Brother PT-D450VP Label Printer Review

Hello everyone it’s Ben from Printerbase and
in this video we’ll be taking a look at the PTouch-D450VP from Brother. This is a desktop
label primer designed for an office environment. Both an AC adapter as well as 6 AA batteries
can power the D450 and there’s an auto power off feature that kicks in after a minute or
so saving energy or battery power. It can print on tape ranging from 3.5mm to 18mm and
comes with an 18mm wide sample tape so you can get labelling straight away. The D450
uses Brother’s TZe tape which is available in a range of materials sizes and colours
like black on white, white on black, fluorescent, glossy, flexible, and many more. I like this
little machine it feels sturdy when you’re typing on it and it reminds me of the Brother
PTouch H300 label printer, one of my personal favourites, as they both have shortcut buttons,
manual cutters and great build quality. There are 14 fonts and 617 symbols to choose from
with 99 frames, so making personalised labels is simple. Especially with Brother’s PT Editor
software and you can also save up to 50 label designs for use in the future. So if you share
this in an office, rather than typing out your name over and over again the machine
will remember you, saving you even more time. The D450 works great as a stand alone machine
and also runs with Windows Vista, 7 & 8 as well as Mac OSX 10.6. It’s a useful tool to
have in the office and you don’t really appreciate the ability to label things until you have
a dedicated label printer. When you have one, you won’t want to do without it. If you’d
like to know anymore just click the logo at the bottom of the screen or give us a call.
our number is 0800 170 7234, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can also
fist our website at I’m Ben, and thanks for watching.

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