Brother UK – Labelling Dystopia – ‘Next Time Label It’

An office wrought in mayhem Chaos in the streets, financial markets on the brink of collapse And it all began with the alleged theft of a laptop charger. It was just another Friday at this accountancy firm in the heart of the city, but then events took a turn for the worse. A laptop charger was allegedly stolen from the desk of Finance Data Analyst, Dave He claims it was clearly labelled as ‘Dave’s charger’ But unconfirmed reports suggest the charger was unlabelled ‘I mean, things go missing all the time, don’t they? But one unlabelled charger, leading to what happened with Dave, and his team, and the rest of the office? That’s got to be one of the worst things I’ve ever seen’ When we arrived at the office, Dave and the rest of the Finance Team had already started a coup. The marauding office workers were taking everything – from computer keyboards to empty server racks. They started hunting for laptop chargers, we think of reclaiming Dave’s charger. When potential client Mike Stephens arrived for a meeting, he was chased through the office building before escaping. Mysteriously, the group returned with clothes identical to what he was wearing At this stage, we can only speculate on their intentions. ‘I knew what I had to do, to restore order, to society.’ With that courageous act, Julie bought an end to the escalating chaos, with the office items labelled, clients could confidentally resume business, friendships could be re-established, and Julie, now a hero, can enjoy her mid-afternoon chai latte in peace. As the office looks to move on from this chapter of chaos and confusion, one thing remains certain, an office with no label printer, is not an office at all. This is Nigel Baker reporting for BCN News.

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