Brady BMP61 Label Printer With Color Interactive Touch Screen

We’re excited to show you a new product that
just launched for Brady. It’s the BMP61 portable label printer. This is a system that was developed with a
lot of input from our customers who used a previous model called the TLS2200. We’ve put a lot into developing this new system
and we wanted to show you a few things that are unique about it and a little bit of the
functionality. One of the things that you might notice initially
is the screen. It actually has a full color interactive touch
screen, very similar to how you would use a smartphone. The other cool thing about the display is
it actually shows you what you’re going to be printing. And it also has some unique features on the
bottom like gas gauges for your supplies, the ribbon, the label stock and also the battery
ability as well. The applications that you would use this printer
for are going to be wire and cable identification, general labeling like bin and rack labeling,
component marking, even safety labeling, so quite a number of things you can do with it. So what I thought we’d do is just go through
a couple of real quick functions here and Arturo is going to help me. Arturo could you show us how do we do a label;
a sequence of labels, like a serializiation label. Yeah, absolutely, pretty simple to do. Basically what you do here is you hit the
serial function, type in your first label that you desire to print. Then you drop down and display and print your
end value. Hit “ok” and then you hit print, and it prints
all the labels that you wanted it to make. So very quick, very easy to create a serialized
group of labels with the printer. A couple of other cool things to note is the
way you can manipulate data with the system itself. Right now we’re using it in stand-alone mode,
so essentially we’re inputting all the data by hand. But there’s other ways that you can do it
on a more automated basis. If you’ll turn it on the side and show the
connections on the side. There we go. So you can connect this printer to a PC and
run it with our LabelMark software. And in LabelMark, you can actually do things
like compound serialization, you can do data importation from a database which is really
cool and automate that whole process. So in another way that you can do it as well
is if you have a simple memory stick and you have a list of labels that you want to print,
from say an Excel file. You can save that on the memory stick and
just plug it into the USB port on the side. A fourth way you can actually work with the
system is actually wirelessly on the optional wi-fi model. That allows you to create your labels on your
smartphone and print wirelessly to the printer itself. One other thing I think that’s really kind
of neat to look at – and we’ll give you a quick peek as well – is the library of graphic
symbols that we have available in here. Because the screen is so defined, you can
really get a good look at what those are and Arturo if you want to take us through that. Yes, absolutely. So simply by hitting this symbol function,
you’ll be able to scroll through the entire library that the BMP61 actually has built
in. So you’ll see everything from arrows, data
comm, electrical symbols, exit, fire. And if 450 symbols isn’t enough for you, you
can actually import graphic symbols the same way you would import Excel information on
a memory stick. So a very versatile printer. So there you have it, there’s the BMP61. Really exciting new system. If you want to learn more about it, contact
your local Graybar representative.

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