Blue Lions Students Guide: Base Stats, Growth Rates & Best Classes – Fire Emblem Three Houses

[Rhea:] “So you have chosen the Blue Lions, led by Dimitri, correct?” (Swoosh) (Sword slash) (Intro jingle) [Dimitri:] “And don’t forget, the Blue Lions walk the true path of justice.” In Fire Emblem, characters have their own
individual base stats and growth rates. Base stats are the initial starting points
of each character in each of the various areas; hp, strength, magic, dexterity (previously
known as skill), speed, luck, defense, resistance, and in three houses, charm. So these are their baselines. What they start out with and how they perform
right off the bat. But what about their long term improvement
potential? That would be their growth rates. These percentages determine the chances they’ll
have to receive a point up in each stat upon leveling up. Beyond this, though, there are also class
growth rates. These are further modifiers that might increase
or decrease a character’s growth rates in certain areas while in certain classes, allowing
for a lot of variation, tweaking, and further modification of characters’ individual growths. In this guide I’m going to be analyzing the
Blue Lions students’ bases and growths and determining what I think would be good class
fits for them based upon a variety of different factors. If you’ve yet to play through Fire Emblem
Three Houses at least once, I’d recommend you do so first, and come back to this video
later. I’m not going to be spoiling anything in this
video outside of class names and such, but I honestly think it’ll be more fun if you
play through blind and have fun classing your characters however you want the first time
around. For those of you wondering what the more optimal
class fits, some insight into progressions, and ideas for each character are, then this
video is for you. I do want to mention that the current meme
of the community is that some of the best classes are Wyvern Lord and Bow Knight in
this game, and that a lot of characters should end up in these classes because they’re.. honestly, a bit
broken. They’ve got ridiculous base stats, avoid,
mobility, canto, and so on. But in my personal opinion I just don’t think
that’s very fun to make just about everyone the same thing, even if it would objectively
be considered the optimal way to go for many physical units. With things like Stride coupled with Dancers,
Warping, and having everyone be fliers or bow knights. Yeah, it’s not hard to see why it would trivialize
things. There are also ridiculous builds capable of
reaching 100 crit that can happen with a lot of characters, but I’d rather discuss good
class paths in general for inidivual students in this video and not solely focus on trying
to break the game. We can do that in another one. At the end of the day, the goal of the game
is to have fun, so do whatever you want. This guide is just to help get you some ideas
for characters or point you in a good direction for them. Unlike most Fire Emblem games, classes in
Fire Emblem Three Houses also don’t have their own stat caps to limit characters within reasonable
limits, instead it’s the characters themselves that have their own individual stat caps,
so when considering classes, this won’t be something you really have to worry about. Let’s start it off with the man himself, Dimitri. Dimitri is a God. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about
him from everyone I’ve spoken with who’s played the Blue Lions path, and in turn, his bases
and growths speak well to this, too. For his bases – right at the start, Dimitri’s
got the highest charm base, tied for highest strength, some of the highest hp, and all
of his other base stats are either up there or not too bad compared with everyone else
in the Lions. He doesn’t really have any areas he’s overtly
weak in when it comes to his bases, as to be expected from a lord character. Boasting a 60% Strength growth, 50 Dexterity,
Speed, and 40 Defense, Dimitri is a natural born killer and will be destroying enemies
who cross his path on the battlefield, that’s right, every last one of them. He’s a bit weaker in the Resistance department,
though not quite as vulnerable as some of the other Lions, but if he were to have anything
remotely close to an achilles heel, it’s probably this. As one of the three lord characters in Three
Houses, Dimitri gets his own special promotion classes throughout the game, in the Lord,
High Lord, and Great Lord classes, with Great Lord being his final special promotion, an
infantry sword and lance wielding class. It’s difficult to argue for making Dimitri
anything other than his canon Great Lord promotion, because it’s just so awesome, but as far as
I’m concerned, you could make Dimitri just about any physical class and have him turn
out great. So perhaps if this is a second playthrough
for you and you want to try something different, then we’ll discuss his other options. There will always be cool little detours you
can take for characters that’ll net them some interesting abilities they wouldn’t usually
get from their main class lines, for example, having a character with a main focus on lances
and swords like Dimitri go into the fighter and brigand classes with axe proficiency for
him to learn Death Blow for an extra 6 strength upon initiating combat. A move like this is valuable, though maybe
not as necessary for someone with great strength already like Dimitri. But since there’s just so many combinations
and options available I’m just going to be focusing on the main overall route I think
is best for each of the students in this video. In addition to growth rates being adjusted
for each class you make your characters into, classes also have unique sets of stat boosts
and penalties to balance them out. For example, many opt to take Dimitri down
the Cavalier class line, but in the cavalier and paladin classes he’ll lose 10% of his
speed growth and also lose two base speed while he’s in them. He is, however, one of the speedier units
in the Blue Lions so if you’re going to make someone a cavalier, he’s certainly not the
worst pick. I do also want to mention that alongside the
-2 base speed penalty, characters will also gain 1 point of Hp, Str, Defense, and 3 Movement
in the cavalier class. So it’s not all bad. But these class adjustments are very minor
and won’t matter much later on, so I don’t want to dive into this for every class too
much. Just keep in mind that your characters’ stats
will adjust slightly in each class. Ingrid and Felix would feel the sting of Cavalier
and Paladin’s speed penalty and worse growth a little less, since they’ve got even higher
speed growths than Dimitri does to begin with, so if you’re looking for a Paladin you could
opt to make one of them one. Dimitri does also have a budding talent in
Riding as an added bonus, but I’ll cover that in a Budding Talents Guide later on. It doesn’t really make or break this decision
for him, in my opinion. Going with his unique series of classes from
lord to high lord to great lord, Dimitri’s growth rates don’t really change all that
much, just being slightly improved throughout, though he does get a nice boost to his hp
growth to make him even tankier, and some extra dexterity for increased accuracy and
crit rate. The charm stat increases battalion and gambit
damage, which Dimitri will definitely make use of, and it also helps with the dance competition
if you ever wanted to try making him a dancer. The charm ability learned from the lord class
will also allow adjacent allies deal 3 extra damage during combat, helping out nearby allies
and solidifying Dimitri’s role as team leader, too. High Lord and Great Lord will grant Dimitri
Lancefaire, for an extra +5 attack when initiating combat with lances. In addition to this, the High Lord class has
5 movement and Great Lord will give him 6 movement, which is actually really good for
a non mounted infantry class, considering the highest mobility classes in the game like
Paladin and Wyvern Lord have 8 movement. It’s basically on par with some of the infantry
master classes. Overall though, like I said, Dimitri could
pull off any physically based class well. He’s got the amazing growths and bases to
allow for this flexibility. For Dimitri, you can get him some extra speed
with the Speed +2 skill for mastering myrmidon, which is somewhat up his alley with Swords,
Death blow for Strength +6 on initiation from mastering brigand, though he doesn’t fix the
class proficiencies that well, Aegis could be interesting if you do opt to take him into
Paladin so that he can reduce ranged damage with his decent Dexterity stat, you could
get him vantage so he’ll attack first when enemies engage him when he’s got less than
50% hp which is always a great strategy, though Dimitri does get Battalion vantage from having
a C level in Authority, with a somewhat similar effect of him attacking first if his battalion’s
endurance is less than 1/3, In terms of magical classes,
Dimitri’s Magic growth is pretty poor at 20%, and coupled with the fact that he’s got a
lack of proficiency in reason magic, and none of the magical classes provide more than a
10% increase to his 20% growth, I’d say Dimitri’s not really cut out for magical roles. At least, if you opt to take him that route,
he might be missing a bit of power with his attacks and capabilities. Characters in Three Houses, like in Fire Emblem
Echoes, also have unique spell lists, meaning that different characters in the same class
will learn different magic. Dimitri gets Thunder and Thoron, just like
his buddy Felix, which while isn’t terrible, also isn’t great at just a measly two spells. To put it into perspective for you, even Dedue
gets a third spell he can learn, and he is one of the last units you should make into
a mage. Ultimately I won’t be recommending it for
Dimitri. Dimitri does learn Aura if you opt to take
him down the faith magic route, and he’s one of three units in the game to learn it, the
others being Byleth, and Marianne, but I don’t think it’s worthwhile enough to warrant doing. Aura is the second most powerful offensive
faith magic spell in the game, with a base might of 12 and a really good base crit of
20. If you did everything you could to increase
Dimitri’s Dexterity and Luck for even more hit rate and crit with it, perhaps you could
make a pretty interesting offensive white mage, but like I said, his base damage will
probably be lacking with his low magic stat. Swordmaster makes Dimitri even stronger and
faster, and could be a solid fit for him, too, but it’ll be 1 less movement than Great
Lord and is more of a sidegrade. If you want him to focus on swords, this is
a good way to go. Sniper rounds him out even better and gives
him a great ranged attack option with bows, though you could have him use bows as a secondary
weapon in any class with the freedom this game provides. And ultimately, once again the movement holds
this one back a little bit, at 5 movement. Dimitri does better as a Bow Knight, especially
considering most opting for having him train riding. Continuing off of that, Bow Knight with Dimitri
is a solid option. It doesn’t do much for him growths-wise, but
the extra range and mobility with Dimitri’s good strength, speed, and dexterity is definitely
enticing. It’s a really great late game class and arguably
one of the best because of the movement, canto, and everything else on top of Dimitri’s incredible
strength. Because the growth rate bumps on it aren’t
amazing though, it could be a class to switch into near the very end of the game, provided
you have the skill levels to do so. And like we talked about earlier, he can of
course also pull off Wyvern Lord, which gives him an incredible 75% strength growth and
even more hp, speed, and defense. Though Dimitri has a distincy lack of proficiency
in axes, so it’ll take a lot more work for him to get here. It’s a meme for a reason, this class is just
really really good. Overall I’d say for when Dimitri isn’t in
his Great Lord class, I’d still be focusing on lances and swords, perhaps with the added
benefit of using bows for the ability to attack at range. Dedue is what we would call your typical Armor
Knight kind of a unit. Very slow, extremely allergic to being hit
with magical attacks, but boasts really great potential as a physical wall with great hp,
strength, and defense. Probably because of his massive stature, Dedue
won’t do all that well riding horses or pegasi, at the very least he won’t progress as quickly
while being instructed in these areas, nor does he believe much in the religion of seiros
and faith magic. His magic growth is even worse than Dimitri’s
at a measly 15%, coupled with his poor speed, so I’d also say that he’s not cut out for
any magical roles. His Speed in general is going to be an issue
as the game progresses, as odds are he’s probably not going to get too many points of it with
that measly 20% growth rate. Things like gauntlets can mitigate this by
granting guaranteed doubles, though, and there are other avenues to help him out in this
area. If you want to take him down a route to patch
up his speed, your best bet would be for him to land in the Swordmaster or Assassin classes
for a while at least, with their increase of 20% to his speed growth, bringing him up
to a respectable 40%. To get there, he’ll need to focus mainly on
using Swords, and also Bows if you want to go Assassin. Making him into a Brawler will patch up his
speed a little bit with a 10% bump, but it won’t increase from there if you end up making
him a War Master later. If you’re dead set on fixing his speed, have
him become a Thief initially for that first 10% increase. From there, either go Swordmaster or Assassin. You could also grab him the Speed + 2 skill
from mastering the myrmidon class, and that could help him out as well. In terms of his canon promotion, Dedue has
a special appearance as a Fortress Knight both pre-timeskip and post-timeskip,indicating
that this one is most likely what the developers had in mind for him, and like I said before,
it’s definitely in line with his base stats and growth rates, too. Without delving into spoilers, each student
gets a new appearance after the timeskip in game, and they also get new outfits, too,
that aren’t their original school attire. Because each unit is getting an actual outfit
for the first time, we can use this as an indicator of what the developers had in mind
for these characters, as their new outfits showcase just one of their potential class
options, but the developers specifically chose each one for them. These outfits are also then the same in the
monastery as they are on the battlefield, which is not usually the case. In Dedue’s case, he’s also got a brand new
outfit for the Fortress Knight class after the timeskip. As a Fortress Knight he’ll definitely sport
even more impressive growths to his main stats, Hp, Strength, and Defense, but unfortunately
his already bad speed takes even more of a hit. Assume your Dedue’s speed will never increase
going down this path. But that’s not the end of the world. With his massive hp stat, even if he’s doubled,
he’ll still take a beating before he goes down. Keep in mind that if your Dedue is really
slow and you’re finding that he’s unable to secure kills, you can always slap a pair of
gauntlets on him, too, for that guaranteed double attack effect, like brave weapons. But overall this class doesn’t provide Dedue
with very much, and with his already tanky setup and personal ability he doesn’t really
need Fortress Knight to soldify him. The class also has a pitiful 4 movement to
deal with, which means he’ll have some issues getting around. He sacrifices a lot just for a little bit
more bulk. Some of the other options will make him more
effective and round him out better than he’ll be as a fortress knight. Great Knight might at first sound like a cool
option for Dedue with his tankiness and patching up his movement by being mounted, but overall
it only stands to make his rough spots worse. His speed growth drops even lower to a pitiful
10%, the class base speed is only 10 so don’t expect much of a jump up there, his res also
even takes a hit, making him even more glass against magic, and the stuff he gets from
the class just doesn’t even justify being in it for him. On top of this, it’s going to be even harder
for Dedue to be raising his riding considering his lack of proficiency there. Lance and Axefaire will increase his attack
with those weapons when attacking, but why have two different melee weapon types when
you can just use axes and bows, and sure, canto is cool, but there are much better fits
for Dedue, and I don’t think this is the way to go for him. Warrior and Grappler are good fits for Dedue,
but there’s overall not much of a reason for him to stay in these classes when he can become
a War Master afterward anyway. War Master does what both of these classes
do better than either of them, with higher stats and mobility on top everything else. Consider these two classes optional stepping
stones on the way to War master. I suppose it’s more of a question of if you
want to go through Warrior for the Wrath skill, or go through Grappler for Fierce Iron Fist
(an attack that strikes three times) and Tomebreaker for extra hit and avoid against mages. War Master is definitely the easiest of the
master classes for Dedue to unlock, and one of the best for him in general, since it takes
axes and brawling, both of which dedue is good at and typically uses. War Master patches up his speed growth slightly
with a 10% growth, but it won’t really matter at this point as the class also gives him
Quick Riposte, allowing Dedue a guaranteed follow-up attack when he gets attacked at
over 50% hp, so this helps to mitigate any speed issues, and the gauntlet proficiency
of this class means you should have some guaranteed doubles on your phase, too, so speed is less
of a concern with this one. Fistfaire and Axefaire both give him attack
+5 when initiating using their respective weapons, and crit+20 from the class will also
give him a flat 20% crit boost on top of higher stats and mobility. Coupled with the nice 6 movement for an infantry
class, and overall this is a really good fit for Dedue. Once again, let’s talk about the Wyvern Rider
and Lord option like I mentioned earlier. Wyvern Lords have some of the highest speed
bases in the game. The way that class bases work is that when
classing a character into that class, if your character has, say, low speed like Dedue,
it will instantly be bumped up to the base speed of the new class, as sort of an adjustment. If you leave the class, and return to your
old one, your speed and other stats will become what they were before. So if Dedue has less than 20 speed, which
would be likely, he’ll jump up to the base 20 speed of the class, plus get an extra +4
speed from the innate bonus of the class, instantly minimizing a lot of his speed issues. So if you’re concerned about his speed, this
could be a way for you to fix it. But with his lack of ability in flying, it’s
going to take a bit more work to have him go down this path. Like a lot of other physical units, though,
it’ll be an amazing class for him. Ultimately, though, no matter what route you
pick, Dedue should do what he does best; smash skulls and hold chokepoints, patiently spending
his turns waiting for the extra + 4 defense from his personal skill. Watching enemies run to their demise into
this mountain of a man is always satisfying to watch. Or he could make a pretty spicy dancer. Just saying. Felix is another really standout unit among
the Blue Lions. If you’ve played the early game you’ll have
no doubt noticed that he holds his own right outta the gate with his measly iron sword. This is, also in part due to both his personal
skill and crest effect. Felix’s Lone Wolf personal skill grants him
an additional 5 damage when he doesn’t have a battalion equipped or when it’s got 0 endurance. This means that unless you need someone else
to bring another gambit to a battle, Felix should probably fly solo without one for a
majority of your playthrough. His Major Crest of Fraldarius also sometimes
raises his Might when using a weapon, so whenever this procs in battle he’ll be dealing even
more extra damage. Coupled with his impressive 55% Strength growth,
you can clearly see that Felix is going to be hitting like a truck. Felix is built like a classic Myrmidon character
in the series, albeit with a slightly better Strength and other growths than most. Typically they’re Speedy and rather frail,
but with nice Dexterity (previously known as skill) for a higher chance of landing critical
hits. I do want to mention that alongside Dexterity,
Luck also helps determine crit chance, including crit avoid, and some magical hit, too, but
in Dimitri’s case his dexterity is what’s really going to help him. But Felix also has something else going for
him, a decent enough Magic growth of 30%. Coupled with his flat damage dealing personal
skill, plus the fact that he’ll be gaining some extra magic growth from the magical classes
he switches into, he can easily adapt and become a pretty powerful magical based character
as well. Felix’s canon class appears to be swordmaster,
judging by his post-timeskip outfit, which makes perfect sense. But honestly, it really seems like with his
budding talent in reason and his decent magic growth alongside his impressive focus on swords,
Felix was born for the Mortal Savant class. Heck, his dad is a magic user, too, if that
convinces you further. As a Mortal Savant he will take a painful
speed penalty of -10%, but with his already solid 55% growth, it’s not that big of a difference,
and by the time you get him to this class he should probably be pretty fast already. Aside from that he also gets a nice 10% increase
to his magic growth and other helpful growths across the board. Like I mentioned earlier, In terms of the
spells Felix will get as a magic user, he’s somewhat limited in this department, learning
a measly two spells, Thunder and Thoron. All things considered, though, zapping enemies
with the occasional Thoron at 3 range and slashing them with incredible speed and strength
with a sword up close still seems like a pretty cool and useful combo. Felix could also pull off the Warlock class,
this being the ultimate class for male mages who focus on black magic, and he’d enjoy the
black tomefaire class ability which gives him attack +5 when using black magic, as well
as black magic uses x2, allowing him to use Thunder and Thoron twice as much per map. The class also gives him bowbreaker at mastery,
granting 20 extra hit and avoid when using magic against bow users. All of this sounds pretty cool, but the class
is locked to 4 movement which isn’t the best, especially when you consider that he can run
around at 6 movement and have more fun as a mortal savant and still use black magic,
and considering Felix only has two spells to work with, going all in on magic with this
one just doesn’t seem the most optimal to me. He’ll be a one trick pony. Then there’s also Dark Bishop. Felix would have access to fiendish blow for
magic +6 upon initiating, (which can’t be stacked if you already got fiendish blow from
mastering mage before) heartseeker for -20 avoid to adjacent foes, and lifetaker for
hp recovery after defeating foes, but because he doesn’t already know miasma he won’t get
the extra uses for it like hubert does in this class, and generally speaking most people
consider Warlock the better option since most other male characters have black magic and
not any dark magic like Hubert. So Felix’s black magic spells won’t be getting
any double uses here, he’ll barely get a single dark magic attack, and bowbreaker from Warlock
is also probably more useful than lifetaker considering archers are the only units with
more range than mages and more of a threat to the mages’ generally low defense. This class is supposed to be a mix of utility
and offense, providing cool effects, debuffs, and so on, but even Felix doesn’t quite have
what it takes to live up to the classes’ full potential, because most characters, especially
males, just don’t get any dark magic. Also keep in mind that the only way to even
utilize this class would be to steal the Dark Seal from a particular enemy who shows up
a few times during the story, or kill that enemy, which will be challenging, and you’ll
need at least two of them to unlock both Dark mage and Dark Bishop, so it’ll take some planning
to set up in advance. So it’s a mixed bag here, even for Felix. If you’re going to do this with someone in
the Blue Lions, though, I feel that Felix and Sylvain are the two best bets and have
the most potential with the class. But I’d probably lean more toward Sylvain
for it. Sylvain’s got a longer spell list and thus
more attacks to be stuck in this class with, and their offensive growths would be pretty
similar with Sylvain having 40% magic growth and 50% speed to Felix’s 40% and 55%, and
Sylvain would even be slightly tankier with his better defensive growths of 35% and 30%
compared to Felix’s 25% and 25%. It’s up to you, but unfortunately Dark Bishop
just doesn’t really work out that great for anyone who isn’t Hubert. Felix also works as both a Paladin and Dark
Knight, too, if you want to go with a mounted endgame class for him for the extra movement. Both of these classes really help to round
out Felix’s growth rates even better, and Dark Knight also provides the extra magic
attack with black tomefaire that could help him out. But his spell uses wouldn’t be doubled like
in Warlock and would still be rather limited. For faith magic, Felix gets access to Recover
and Restore, but no Physic which is a bit unfortunate, so I wouldn’t really rely on
him as a healer. There are better options for it. And then there’s the bow route for Felix. In general I think Intelligent Systems likes
to give archer characters lower strength growths so they’re not absolutely destroying things
too easily from long range, and this is why Ashe, Bernadetta, and Ignatz all have the
same 35% strength growth, but if you look closely here, Felix has both a proficiency
in bows, and also a 55% strength growth naturally… meaning that if you wanted to, he could be
a digusting Sniper or Bow Knight as well, and this could work if you wanted to make
Ashe into something else to fix up some of his growths and still have an archer in your
ranks. And of course, here we are again, Wyvern Lord. Considering Felix is good at pretty much any
physical class because of his ridiculous growths, personal ability, and crest, of course he’s
insane as a Wyvern Lord, too. 75% hp growth, 70% strength growth, 65% speed. He’ll be getting some ridiculous level ups
in this class on top of the stellar stats, avoid, and mobility. If you have Felix go Paladin first and master
it for the Aegis skill, he’ll be even more digusting, reducing bow and magic damage by
half, with the trigger percentage being his solid dexterity stat. Of course if you’re also worried about enemy
archers you could always dismount, too, or if you have an A+ in flying you can unlock
Alert Stance+, granting even more avoid for spending the turn waiting. So you can basically fly into enemy territory
and tank with this class, too. It’s just nuts. Training both riding and flying would be a
bit of a chore, but the other meme in the community, Bow Knight, would be something
to switch to near the very end of the game after Wyvern Lord so he can get all the strength
from leveling as a Wyvern Lord and then turn around and have bowfaire and bowrange +2.. Yeah. Dirty strats. Too long, didn’t watch, Felix is amazing at
just about anything you could do with him, especially moreso in the physical realm. Ashe starts out a little underwhelming compared
to some of the other units in the Blue Lions, and though his personal skill Lockpick allows
you to never have to worry about keys on this route of the game, they’re always given out
on maps with chests and doors or accessible via Byleth and the convoy anyway, so ultimately
it leaves a little something to be desired from him when he could have gotten something
to assist him in combat. He’s got some really great growths in Dexterity
and Speed, but aside from that his other growths are somewhat mediocre, like his 35% strength
growth. Early on, no matter where you plan on taking
him long term, I’d recommend dropping him into the Fighter class in the beginning to
at least bring that 35% strength growth up to 40% with only a minor downside in -5% resistance. If you go through Brigand, too, you can get
him Death Blow, which will give him the extra 6 strength when initiating combat, which will
further help him out. His 25% magic growth might also be low enough
for you to disregard taking him into magical classes, too, and his unique spells are bad. He doesn’t really get anything cool. So that’s a no from me. Ashe’s canon class seems to be Sniper. Some people believe it should be assassin
based upon his past, but perhaps being taken in by Lord Lonato has reformed him and turned
him around a bit. though after the mental agony of killing Lonato
with his bare hands…. ok maybe that’s just my Ashe.. Most people opt to make Ashe into either an
Assassin, Sniper, Warrior, or War Master, and of course there’s also the Wyvern Lord
route, too. Assassin is a fine class for him, and it further
increases the areas he’s already good at, alongside some extra help in the hp department,
but it doesn’t really patch up any of his rough areas, either. It’s just fine. But I suppose if you like lethality, the exlusive
assassinate attack, stealth to be harder for enemies to target, or the lore of his thief
origins, this could be the pick for you. Sniper ends up giving Ashe a nice little 5%
bump in strength, which gets him up to 40%, a littl e bit better, and overall evens out
his growths just a bit more, too. But like I mentioned earlier, 5 move isn’t
the best, and I think most would probably just prefer to take him into bow knight. With Ashe’s proficiency in axes and ability
to go down the War Master classline if you want, I think in general it’ll be at least
a great secondary weapon type for him, and having him run through the fighter and brigand
classes early on will net him Strength +2 and Death Blow, like I mentioned, and this
really helps him out in general. Warrior also works really well with Ashe,
providing him axefaire for an extra attack +5 when initiating, as well as crit+10 when
using an axe, too. It’ll also give him wrath, giving him +50
crit when he’s under 50% hp. Couple all of this with his great dexterity,
proficiency in axes, and growths that patch up his strength, and it sounds like a great
way to go as well. But this class doesn’t do much to make up
for Ashe’s poor defense growth, leaving him somewhat frail, and likely to be easily worn
down by enemies if you’re not careful. It also has one less movement at 5, than options
like War master at 6. War Master patches up Ashe’s strength nicely,
too, leaving him with a solid 50% growth, as well as bumping up his speed to 60%, which
is great. It also gives him crit+20 for even more shenanigans,
and upon mastery he’ll get War master’s strike, which is an attack that can be effective against
all enemies, but for all of this you’ll have to start off working on both axes and brawling
for ashe, so you probably wouldn’t have enough time for him to really work on bows, and then
he would potentially not be able to use his deadeye and waning shot combat arts. Once again, like Warrior, War Master also
doesn’t help him much in the defense department, so he might be also be a bit squishy still. Bare minimum I think a great weapon type for
him, even if it’s secondary, will always be axes. Or you could go with lances if you want to
get his budding talent combat art, Seal Strength for a -5 debuff on the enemy after combat. But I don’t think it’s necessary or anything. Of course once again, a good option for Ashe
would also be going the Wyvern Rider Route to Wyvern Lord. He starts off with axe proficiency so he’ll
take to it quickly, the classes in this line will patch up his strength growth, and he’ll
have massive mobility and still be able to swoop by and unlock chests or doors if you
need to, for that extra utility. The extra avoid with this class and getting
A+ in Flying for Alert Stance+ for even more avoid also helps with his frailty, too. Ashe could also focus on axes and swords and
go into the Hero class for a combination of Vantage and Defiant strength upon mastery,
and then jump into Swordmaster with his ridiculous dexterity and become a crit god, who can survive
brutal assaults on enemy phase at low health, gaining extra strength and attacking first
before the enemy can act. And of course how could I not mention bow
knight. This will also be a great class for Ashe. The growths really won’t do much for him,
so like I said for others, it might be best for him to just end up in this class after
working on his strength elsewhere, but with bowrange +2 and the classes’ extra movement,
Ashe will have incredible mobility and range to be able to snipe at distances. Coupled with things like Death Blow from the
Brigand class and you’ll have a pretty interesting little monster who can get around quickly
and pick at things from afar, dealing signficant damage. Unfortunately that’s gonna be all the time that we’ve got here for today, but if you want to see the conclusion to this guide, and the second half of it, be sure to stay tuned on the channel, it’ll be coming out very, very soon. Thank you so much for watching. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it up to this point, be sure to let me know if you have any alternate build ideas or anything that worked out in your playthrough in the comment section down below. Thank you so much for checking out the video. Thank you to all of our amazing patrons. Be sure to follow us on our social media accounts, including our Discord. And I will see you all in part 2.

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