Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

– Are our taste buds on brand? – Let’s talk about that. (funky electronic music) (fire crackles) Good Mythical Morning. – We wrote a novel. It’s funny, it’s scary,
it’s a labor of love and it’s called The Lost
Causes of Bleak Creek. Pre-order it now at – Yes.
– We are expanding our brand to include novels.
– Right. And speaking of brands, a 2010
consumer report study found that store brands scored
almost as well as name brands in blind taste tests, so the question is, do we really know the taste
of our own favorite brands, or are we letting the
labels get into our head? – We’re gonna put that
question to the test with some of our favorite beverage brands. It’s time for Knock-Off
Knockout: Liquid Edition. In each round, we’re
gonna have four clear cups in front of us and one
of those cups will have a big name brand that we all know and the other three will have
some variety of store brand or less-known brand
versions of that beverage. – And our mission is to taste them all, then knock out the knockoffs
and pick the name brand and in the end, the loser
has to drink a bottle of Josh’s original brand cola which we have no idea what’s in that. (rock music)
– Round one. – Of these four different
colas, we have to find the Cola-Cola or the Coke, if
you wanna be brief about it. – This is, they all look the same. – Yep they do.
– I’m gonna start over here. – I’ll start down here.
– I’m gonna start, well, you wanna pick a side
where we’re gonna drink out of? – I’m gonna drink out of the edge. Okay. So this one right here, let’s– – Tastes like a cola.
– Yeah it just tastes very cola-y. This one and this one are very different. Do these?
– Those are very different. – Those felt very different?
– I’m going on the outside of what you just drank, right? I can kinda see–
– I was just going right for the front. – Mm. Oh wow, oh. This one, uh-oh.
– That one and this one. This is gonna be tough. But this one down here, I don’t even– – It’s not, I’m gonna
drink it just because. – Huh. I mean, I’m knocking that one out. I don’t even–
– Hold on, don’t. This is a competition, don’t
tell me what you’re doing. – I know you know that’s not Coke, right? – It might be Coke. – But I don’t know… This one’s got bite. – Oh wow. – That one’s got the same amount of bite but a little less flavor. And this one. This one, this one is
a little underwhelming. – Okay, I feel pretty confident. I think we both know that
it’s one of these two right here because we had
a lot of Coke growing up. – I don’t know what that is
but I think that’s Pepsi. – Um (clears throat). – Also had a lot of Pepsi growing up. Pride of the Carolinas,
I’m ready to vote, Stevie. – [Stevie] All right, three, two, one. – Nope.
– Oh ho ho! Oh I put it–
– Don’t put it in there. So we don’t agree. Mm, why did you go with that one? – Because there was
literally something nostalgic that hit me and that might
mean that it’s something else that I’ve had but I
went with the nostalgia but they were so close, it was
very difficult to figure out. – Do we find out right now? – [Stevie] Yeah yeah I’m gonna tell you. So keep in mind that this
game isn’t name brand versus name brand so your
guess that one was Pepsi doesn’t make sense for the game. – Oh, right, there’s no Pepsi. – [Stevie] But the Coke
is in cup number one. – Whoa no no!
– So you were both incorrect. – No no no no.
– I’m gonna tell you what all of them are.
– Oh come on. – [Stevie] So that number one cup is Coke. The next cup is Sam’s Cola
from Sam’s and Walmart. The next one is Juggalo
favorite Faygo Cola. – You a Juggalo, man. (chuckles) – [Stevie] And then
the last one is Shasta. – This is the best one! – I thought this was the best, Sam’s Cola? – Whoop whoop.
– Man, I must have had a lot of Sam’s Cola as a child ’cause
it hit my nostalgia bone. (rock music)
– Round two. – All right we got four energy drinks. One of them is Red Bull. Now, have you ever just
poured Red Bull out and just looked at the color? – I thought it was blue or something. (laughs) – The can’s blue. – Right, for a reason. – Well, okay. – All right I’m gonna
drink this urine first. – Reaching across, okay. – Ooh, that is tart. – If you just gave me that,
I’d think it was Red Bull. – Ooh, that is a lot sweeter
but like with a fake sweetener. This one’s better than that one. – It’s more urine-colored,
just like this one. Wow. – This tastes like Mello
Yello a little bit. – One and three, very similar. – Yeah.
– That tastes like almost– – Cirtusy.
– Like a Sprite or something. Like a soft drink. – So yeah, one and three are giving me a– – Wow, this is so interesting. – These taste exactly the same. – I think we’re being Punk’d. – This is a crapshoot for me. This is a crapshoot. – No, these both taste like SweeTarts. That’s the definitive
flavor profile of Red Bull but one of them tastes
more like SweeTarts. – [Stevie] Okay here we go. Three, two, one. – Wha-bam.
– Whoa really? Wow! – I was literally just guessing
’cause they were identical in my mind.
– This one tastes like stronger so I’m–
– It is darker. This bull’s a little dehydrated.
– You’re scaring me– with your stabbiness of, you know– – Getting too stabby for ya? – [Stevie] Yeah, you’re
gettin’ real stabby. All right the Red Bull
is in cup number three. – Woo!
– Oh! – Yeah!
– And the other cups contain Red Thunder, GURU, and BAWLS. – [Both] BAWLS. – BAWLS don’t taste like Red Bull.
– Ballz with a Z. (rock music)
– Round three. – Of all of these grapefruit
flavored fizzy waters, which one is the pamplemousse LaCroix? Or La-kwah? I drink a lot of this one. – Hmm, yeah, I do too.
(Link smacking lips) Straight out the can. We have almost like a dispenser in the top of our refrigerator just
constantly just rolling out pamplemousse LaCroixs. – Smell that and it kinda
stinks but then you’ll realize grapefruit stinks. – But it’s a good stink.
– It’s a good stink. It’s like drinking some tof, togu. One is the most aromatic. – Thus far, none of them taste like what I would have thought
grapefruit LaCriox tastes like. ‘Cause I typically don’t
drink it in a glass. – I know and you typically
don’t think about it when you’re drinking
it, you just drink it. – Yeah, if you start thinking
about what it tastes like when you drink it, you’d
probably stop drinking LaCroix. – Mm-hmm. – Don’t overthink it. Wow. – This is tough.
– I really confused myself. – Would you, do you think there’s one that has the most flavor? I think there’s clearly one
with a higher flavor profile. – This one has the most
odd, unusual flavor and I don’t feel like is representative of what my thoughts are. This one’s very strong.
– One is by far the strongest. – Okay I’ve got a guess. – The question is, is
LaCroix the strongest though? – I’ve got a guess.
– Okay, three, two, one. – Oh, we agree. – Okay.
– It’s kind of a blind guess on my part though. – These two tasted the most
similar to the image I had. – [Stevie] LaCroix is in cup number three. – Oh, dang it. I almost went there. – [Stevie] And the other
cups contain Simply Balanced which is Target’s brand,
Waterloo, and Soleil which is the Safeway brand. – Soleil. – Soleil has got a good match. (rock music)
– Round four. – All right we got four
sweet tasty orange juices but one of them is Tropicana. – I don’t know if you can
tell through your screen but number four is the lightest and these are like a darker– – Pretty uniform orange.
– Orange. All pulpless I hope. – Would you know what
Tropicana tasted like? Did you do Tropicana growing up? – I think I was more of a Minute Maid man. Ooh, this is smoother
and has a lighter flavor. That has a deeper–
– Oh those are very different. – Yeah this has a deeper–
– Tarter. – Tarter, yes. – It’s gonna give your tartar. Mm. – This one’s–
– I like that one though. – This one’s very drinkable. – Drinkable, that’s a– – Like it goes down easy. – Put that on your, make that your slogan. Drinkable– – Ugh!
– Since 1928. – Oh my gosh, you’re gonna love that. – So you loved it, huh? – It’s not even orange juice. – You know what this tastes like? – What? – This tastes like the time
that we went to the orange tree in our house in our old yard. – Yeah? – And squished down, made
orange juice out of the oranges in our yard. – How do I explain this? I took an orange.
(crew laughs) I squished it down–
– Do I need to go through the whole process?
– And a liquid came out and lo and behold I had made orange juice. – And it tasted just like that– – It tasted like crap.
– Super tart, like these oranges aren’t
made for orange juice. – You didn’t squish it right. – We gave it to everyone
who came over though. Straight from the orange tree in our yard. – How do I say this? I squished the orange. – I wanted to figure out how
descriptive I needed to be. Okay, I got it. – [Stevie] Okay. Three, two, one. – No. These are the best ones. I’m voting for Tropicana
to taste good I guess. – [Stevie] The Tropicana is in cup number one.
– Woo! – You’re playing the producer game. You’re like, on, it went to one once. – No! Ho ho ho! What, no, it tasted the most like– – The tropics?
– Typical orange juice, man. – Tastes like the tropics? – Yeah it tasted like
a weird hotel in Vegas. – [Stevie] Here’s what
the other cups contain. 365 from Whole Foods, Kirkland Brand, and Kroger brand. – Kroger is a loser on the OJ circuit. – Kroger’s been using
that three in my old yard. What they do is they take the oranges and then they squeeze them–
– I don’t know how to say it exactly, but– – They make–
– Squish it. – They make orange juice with it. – Squish it. (rock music)
– Round five. – Of these four American
lagers, we have to pick out the Budweiser.
– Budweiser and now, you’re playing just to not
have zero points at this point. – Yeah just for pride
of not getting shut out. – Well first of all, this one
has a noticeable head on it. And that one has no head. – Nope. And this one is the lightest. Again, if I’m gonna drink a Budweiser, you look through the
glass or you don’t look through the can, you don’t really, I don’t really pour a
Budweiser in a pint glass. – Yeah you do that with Miller. (laughs) Only Miller. – Dink it, let’s dink it and sink it once.
– Oh all of a sudden. This is not a bad beer,
it is not Budweiser. – That, I would call that
a bad beer and I don’t know if it’s ’cause I just drank
a bunch of orange juice. You know, I do not recommend
drinking orange juice, drinking beer and then
brushing your teeth. – That’s Coors. – This is bitter, this is–
– That’s not bad. I like that. That’s Coors. – I would call that surprisingly hoppy. We’ll call this urine. – That’s Budweiser. (Link smacks lips) – I just don’t, I don’t drink these beers. I drink like a craft beer–
– I don’t either. – You know? – Just going off of, all right– – To me this is the
worst beer of the four. – That reminds me of when,
for some reason we decided to get a 24 pack of Coors when we were on the Alka-Seltzer Great
American Road Trip (chuckles) and put it in the RV and I had one and I was like why did
we make this mistake? That’s what it tastes like. – And then I’m like more for
me, I’m in the back of an RV. – All right I–
– Ready? – I feel pretty good about this. – Okay.
– Hold on, hold on. Oh God, you feel pretty good about this? – Yeah. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – That one’s horrible. I actually don’t think it’s that one. – You might be right. It’s one of those two I think. – [Stevie] The Budweiser
is in cup number two. – Oh!
– Oh it is the worst! – What? That– – I actually feel less American right now. – [Stevie] Simpler Times. – Simpler Times? – [Stevie] Which is
the Trader Joe’s brand. Hamm’s. – Hamm’s.
– Hamm’s is number three. – What is Hamm’s? – [Stevie] And Schlitz. – Schlitz?
– Schlitz! – I thought Schlitz was a malt liquor. – It is. This is Budweiser? – Yeah, I’m not going back for more. What is Hamm’s? – Just reminding myself
why I don’t drink it. – [Alex] It’s like an off-shoot of PBR. – It’s an offshoot of PBR, Alex says. – [Alex] It’s the best beer in the world. – Congratulations to me. Link, you lost, which means you have to drink Josh’s special cola.
– Oh gosh. – It has a picture of him on it. From times gone by. We’ll find out what’s in
it in Good Mythical More. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – My name’s Philip.
– My name’s Christian. – We’re from Arkansas. – And we just bought
the Book of Mythicality. – [Both] For each other. And it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – Yes!
– Plot twist, for each other! – That’s what friendship’s all about! – Love it, guys.
– Click the top link to watch us sample the
wild world of Faygo flavors in Good Mythical More. – And I gotta drink this. Let’s find out where the wheel lands. – [Rhett] Heading outside? Cover your melon with
these hats we’re sellin’. Three different styles to choose
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