Brand new double story house for 40 lakhs with interior | Video tour

Watch our brand-new double story house
for 40 lakhs with Iinterior This home constructed in 7 cent plot and this
house have four-bedroom the two-bedroom in ground floor and two in first floor
. The total bid doublea’s 2500 square feet This house have a spacious sitout The main door is designed beautifully Now we are going inside the home living room this designed with sofa with a small
coffee table we can see a beautiful TV stand this living area is designed with an
elegant fall ceiling this living and hall divided with pergola Dining hall there is a child dining table washing area here we can see a pergola to sit out First bedroom in ground floor here we
can see a double cot bed and side table also a wardrobe provided this is the attached bathroom to this
first bedroom this is the prayer room second bedroom this just like first bedroom and all modern amenities are provided
like double cot bed and wardrobe now we are going to the kitchen it is designed with cup boards and shelfs Gas pot a small – chaired coffee-table work area .now we can see the stair to first floor
the handrail is made with wood and glass now we are going to up stair this stair is designed with small pergola now we can see elegant hanging light on
stair roof first floor first bedroom this is the kids bedroom we can see a court end bed also dressing
table and a wardrobe laundry area balcony this roofing is designed with pergola
and transparent glass finally it is a more than duplex home if
you’re looking for a four-bedroom house you can prefer this

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100 thoughts on “Brand new double story house for 40 lakhs with interior | Video tour

  1. I can’t for the life of me understand why would they restrict the height at the gate access. It would look better and be more practical without that top feature

  2. Please read the description guys. 40Lakhs for construction and interior work ONLY. It is doable and I am sure they would have made a good margin.
    Nicely built though I did not like the colour of the doors n windows…too purpleissh

  3. It's good offer,
    Can you give me architecture drawing, Might be if I'm satisfied will go to there for purchase,

  4. भाई इसका स्केच डिजाइन अपलोड करें हमको चाहिए

  5. Hi. House builder available in Pakistan. He has a plot of land for sale, too. Here is a sample of a house he designed and built:

  6. Extremely poor interior design! Especially kitchen. WIth this design dont even want to know the toilet and bathroom design. There is lack of concept. just mix of everything!!! Not focused on the details at all! Simply poor design!! Kitchen utensils are hanging on the window grill??? seriously?? its more like a cave inside although the exterior is not bad. You enter the living room blocking the view of TV – sort of irritates. There is no personal touch to it.

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