Sunny Lenarduzzi: If you don’t buy into it
yourself, if you’re not fully, 100% bought it, why would anybody else be? I love when you ask me questions, because
it gives me perfect ideas for my content on YouTube. And a big question that I’ve been asked recently
about marketing and branding and social media in 2019 is about how to hold a personal brand. Now, you know if you’ve been here a while,
thank you, and if you’re new here, welcome, make sure that you hit that subscribe button
and give me a raised hand or a comment below and let me know if you’re feeling a little
overwhelmed by the subject, by trying to stand out, get seen and build a personal brand. If you are just put “Yes” in the comments
below and by the end of this video, I know I’m gonna be able to give you some actionable
things that you can walk away and do to start building your brand. Because keep in mind, I’ve been in your shoes,
I started from scratch, I had no audience, no following just a couple years ago, and
have really been able to build a personal brand that has opened up so many opportunities
for me. I’ve been asked to speak all over the world,
I’ve built a multi-million dollar business, I have built an entire team around me, and
that’s what I wanna help you start doing. And the thing for me, which should give you
a lot of hope is that I kinda started by accident and I kinda fell into all of it, I really
didn’t know what I was doing, so I’ve learned a lot. And these are the golden nuggets that I can
share with you that will start to make a big difference for you immediately. So we’re gonna dive into some very simple
action items, some simple steps that you can start doing right away, as soon as you finish
watching this video, and I can’t wait to see how it goes for you guys. The first thing and probably the most popular
question that you ask is, “Which platform do I use and should I be growing all of them
at once?” And my big bold answer to that is, “NO! Do not try and grow everything at once.” If you’re trying to grow everything at once,
nothing’s gonna grow at all. And that’s just the honest feedback that I
have for you at this point. When I was first starting on social media,
there was really only Twitter and Facebook, Instagram wasn’t a thing, YouTube was around
too but those are the main two players that everyone was really using, and so it was easy
to kinda be on everything. But now there’s so many platforms and there’s
so many nuances and things you need to know about these platforms in order to really succeed. And so my best advice for you and the really
secret sauce of anyone that you follow who’s made it really big is, they picked one platform
and stuck with it. So my first piece of advice is pick one thing
and stick with it. If I tried to grow YouTube, my podcast, my
Instagram, my Twitter, my Facebook at the same time, you wouldn’t be watching me right
now. There is now way that I could grow everything
at once. It’s just too difficult, especially when you’re
a one woman show or a one man show. And be honest in the comments, let me know,
are you doing this solo? Because if you are, there’s no shame in that
and I did that for years and I did not have the bandwidth to do everything well. So I chose YouTube, and the reason I chose
YouTube, and this is a takeaway for you as well is, because it played to my strengths. So I know that being on video is super easy
for me. Why do you think I’m doing it for so long? I was a journalist before I even ventured
into YouTube and it’s just something that comes naturally for me to talk to you like
this. Writing is a lot more challenging for me,
it’s harder for me to sit down and write a blog post than it is for me to just talk to
you. So what are your strengths? What comes the easiest to you? What’s the easiest for you? And really big clue of what kind of platform
to pick is what kind of content do you consume the most? Are you listening to podcasts? Are watching YouTube videos on a daily basis? Wherever you live and wherever you’re consuming
the most content, that’s probably a good clue for how you wanna get your content out there. So that’s my first piece of advice, pick on
platform and stick to it. Now, you know I am biased to YouTube because
of how it’s grown my whole business and my brand and it’s been just and amazing tool
for me because people are finding me even when I’m not creating content on here. And that’s really the beauty of it is that,
search functionality of people coming across my content all day every day, and I’m not
having to do more work. So that is one of my favorite bonuses of YouTube. Tip number to is, educate. Pretty simple, it’s really sharing the knowledge
that you have and similar to what I said earlier, you can’t be an expert at everything at once. And so really to gain traction and momentum,
and I say this a lot, “You’ve got to niche down to blow up.” And it feels crazy and counter intuitive to
do that, but I’m telling you it’s the best way to succeed in 2019 when you’re trying
to build a personal brand. You wanna be known for something. You want people to point at you and be like,
“Oh, that’s the girl who knows YouTube really well,” or, “That’s the girl who’s an expert
at food or fashion or whatever it might be.” And the way that you gain expert status is
to educate people and share your knowledge and your genius. So a really quick hack or something you can
do right now, is just start writing down all of the things that you are really good at
when it comes to your space. Being a generalist is the hardest way to succeed
in building a brand in 2019 because nobody cares unfortunately. You have to make people care. And the way to make people care is to give
something of value. And the easiest way to give something of value
is to teach people and to be an educator. And if you look at again, all the big names
out there, they’re teaching in some way shape or form, and you’re gonna start to notice
it more and more now that I’ve planted that seed. So what can you teach? What are you really good at? Or what have you recently learned that you’re
really starting to master that you can then share with other people? For me for example, when I was starting to
learn YouTube, I didn’t have it mastered but I was starting to gain a lot of momentum,
so sharing what was making a difference for me in real time. So if you’re just starting to learn about
food or fashion or blogging or whatever it might be, what are the things that you’re
learning and the little tricks and secrets that you’re learning that you can then share? And I know it’s hard to think of yourself
as being an expert at that early phase, but the really great advantage that you have is
that, if someone’s been doing this of a long time and they’ve built a big huge brand around
a certain niche, they’re not doing all of those new tricks and techniques and tools,
because they’ve got their system, they’ve figured it out. So if you can come across with something brand
new that you’re doing that’s working, it’s gonna gain a lot of attention for you because
it’s a fresh new concept and idea of how to really start growing and building. So that’s an easy way to start educating in
your niche or your space. The third thing is, networking in your niche. So I know that you’re probably watching and
thinking, nobody knows who I am, I have no clout, I have no credibility, who’s even gonna
listen to me? You have to make people listen. That’s the reality of it. So you make people listen by doing what I
just said which is, educating people, but you also make people listen by actually activating
conversations. So again, this is a trick that I used when
I was first getting started. I started figuring out, “Okay. Who are the people who are in this space that
are doing a really great job, that have built really solid communities?” I found them every social platform, I followed
them on all of the platforms that were out there, and then I started communicating with
them, building relationships with them by adding value and sharing their content and
doing things that were gonna help them sort of notice me by not asking for anything, but
adding value to them. So I shared their content, I would talk about
their content, I’d respond to their questions. And then I would also interact with their
communities, so the people in their communities who were asking more questions and who wanted
to start conversations. Because the reality is, if channels have grown
really big or platforms have grown really big, it’s hard to get to every single comment. So if you can start activating conversations
with some of those comments that have been missed, it’s a great way for you to start
gaining recognition in that industry and space. Also things like Facebook Groups, using Facebook
Groups to position yourself as the expert, to share your content not in a spammy way
but if someone asks a question about, “What’s the best restaurant in Vancouver?” and you
happen to have a video on that topic, share that and say, “Well, I actually just made
a video on this restaurant I just tried, it was so good.” That’s a great way for people to see your
content and say, “Oh, my gosh. Well, that’s gonna be my new “Go to” person
about that subject.” Random example but you get what I’m saying. So things like Facebook Groups and all of
the social media platforms, following the people that you admire and then interacting
with their communities in a way that’s providing value and helping is such a good way to start
networking in your niche and start getting known as the “Go to”. The other thing, great resource, and I know
there’s a lot of other people who might’ve mentioned this but is such a great
place to go when you’re first getting started. So believe it or not, you can also talk to
people offline and if you wanna do that, you can go to and search things like
social media. And it will bring up any event in Vancouver
and create alerts for you, or in any city that you’re in to say, “This event, this networking
gathering is happening about social media at this place at this time.” There you go, go attend that, meet people
in real life, talk to people in real life, share what you’re doing. That starts to build your recognition as well
as the person who is becoming the expert in this niche. And the fourth thing to start building your
brand in 2019 again, is about being proactive, not reactive. If you’re sitting there waiting for someone
to recognize you and give you a break, you’re gonna be waiting a long time. Because everyone out there is hustling for
this, there are people who are working way harder than you are. So when you’re starting out and you’re trying
to gain that personal brand and that recognition, you’ve gotta go after it with all you’ve got. So one of the things that I did in the very
beginning was pitching myself. So I would basically find all of the podcasts
that I wanted to be on that were at my level, I wasn’t unrealistic in thinking I was gonna
be on these huge podcasts when nobody even knew who I was, but here’s the amazing thing
about 2019, everybody’s got a podcast, everybody’s got a YouTube Channel, everybody’s got a blog. So in reality, you can find people who are
also just starting out and do sort of a trade and be like, “Hey, I have this amazing value
I can bring to your audience on this topic, I’ve already written the post, let me know
what you think,” or, “I’ve already got this training I can do on your podcast for your
audience, for this topic and here’s the proof of my results.” Whatever it might be. That’s where you start, you start by saying,
“I’ve got this all ready for you, I’m hand delivering you content to put on your podcast,
your blog, your YouTube channel,” whatever it may be, “And all I have to do is show up,
and all you have to do is just interview me or allow me the space to do it.” When you come with value, it’s really hard
for people to say no, especially when people are just starting out and they’re trying to
figure out what kind of content to post. So when you start networking in your niche
and you do everything that I mentioned in step three, that’s when you can figure out,
“Okay. Who has an outlet that you can then start
guest posting on or doing a podcast for them or creating some piece of content for them?”
and just keep pitching. And I would pitch like hundreds and maybe
get one, so that’s the reality but once you get one, you can then say, “I was featured
on X site,” And even if it’s not a big name site, at least someone trusted you enough
as an expert to be on their site, and that gives you that credibility, that gives you
that sense of, “Okay. Well, they must know what they’re talking
about if someone else trusted them to do that.” So pitch yourself, it might feel awkward,
but it works. And pitch yourself to people who are in a
realistic realm to you and have a similar size audience to you, because that’s how you
really start to grow. And the people that I started collaborating
with when I first started out, and we both had no audience, we’ve grown together. One person actually, who you guys know as
well is, Sean Cannell who has been a friend since we both started our channels and we
have both collaborated with each other since day one. And we continue to grow together, which is
a really really cool thing. So it’s less about competing with people who
are in your space, who are at the same level as you, it’s more about, “How can I help you
and how can we help each other?” And that is the best most sustainable way
to grow. Number five. Super super important, you’ve gotta claim
it, whatever it is that you’re trying to build your personal brand around, claim that, whether
you are a fashion blogger or a foodie or a Pinterest expert, whatever it may be, “If
you don’t claim it first, why would anyone else believe you?” You can quote me on that. Feel free to tweet that out. But it’s the truth, because if you don’t but
into it yourself, nobody else is gonna buy into it with you. So put that in your Instagram bio, put it
in your Twitter bio, put it on your YouTube header, wherever you have a platform, even
if you’re not actively using it, make sure it’s there. And the other added bonus to that in a very
like nerdy kinda way is that it creates you as someone who’s searchable. So if you go to my Instagram profile, you’ll
see that it says, marketing expert or marketing strategist. I can’t remember right now. But something about marketing, and the amount
of people who find me on a daily basis because they’re searching for marketing, it’s crazy. So if you put that in there, you’re gonna
start to get more followers and more of an audience building around you, that’s super
targeted to what it is that you’re gonna be sharing, which will increase your engagement. See? Got kinda nerdy on you guys and went down
a bit of a rabbit hole. Tend to do that. But that’s the nerdy element of why you wanna
do it, and the technical element of why you wanna do it, but at another level, the moment
you really start believing it and you really start buying into this personal brand you’re
trying to build is the moment when things will start to shift and when everyone else
around you will also start to buy into it with you. Let me know what you guys thought about this
video and if you want me to continue answering these kinds of questions that you’re sending
me on Instagram and all over the place on my YouTube channel, because it’s a lot of
fun for me to do, and pretty easy, because I’ve been doing this for a little bit. So if you enjoyed it, if it was helpful for
you, let me know in the comments below. Make sure that you subscribe for new videos
every single week, I’m here to help you guys, to serve you guys, and to help you build the
businesses that you really are excited about, the brands that you’re excited about and truthfully,
a life that you’re excited about as well. So give it a “Like” if you liked it, let me
know in the comments, be sure to subscribe, and if there’s someone that you know who’s
really interested in building their personal brand this year or that you think needs to,
make sure you share this video with them as well. And tag me on your Insta Stories once you’ve
watched this, or tag me on Instagram or Twitter and I’ll be sure to share you’re feedback
too. I love seeing that from you guys. Thank you guys so much for watching and I
will see you in the next episode.

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