Box Label Swap

Hey guys so welcome back to another
video. In this video, I’ll be showing you how to
do a box label swap. The items that you’ll be needing are two
boxes. One that has the label that you want to transfer
and the other box that is going to receive the transferred label. And lastly, a hair dryer. This process is done very similar to the tape
removal video. If you haven’t seen that video, make sure
to check that out. Step one, remove the label from the donor
box. Step two, remove the label from the box that
your going to transfer the label from. And step three, transfer that label on to
the donor box. So just like the tape removal video, you’re
going to heat up the label with the hair dryer and then gently peel the label off. Now, you want to remove the label that you
actually want. This one you want to make sure to take your
time and peel it really gently. Okay, no now I have the label. Now place the label like so. One thing to keep in mind during this process,
is to have a lot of patience. Obviously with the first label I tried to
remove, glue residue was left over and even the label started to rip. However in my second attempt, it came out
much more cleaner, since I took my time. Obviously this process will work a lot better
on a box that is glossy, such as this Jordan box. There you have it, that’s how you do a box
label swap. As always, hope you guys enjoyed this video
and make sure to stay tuned for our next episode.

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26 thoughts on “Box Label Swap

  1. @ShinobiPheonix1 I noticed you have Smash Tourney vids…I use to host some back in college. Man, I haven't played Brawl in like a year. – The Camera Guy

  2. @02narutoshippuden I got my E-6000 glue at Walmart and Kmart. It should be in the hardware section or arts/craft area of the store. The only thing about Gorilla Glue is that it needs to be securely clamped down to avoid foaming. I'm planning to try out Gorilla Glue -Super Glue in the future though.

  3. my advice is to make a video everyday or try to. most people check youtube everyday so if you do everyone will be watching

  4. @FlySkyHighTonight Oh man, that would be exhausting. I think we'd run out of content at that point. I think will stick with the 1-2 a week for now.

    – The Camera Guy

  5. @theComedyDylan You're welcome, if you didn't ask, I don't think we would have bothered making this video. LOL

    – The Camera Guy

  6. I Work at a Nike Outlet and Even i hate the "hashing" process (Tearing tops off of shoes and selling them in clearance) I always have some sort of a box laying round the house and its only when i got a pair of Jordan 1s at work that i end up swapping labels off an old jordan box. Your How-To video work PERFERCTLY for me and i thank you for posting this video.

  7. Why would you swap labels? Maybe I'm not too bright, but what's the deal with stickers and boxes?

  8. Go to Target. Get a bottle of Duck Adhesive Remover ($3.50). Soak the label. Wait 12 hours. Label will come off with gentle tug. Glue is still on and can be placed on new box.

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