Tyler: Ever since the incident Mamrie: Which one? Tyler: Mamrie, why you’ve got a model? Mamrie: I’m bringing Beanz into the mix Tyler: This is a foursome to be reckoned with Grace: [awkwardly] Squad goals *track scratch* Grace: You know what they say? Tyler: Okay MOM Grace: Hello, I’m here with Tyler Oakley and Mamrie Hart! *Dramatic thud* *Dramatic thud* Mamrie: [is needy] Tyler will you open this? Tyler: [in mock exasperation] Oh my god Grace: We are joined by celebrity guest Beanz Heart Tyler: [laughing] I was like “who’s here?” *Another dramatic thud* Grace: I have resurrected a game that we played
on the Grace Helbig show on E! called: uh.. “Boyband or Condom Brand” I thought it’d be really fun to play with Mamrie and Tyler because I feel like you guys might know a lot about Both or neither of those things Tyler: Safe sex Mamrie: How dare you, I’m in the classical films and unsafe sex [laughter] Grace: I’m gonna list off a–uh–title and they have to ring in and– Tyler: [interrupting] How do we ring in?
Mamrie: what do we– Tyler: Last time we had shakers Grace: I know [flashback] Mamrie: Cowbell! *bangs flask* Mamrie: Yep!
-Tyler: I want a fun prop! Tyler: *shakes cocktail shaker* Grace and Mamrie in unison: OOOOOOOOOH Grace: This time you guys have to create your buzzer noises
Mamrie: *inaudible laughter Tyler: ooo-OOOO! Mamrie: That’s very similar to my classic noise! Tyler: *vigorously* ooo-OOOOOOOO
*laughter* Grace: You guys have to choose a very short boyband lyric as your ring-in a phrase Tyler: *nasally* bye bye bye Grace: “my my my”? Is that what you just said? TyIer: I said “bye bye bye” *replays scene*
Tyler: Mah-mah-myyee Mamrie: I think she meant “make one up” Tyler: Ooh!
Grace: Yeah Mamrie: Here’s mine Ouch! That’s my heart! Grace: *enthusiastically* That’s great! Tyler what’s your boyband? Tyler: [caught off-guard] Umm.. f**kin’ Grace: That’s great
Mamrie: Perfect!
Tyler: *cackle* Grace: By the end of this game the person that is the loser Gets drawn on by the winner a boyband facial hair Mamrie: ooooh
Grace: Because [there’s] always a certain member of a boy band that has very very specific unflattering facial hair Here we go, you guys both remember your buzzer noises? Tyler: Umm.. f**kin’ Mamrie: Ouch! That’s my heart Wait- how- what- is it a question? Grace: I’m giving you a name. And you have to ring in And you just say if it’s a condom brand or a boyband Tyler: Oh yeah Code Red Mamrie: Oh! Oh! Ouch! That’s my heart!
Tyler: Um.. f**kin’ Grace: Mamrie! Mamrie: Condom Grace: It’s a boy band Mamrie: *gasp* Grace: Yeah, here’s the photo of Code Red Grace: Mamrie you have negative one Tyler: Yeah Mamrie: *appalled* Negative one? Grace: Kimono Tyler: [wtf?] Um.. f**kin’ That’s a condom Grace: It is a condom! Mamrie: Kimono is a condom?
Grace: Yeah! Mamrie: Oh because you wrap it up tightly like a kimono! Mamrie: It should be “Kum-on-oh”
Tyler: Oh! Mamrie: Come? Oh no! Come? OH NO! I’m a condom! Grace: Caught in the Act Mamrie: Ouch! That’s my heart Grace: Mamrie Mamrie: Boyband??? [what am I doing] Grace: *excitedly* That’s a boyband! Yes! Correct! Tyler: Really? Grace: Yeah! Mamrie has zero points cause she caught herself up and Tyler has one Grace: Night Light
[subtitle note: Goddamit Grace, your videos move so quickly, I can’t keep up] Tyler: Um.. F**kin’ Condom! Mamrie: Yeah for sure. Tyler: Got to be, got to be, got to be, got to be, got to be Grace: It’s a condom Tyler: Yes! Mamrie: *lying* It’s also a boyband, though Grace: *believing this bullsh*** Is it? Tyler: Why you gotta to lie? Mamrie: It might have been regional–
Tyler: *not having it* Name seven singles Mamrie: “You better believe”, “Girl don’t lie to me” “My heart my life, my art, my strife” “Biceps” about bicuriousness “Um.. f**kin’ ” “Shart attack” and “Ouch! That’s my heart!” Grace: I don’t know why they didn’t succeed Blue Mamrie: Oh- Ouch! That’s my heart! Grace and Tyler: *hysterical laughter* *Grace does some editing bullsh** and replays “Oh- Ouch!” over and over and Tyler’s Laughter* Mamrie: That’s.. a.. boyband! No, it’s a condom! It’s a condom brand! – – Hey guys, this is Editing Grace,
right now in editing this video I realized that I lied to Mamrie here, and actually Blue is the name of a boy band, look, here’s the photo Yeah, my bad. No one tell Mamrie – – Mamrie: Where’s my dog?
Tyler: She’s gone. Grace: Okay, ready? Last couple C Note Tyler: Um.. F**kin’ Grace: *laughing*Tyler It’s got to be.. Mamrie: *Mouthing Boyband* Tyler: It’s- It’s got to be a band! Grace: That’s a boyband! Yes! C Note is a boyband! Crown Mamrie: Oh.. Ouch! That’s my heart! Condom? Grace: It’s a condom! Yeah! Mamrie: Yeah, you put it on top of a king. Grace: Now, this has been really fun. We’re gonna pretend all the points haven’t mattered at all and this is the final final question that determines it all Another Bad Creation Tyler: Um.. f**kin’ Mamrie: No! Grace: *laughing* Tyler Mamrie: Are you kidding me? Tyler: *offended* What do you mean “are you kidding me?” It’s got to be.. A boyband A Christian boyband Mamrie: Can I steal if I name three songs by them? Grace: I have no thing to know.. Tyler: No! No, mom! Mamrie: “Playground”, “Iesha”, “I missed the bus” ABC BBD! Mamrie: *singing* “Iesha.. She was the girl I never had
And I’d like to get to know her betta” You guys remember: “at the playground”. You know? Tyler: *S H O O K* Are you casting a spell?
Mamrie: Playground! Tyler: Is it a boyband or a condom? Mamrie: They were a bunch of black boys, in the 90’s..
Grace: It’s a boyband Tyler: Well, I got the point, Mamrie. Grace: I know, but I feel like Mamrie really stole a point from you–
Tyler: You can’t go for a steal! Grace: I think what It’s gonna happen is you both get an opportunity to draw a boyband facial hair on each other Tyler: *awkward mumble* Mamrie: Relax that face. Relax it! Tyler: Momrie- Mamrie: Love yourself Grace: This is the weirdest therapy session I’ve ever been a part of Mamrie: Okay, I’m done with you
Tyler: I think I’m done with you! Grace: These are the final products take a look
at your beautiful faces Grace: *laughing* Tyler you look– *incoherent* Mamrie: Relax your face Tyler: *cackling* Grace: Thank you guys for participating in– Mamrie: I don’t even know what’s happening on my face right now.
Grace: None of us do! My face is really out of focus but We’re participating in Condom Brand or boyband. Go subscribe to Tyler we shot a video over there and subscribe to Mamrie They shot a hilarious video and also they subjected themselves to this kind of treatment so friendship Grace: I don’t know
Tyler: They couldn’t even see it, they couldn’t even see it. Grace: What were you doing?
Tyler: Making out! Tyler: Can I drink?
Grace: Of course you can you’re home already! You’re fine!
Tyler: What’d you call me, “homo ready?” Tyler: You have no idea! Mamrie and Grace: *Hysterical laughter*

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