Brand Archetypes – The Powerful Brand-Building Tool

(vibrant music) – In this video, I am so
geeked and excited to share my most powerful and
favorite brand-building tool, Brand Archetypes. My name is Kaye Putnam, I’m the Psychology-Driven Brand Strategist and I help entrepreneurs change the world with what they know. I help you discover your
innate brand advantage so you can grow and scale your business. (vibrant music) No matter what your form
of entertainment is, whether that’s reading comic books, historical literature,
biographies, watching movies or just reality TV or
living your own life, there are common characters
that show up across all genres, all times in all different types of media. These timeless characters
are universally recognized. The reason this happens is because humans have
very universal values. What one person wants out of their life isn’t so different from
what another person wants. And there’s different personality types that show up over and over again. So when you pay attention
to these patterns, you can align your brand with a universally recognized character or a theme or a category and it helps people
understand what you stand for on a deep, emotional,
even subconscious level. The other reason they’re so powerful is because people wanna relate with people and when we’re choosing a brand, it’s like we’re literally
assimilating it into our identity and we’re relating with it
on this almost human level. Our brains naturally humanize
things even that aren’t human, so, things like animals or like brands, when we’re telling this
narrative, this story, we connect with people on that level and they love us for it. (vibrant music) The word archetype is made up
of two word forms in Greek, so arche, which means beginning, and typo, typos, probably not
pronouncing that correctly, but that means imprint, right? And that’s exactly what you
want a strong brand to do, you want to create this
like strong first impression or this strong understanding
of what your brand stands for. This concept goes way back. Philosopher, Plato, was
playing around with these ideas in his work around forms. Then Psychologist, Carl Jung, expanded this work and talked specifically about archetypes as
part of our personality and part of our psyche. And more recently, Carol S. Pearson, wrote a few very important
books about archetypes, including The Hero and the Outlaw, which describes each of the 12 archetypes that I’m going to explain to you now. (dramatic music) So the Sage archetype is
all about universal truth. It’s very analytical and wise. You can think about Yoda
or any other wise teacher. It’s very focused on facts and truth. This is the expert, the
thinker, the teacher and the goal of this Sage
archetype is to share knowledge. (techno music) The Royal archetype is sophisticated, ambitious and influential. Their goal is to build
a prosperous community and to hold very high standards, to live as an example for the
people who look up to them. People aspire to be a part
of their inner circle. (upbeat music) The Magician archetype is the visionary, sometimes the inventor,
or even a spiritual guide who helps us transform
our inner and outer worlds using seemingly magical
techniques and strategies. The Magician teaches us
about how we’re connected to a universal source, an inner power. (upbeat music) The Lover archetype is
passionate and devoted. Very focused on pleasure
and also with relationships. The term follow your heart was
made for the Lover archetype. There’s also a focus on
beauty and aesthetics. Again, like the pleasure of the eye, the pleasure of experience, that all speaks to the Lover archetype. (bright music) The Innocent archetype
is optimistic and pure. It believes in a nirvana or a heaven that we can all live in. They always look on the bright
side, they’re very optimistic and they bring out the best in all of us. They help us declutter and not
to over-complicate our world or to reply on artificial things, to go back to what is
natural, true and good. (heavy bass music) The Hero archetype is the
warrior or the victor. They’re the ones that motivate us to do the really hard things, to stay disciplined, to
overcome our challenges and to achieve what we didn’t
even think was possible. The Hero inspires us to do better. (vibrant music) The Explorer archetype is the trailblazer, the adventurer and the ever-curious. They might be literally
discovering the world or maybe just figuratively
exploring different ideas, different product or different techniques. They help us shed the
shackles of convention or our responsibilities to
discover who we really are and what we want to do in this world. They value freedom and fulfillment. (bright music) The Girl or Guy Next Door, sometimes called the
Everyman or the Orphan, is friendly, humble and loyal. They are all about
community over competition. No judgments, always accepting of others and they build communities
to help each other succeed. (techno music) The Entertainer is all about having fun. They are humorous, lighthearted
and the life of a party. They’re excited to help others enjoy life. Boredom is the enemy,
let’s live in the moment, not think too much about the
future or what’s ailing us, and just enjoy ourselves. (vibrant music) The Creator is inventive,
unique and vibrant, all by their own design. They inspire us to be fully expressed, to own our unique vision
and to be an individual. (dramatic music) The Maverick is bold,
revolutionary and unapologetic. They disrupt the status quo. They break down what isn’t working to make room for the way
that the world should change. Their ideas might be
unpopular, they might be brash, but we love them for helping us evolve to the next place that we need to go. (whimsical music) The Caregiver is empathetic,
generous and committed. They focus on other people’s
needs, they’re soft and warm, and when you’re working with a Caregiver, you feel like your dreams
are being supported. Now, you might recognize yourself in a few of these archetypes
or in many of them. If you need help narrowing them down, I invite you to take the Brand
Archetype Quiz on my site, it’s a great way to get started to hone in on the brand archetypes that best represent your brand and will attract the ideal clients you wanna work with to you. If you enjoyed this video,
make sure you click Subscribe, click the bell for notifications, and then comment below
which archetype are you, which one do you resonate with the most? Thanks so much for spending
time with me in this video, I hope you enjoyed it,
I’ll see ya next time. (vibrant music)

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