Branding: A Very Short Introduction | Robert Jones

Hello, and welcome to Wolff Olins in
London where I’ve worked as a brand consultant
for the last 20 years, and here are the top 10 things that I’ve learned about
branding. First, a brand is not a logo. It’s a much bigger thing. The logo is the
tip of the iceberg of branding. Brands are really ideas, ideas in the minds of
consumers and employees, the ideas that a product or a service or a company wants
to stand for. That’s why I find them so fascinating, and because they reach into
employees, they reach inside companies. Branding is actually a bigger thing than
marketing which tends to just go outside the organization. It’s not new. Branding
has been around for 3,000 years. The ancient Egyptians used to brand their
cattle to mark ownership, but it’s become a really big thing just in the last 30
years or so. Branding is important because it changes how we think and how we feel
and how we act. It’s a really powerful force and for that reason those of us
who work in branding need to make sure that we use it wisely. We use it if we
can for good and not for ill. Because it’s so powerful, branding creates a huge amount of value and here’s a recent estimate of the
value of the Google brand. It’s big money. It’s a huge amount of money. What’s the
secret of branding? Well, perhaps the ultimate secret is design. It’s design in
the biggest sense. If we can make things not just look good, but work well, then we
build successful brands, and that means designing actually everything. The whole
of what the customer or the employee experiences, it’s the design of whole
experiences, and because it has such a big reach, there’s a very interesting
relationship between contemporary culture, and branding culture provides a lot of the ingredients that we use in branding, but equally branding
adds to contemporary culture, and that’s why I
think as a subject it matters to all of us.

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