimax is just being bullies with this, bullying smaller companies.

  14. Wow Zenimax/Bethesda…. way to be complete dickheads. Why take out the fact that your new 'Prey' is a failure on others?

  15. I think it has to do with both starting with the same word, "Prey." That if "Prey to the Gods" is shortened for instance, in common parlance between friends and what not, one would say "Prey" rather than the acronym "PttG". They are worried that the abbreviation of the title would lose them customers as people could get confused of which game they saw ads for or heard about. Still sucks to have that happen to you.

  16. Bethesda has some freaking balls, considering the game is based on unoriginal ideas to begin with. They're just throwing there weight around In an attempt to boost sales, so this a great justification to save money and buy preowned.

  17. Might as well do a Trademark monopoly to force everyone into a trademark apocalypse. It makes sense to just TM any and all words and phrases to only monopolize on this TM system. Perfect.

  18. honestly lets all just watch as bethestas followers all leave for better games because of this attack and we'll see how it goes for them will they realize their mistake? maybe

  19. Thanks bethesda for making me aware of a super cool game. Definitely checking out one of the prey games and skipping the other.

  20. Thanks bethesda for making me aware of a super cool game. Definitely checking out one of the prey games and skipping the other.

  21. I backed the game and think that it is the stupidest thing ever that they have to change their name since the games have nothing in common and the titles are completely different. It's like sega sewing any video game for having alien in the title.

  22. Who in his right mind would even assume both names would even be remotely associated? This is just Bethesda / Zenimax/ whoeverthefuckthisis being complete and total dicks expecting to scrape some extra cash just for the heck of it. Copyright law is long overdue for a big overhaul.

  23. I was really interested in buying the new Prey until now. Hopefully, there are a lot more people who, like me, will no longer buy the game. I can't support a company that's this dickish.

  24. Well, I think I'll be passing on Prey for the foreseeable future. Companies should not be able to copyright existing single words and doing so is an assault on language.

  25. If you don't defend your trademark, you risk losing it. The Scrolls case mentioned in the video was settled out of court. Mojang was allowed to use the name just needed to acknowledge the trademark rights.

  26. if i ever get rich, im gonna open a dictionary and just go down the list and trade mark each word. There, no one can name anything and i'd own all the words. get a quarter anytime anybody spoke. Make back all that money spent on the trademarks.

  27. Let's Play is too generic but Candy, Saga, Prey etc isn't? I mean I understand wanting to protect something but jesuz….

  28. whats next the trademark "and" maybe "the" its a joke you shouldnt be able to trademark common words!

  29. Well Pery didn't interest me anyway now praey on the othe hand does. So, as much as I hate to say it I'm kinda glad this happened because I never heard anything about praey

  30. The thing is, trademarking PREY and fighting with Prey To The Gods. You'd say that's very different but thing of it like this. PREY 2: The Gods. People could confuse it still. Either way I don't agree with the Bigger Companies bullying Indie devs especially

  31. Bad bethesda, you're grounded. Im not playing with you for some months. And now I wanna play prey to the gods, didnt know about it and it looks awesome

  32. Trademark should be for the entirety of its contents and name. People are being sued for using their language,not cool. Look at songs. Their are numerous song with the same name but with their name tagged on. Their content and meaning are different so they're allowed to co-exist. That's the way any trademark should work. Companies like Bathesda should be sued by civil rights activist for stealing our birthright. Language is not a trademark able property.

  33. It'd be one thing if Bethesda came up with game titles that were actually unique, but seriously all their game titles are so generic. No one is going to confuse their stupid game "Prey" for "Prey for the Gods". Get a grip Beth

  34. I don't care if it is legally right or not. For me it is morally and ethically wrong. So much so that this is enough for me to indefinitely boycott Bethesda/Zenimax. I may not put much of a dent in their revenue but at least I won't be condoning their bullying behaviour.

  35. Prey 2 project from from 2007 + looks hundred times better. The Prey 2017 gameplay, world design and everything is so generic.

  36. i exist. so i should be in jail because i can be the represantation of a npc in a video game? not my first language

  37. did Bethesda do a search for Prey For The Gods cause if not then Bethesda can be sued for making up bullshit and forcing a company to change the name of a game that has had the WHOLE title copyrighted cause of their game

  38. How the hell did they even trademark prey, that's even more common word than cyberpunk…what's next trademarking numbers in case someone would like to make sequel?

  39. You should not be able to trademark a word. I could understand trademarking a title of a product. So if your game is "prey" you can trademark "prey" specifically for your game. So you cant have another game by someone else called "prey" but someone could have "prey to the gods" because its not ONLY "prey" however you since its not a word youre trademarking but a title someone could make a film and call it "prey"

  40. WTF is matter with Bethesda, the greed of these companies especially when they start having some money.

  41. Trademarking single common words is outrageous. The law needs to find a middle ground. "Prey for the Gods" should be fine. Bethesda should be protected from the creation of unauthorised spin-offs or sequels, but that is all. Rubs me the wrong way.

  42. Lest we forget, the movie Troll(1986) followed the Potter family, Harry Potter, Sr and Jr

  43. So making a game called fallout of the elders pray or some crap would totally not be a good game name then?

  44. Hey guys! Please cover how there are game breaking bugs within the launch version of the game that has not been addressed yet. The majority of PC players are unable to complete the game due to our saved games being ruined and crashing to desktop upon load. Please hit me up for more info and proof

  45. Bethesda…. seriously is getting on my nerves, seen this twice now from them, and they are starting to development ends on fallout 4 that have given me a poor taste of whats to come

  46. I think trademarks should be for author and company names. So someone can release another game named Prey but make it clear who it's from. If someone did that they would get buried under the search results for the more popular thing anyway.

  47. trade marks should not be on common existing words it is made to protect confusion but a word like prey is far to general for there to be a trade mark on it imo

  48. The Movie Troll had a child named Harry Potter that learned how to use Magic to save his sister from Trolls, but I guess that was just a coincidence…

  49. Well there is a nice thing about "RWBY" it isn't even am actual word so trademark controversy proof.

  50. these companies are going too far I mean seriously are you that desperate for attention lol jk but seriously they don't need to do that

  51. Beerthesta, sounds alot like beer, I think ill will sue them for having something relating too beer in their name

  52. I agree with Gus on making up ridiculous titles, until I remembered "INFINITE UNDISCOVERY" and "METAL GEAR RISING REVENGENCE".

  53. trademark law should be overhauled ,, like trademarked words of a company can be removed if they are over suing other companies over a word that is little to no similarities from the original…

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