BMP®41 Label Printer Overview

Hi everyone! My name is Tony. When we talk
to customers, they often tell us they use two label printers to get their job done;
a wire marker printer and a general labeler. Doesn’t this seem like a waste of time and
money? With Brady’s new BMP41 label printer, you’re
one and done. BMP41 is a rugged, portable printer that uses
both continuous and die-cut labels to identify whatever you need. With other printers you
can only use continuous tape. The BMP41 printer offers 126 label parts in 14 different materials
up to 1″ wide. Making labels is a snap with the built-in
wizards and templates. It’s easy to serialize or barcode your data, and even add graphics
to your label. As with other Brady printers, our smart-cell technology makes label set
up automatic. All you do is type and print! With our new long-lasting rechargeable battery
pack, you can do this 2500 times before it needs to be recharged. The BMP41 label printer
is so rugged and so portable that it can go anywhere – even in the dirtiest, smallest,
hottest, coldest, darkest place you may need to go. And you don’t even need to worry about
dropping it – it will survive that too! Seriously, you only need the BMP41 and you’re done.
For more information check out our websites.

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