Building a Strong Brand: Vision, Values & Message

(light music) (light music) – Hi, I’m Krysta Masciale,
CMO here at LumaForge and today we’re gonna be
talking about the three fundamental elements to a strong brand. My philosophy on branding
is that no one buys the knock off without wishing they could afford the real thing. I cannot tell you how many
brands I’ve worked with in my career, that their entire objective is just to keep up with the Jones’s. So this conversation is
for anyone who just needs a little tune-up, maybe
even just a re-calibration just to make sure your
brand is on the right track. It’s never a bad idea to press rewind, go back to the basics
and make sure everything that you’re currently engaging with, as a company, is following
three very simple rules of setting up a solid brand. The first is values. We know this to be the absolute
hub of all things culture and all things brand. The reason for this is
that without values, you have no heartbeat, you
have no reason for being, there’s no why behind
anything that you do. If you haven’t identified
what your core values are for your company, my guess
is that your employees are just drowning in
desire to have a little bit of belonging and a little bit of reason for showing up every day to that office and I would guess that
you’re having a hard time authentically connecting
with your audience and creating mass
advocates for what you do because there’s nothing
for anyone to connect with. If you’re wondering
whether or not your values are still intact, and
whether or not your team even knows what they are,
I would say the answer to one question will give
you all the information that you need. Ask your team, what do we care about most? And if the response to that question is all across the board,
you have an opportunity to make sure everyone is on the same page about why you’re doing what you’re doing and the reason your company
exists to begin with. The second thing to
consider is your vision. If your brand lacks vision
or there’s no clarity as you’ve grown as a company, as to where you’re actually
going, now is the time. Please get everybody on the same page. The best question you can ask is what do you think our purpose is? Where do you think we’re going? And I know that’s two
questions but if you don’t set up the second question with purpose, where are we going could mean today, it could mean this week, it could mean just within their function so help them understand,
you’re asking them, what do you think our company is here for? What are we here to do? If they don’t have any clue or again, they start giving you so
many different answers across the board, you know
you have an opportunity to get everyone in the
same room and say hey, we may not have been doing
a good job as leadership in giving you all the
information that you need to understand why we’re
doing what we’re doing and where we’re going
but we want to make sure that you have that information because we think it’s important. The third thing to remember is your message has to be absolutely clear. One of the questions that
you can ask your team is how do we want to be known? And this is a really good exercise at the top of any project that you do. I wouldn’t say it for every tweet or for every communication piece that you put out into the world. I would definitely
suggest it if you’re going into new mediums or if maybe
you’re trying to roll out a new product, there’s so
many different touch points where that question really
helps re-calibrate everyone in the team so that you can make sure that you’re aligned, both
from a value standpoint and from a vision standpoint
through the message that you’re communicating. Outside of being clear about
how you want to be known, it’s really important to
make sure the language that you use is consistent
with the experience that you’re actually
providing your audience after they buy or engage
with your product or service but it’s also super important to identify what words you want people to start using when they describe their
experience with you. One of the best ways
to gauge whether or not we’re doing our jobs, whether we’re communicating effectively, whether are marketing efforts are landing the way that we wanted them to land, whether our brand is strong or not, is people who don’t even
purchase our product or services are referring us to other people because it is so clear that what we do might not be for them but
it may be for somebody else and that cannot be a bigger compliment. So now that you have been reminded that sometimes going back
to the basics is important, I want to encourage you, that the reason we do this so often, as marketers, as
professionals, as leaders, is because the experience that we create for our messaging, for the marketing, for all these external experiences that we spend so much time
and money and resources on, all of those things actually
have to be true on the inside if this thing is gonna work. If you don’t want to be a
replica of someone else, the only other option is
for you to have something real and true and honest,
from the inside out. I hope you learned something today. I hope if anything, it was a good reminder that we have all the tools that we need to just get back, hunker
down and make sure that our house is in order
before we expect our teams to do something really remarkable in their effort to
connect with our audience. Thank you guys so much for listening.

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  1. This has so much value! Thank you so much. Annnnd its a beautiful video with a nice clear voice. Definitely deserves the thumbs up ✨

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