vs. Name Brand Products (GAME)

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100 thoughts on “ vs. Name Brand Products (GAME)

  1. Can you guys do a game with struggle foods? Foods commonly eaten during a time of economic downfall in various countries. Im most excited about grapefruit pit chicken!! Please try this!!

  2. That's 14 minutes I can't get back. It honestly felt like a the 1st season of some other new YouTube morning show… it never felt well rehearsed or that anyone attended the pre show meeting.

  3. I think Derek is from Wisconsin. I think Derek is in Wisconsin. I think he knows Ellie is from Wisconsin. Just a guess though… Just a feeling…

  4. This reminds me of Rhett and Link's failed show "The Hey Hey Show" that had Candace and Shannon as the hosts.

  5. This is one of the first GMM videos I couldn’t finish. Much luv to the ladies tho, hosting can’t be easy!!

  6. I think Ellie and Christine did great this episode. I laughed and enjoyed it just as much as a regular episode with R&L

  7. I miss the "My first day was eating dung beatles" "Mine was bloodnog" days. Modern GMM is still good, but those were great times.

  8. who realizes that this video didn’t get over a million views because Rhett and link aren’t in it 😂

  9. This video was fun but seeing these videos make one realize how important Rhett and Link is as a person for the show.

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