BMP®71 Printer and Raised Panel Labels

Creating custom legend plates is efficient
and cost-effective with Brady’s BMP71 Label Printer and B-593 raised panel material. First
load your ribbon and label core into the printer. Close the lid, and you’re ready to take the
printer wherever labeling is needed. Load your B-593 raised panel label materials through
the printer’s external material slot, and feed it through until the label reaches the
yellow line. Close the printer lid, power on the printer, and begin typing your legend.
Brady materials feature Smart Cell technology that will automatically adjust the printer’s
settings to match the label and ribbon that you install. That means no more wasting time
or labels adjusting printer settings! After your labels are printed, application is quick
and easy. Simply peel the label from the liner and apply it to a clean dry surface. With
Brady’s B-593 material, there’s no need to place orders or wait days for your custom
engraved plates. You can create custom legend plates on demand right from your workplace.
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One thought on “BMP®71 Printer and Raised Panel Labels

  1. You cannot print the round emergency stop label featured in this video with a BMP71 printer. This is a bit misleading guys.

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