BL genl Izak van Zyl oor dreigemente om wit studente te brand

Good Evening fellow citizens,
it is 19h22 on Thursday the 20th of February 2020 I have been quiet the
last while as I have been observing the situation in
South Africa very carefully and evaluating it and trying to adapt that which we
are doing in the “Boere Legioen” so that we can get the STRATCOM in line with the threat. Now we see in the last while how the State president simply just continues in spite of the warnings
of the western world, lead by the United States of America, not to continue with the expropriation of private land without compensation. Now what the exact agenda behind whole continuation of their policy is I do not know. If they just want
to draw a line through private ownership in general that I also do not know. But we will see how it plays out and I
think there are many warnings out from the Freedom Front Plus and
there are warnings out from Farmers organizations and
from Agricultural unions and even from Afriforum where where a very clear statement
came out that the farmers must fight fire with fire
and these guys are not going to come to drink tea and
coffee, in other words the attack on the land will be seen in the same light as a farm attack and I think
the farmers are quietly busy organizing themselves
and the “Boere Legioen” is also in a big way busy within the historical communities, within the places where we have historical claim,
the towns and the cities in South Africa that traditionally belong to the “Boers” belong to the English, that belong
to the White minority in South Africa. We are busy quietly organizing planning and watching how the government wants to exploit this situation. As the hand puppet of the government,
by name Julius Malema that full of bravado and delusions of grandeur
again disrupted the parliamentary proceedings and who went as far as to say
that they will occupy farms in the Free State and they
are going to take the land. We have, from the side of the
“Boere” and various organizations, sent out the message and have said “You are welcome to do so because that is for us
the line in the sand” Moron! Imbecile! We are waiting for that. Now they are making threats
that they are going catch white students at the Technicon,
the old of the Free State and they are going to burn them
like Coloured children and mother in the Cape were burnt Now I hope that the
Brown people in the Cape see this as a contravention of the International right to protect yourself. As a contravention in terms of the safety of each citizen And I hope the Brown
people in the Cape form a Citizens defense force to track down those Black Ngunis, to identify them properly, and to go and eliminate them. Because if you do not do it, my good friends, these Ngunis will see
it as a sign of weakness. You are people who come
out of the security environment, you have
veterans, you have ex policemen Get your houses in order and
go and identify those bastards take the Police with you go and identify them and eliminate them because they do not deserve to live. The barbaric way in which they go to work deserves nothing less than death itself. They should actually be
hanged in a public area by their necks Slowly and they must suffocate to death That is what should happen. There are many messages out today after the threat in the Burger or in the Volksblad,
one of the two newspapers where these deranged hordes threatened to
execute White students in the same manner. Innocent people. Now I want to send a very clear
warning to Mr Ramaphosa and to the Chief Commissioner of Police Khehla John Sithole and to the Minister of Police Bheki Cele that the “Boere” are Ready This deed will be seen as an “Act of War” And we will not rest before this murderer is identified, tracked down monitored and eliminated. To tell the truth I have immediately
tasked my intelligence teams to make contact with the Police
and to share information with them. and I believe by now the barbarians
have already been identified and we will see to it that
before they commit the deed end up behind bars. Now here is my message to
the leaders of South Africa We have been talking
about this for 5 years now. I have at various public occasions I have said the “Boere” nation will
wake up when there are 30 to 40 murders on White people by
Black gangs reported per day. I hope that we are not going to wait until that happens one day. The statistics during the past 6 months show a clear escalation again of attacks and murders on farmers. This statistic unfortunately
excludes the towns people who have been murdered
by black gangs as well. Now our clear message is that You cannot in an unorganized, undisciplined manner take on this threat To now make emotional utterances
and to call people up to action To what action? There is only one action
which they can take part in and that is the organized and
disciplined peoples defense force within which the intelligence ability,
within which the investigative ability, within which the mobilization ability and the ability to operate in teams and yes even punishment commandos, under command and control, can take the cases can do the tracking operations and eventually hand these people over to the authorities. Malema and his gang are
nothing more than a robber gang. These people who protest and burn
tires, destroy towns, damage infrastructure, threaten people’s lives are nothing more than
murderers and criminals and should be treated as
criminals by the government. But you do not do it. Now I have been warning Mr
Ramaphosa for the last year and I am warning you again tonight, Do not let it come to light that White children, Our children are burnt by Black gangs as it is evidently is
the norm in your culture I am warning you and I am warning you and I am warning you
and I am warning the government and I am
warning the Chief of Police and I warning the Minister of Law and Order Do not take our warnings lightly also do see the friendliness of the “Boere” as a weakness. We have been preparing for 3 years If you page through my
Facebook pages and through the YouTube pages and
through the web page you will see that we are busy putting
large numbers through training that can work under command and control and the day that I get onto YouTube You must know if I say the following words “We accept your invitation to a quiet war” Then you must know For the “Boere” the law will no longer exist. For the “Boere” all reasonableness to negotiate with you and to find a peaceful solution for
the racial polarization that you caused Will on that day turn into a war. And do not think that that we have in 25 years not learn’t something from your barbaric cronies, your barbaric friends, your barbaric colleagues and the cadres of the Communist on how to do precisely the same thing that you for 25 years have been doing to the
“Boere” nation on the quiet. I have in previous videos said “We are busy waking up
the “Boere” nation’s eyes and are expecting Expecting that the leaders in towns
are going to stand up and are going to chase the ANC
and EFF municipalities away because we have been
bullied for long enough, we have been oppressed for long enough, we have been sidelined for long enough, we have been murdered for long enough, we have been raped for long enough, we have endured for long enough
that you as the Head of State sit quietly by watching how the White nation is murdered How you openly lie to the
International community and how you openly laugh at our representative
in the parliament, Dr Pieter Groenewald,
in your inner being. I am an expert in body language, and your body language, Mr Ramaphosa indicates that of a coward!! I want to say to you you will get to do with the same people you got to do with before 1994 that locked your cadres,
in Klerksdorp and Stilfontein, up in their masses and
put them behind bars because the had no respect for life and property. You will get to do with
exactly the same people if you think you are the Commander in Chief of the useless defense force and the useless Police force. We have people in place
for a long time already This is a warning Mr Ramaphosa, Ace Magashule, Jacob Zuma You are going to end up behind bars in my life time and you can pretend to be
sick as much as you want. This is a warning Leave our children alone !! Salute !!

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