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8 thoughts on “‘Bike Not Included’: Ryan Reynolds Hires Woman From Peloton Ad For Gin Label

  1. America demands to deal with the traitor. All are equal before the law!
    Biden Jr.'s betrayal was a heavy blow to America.
    The most secret documents of the White House of the time of Obama could be transferred to China.
    The most secret documents went from Hilary Clinton's home server directly to China. It was a stab in the back to the entire American people. The most secret documents, the most top secret.
    Trump is desperately trying to save the situation, it's a battle against time.

    Trump now needs time, he needs a second term to rectify the heavy betrayal of the Obama administration.
    Brennan must testify in the Senate about the whole story.
    Americans feel betrayed and deceived by Nobel laureate Mr. Obama

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