Candy Crush Trademark, Nintendo World Championship Sale, JewWario R.I.P.

Hello RPG Fanatics, and welcome to this week’s
episode of The RPG Report. We’ve got a lot of great stories in today’s episode, so make
sure you watch the whole thing. Firstly — and it truly breaks my heart to
say this — I have to talk about a rather tragic story, and I will break character a
little to report on this seriously. Justin Carmical, better known as JewWario, passed
away this week. His family has released few details about the nature of his death, and
out of respect for his family I will not report on the facts surrounding his death. Instead,
I will encourage everyone to do as I have done; watch his YouTube channel videos. Justin
was originally a contributor to Channel Awesome with his show You Can Play This! that focuses
on Japanese import games that don’t require an English translation to play. He was extremely
well liked within the YouTube gaming community, and his episodes were — in this sword’s opinion
— some of the best content on Channel Awesome. If you haven’t seen his videos, please go
check them out. You will not be disappointed. The next story in our lineup is about the
drama unfolding between Candy Crush Saga publisher King and the makers of The Banner Saga. It
seems King has trademarked the words “Saga” for use in any kind of videogame and has filed
to block developer Stoic Studio from registering The Banner Saga as a trademark. A statement
from King insists they do not believe The Banner Saga is trying to confuse gamers into
believing they are downloading Candy Crush Saga but does say they need to block the registration
because it somehow protects their interests. What I am personally bothered by is the idea
a company can register a word like Saga as a trademark at all, let alone for games. Saga
has been used in game titles for many years, such as the Romancing Saga line of games,
including SaGa Frontier. There is even a 2008 MMO called simply “Saga” that was developed
by former Blizzard employees. It is absolutely ridiculous that the US Patent office would
allow anyone to claim trademark on a single word that is commonly used in the gaming industry.
Especially in the case of the Viking themed Banner Saga, as the word “Saga” is Nordic
in origin. By contrast there is really nothing Saga-ish about the Bejeweled knockoff Candy
Crush. On that note, publisher King has been accused
of ripping off developers. Among them is Matt Cox who is accusing King of copying his game
Skamperghost as Pac Avoid. Funnily enough when Matt went public with the accusation
King abruptly pulled Pac Avoid from their website. And what is even more interesting
is that King, a company that is seemingly very concerned about trademark issues, decided
to title the game “Pac”. And while we’re on the subject of video games
and candy, Kotaku reports that Belgium emo teens are getting high on a drug called Nintendo. The drug contains a large dose of MDMA, better
known as Ecstasy. It’s been catalogued in a new entry from the Belgian Early Warning
System on Drugs, alongside a few similar drugs named for other knock-off brands, such as
Mitsubishi and Superman; I suppose the latter because it’ll get you super-high! This drug
gives a new and different kind of meaning to the gamer’s tip of “if it doesn’t work,
try blowing on it and then stick it back in.” Now this segment is called The RPG Report
and we haven’t talked about some stories specific to just RPGs yet, so before you punch your
computer screen here is a few quick stories just for you, the hardcore RPG Fanatic. Last December From Software opened a Dark
Souls themed restaurant. For a limited time only, From Software has converted the OZ Cafe
into a tavern complete with bar wench waitresses prepared to bring you menu items lifted from
the game’s inventory list. The restaurant will be converted back into a boring Austrian
themed cafe in April, so if you really love Dark Souls and plan to make a trip to Japan,
you might want to check it out. A big story in gaming circles today is that
Square-Enix has re-released Final Fantasy 6 for the Android. The game has been completely
re-drawn, and now features a touch-screen based command menu and impressively washed
out sprites. Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story director
Yasumi Matsuno is helming a new Kickstarter project for a new tactical RPG. Called Unsung
Story, the Kickstarter is currently live. So if you want a new Final Fantasy Tactics
style game without the Final Fantasy branding, this might be up your alley.
Nintendo has also blocked the release of a tell-all book about the localization of Earthbound.
In an interview with Polygon, Marcus Lindblom, the man responsible for the game’s English
localization, revealed he has written an in-depth book about the work that went into bringing
Earthbound to the west.    
He was originally planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign to cover the book’s publishing
costs (without the intention of making profit) in time for the 20th Anniversary of its American
release, as a love letter to the fans. Sadly, the book will never see the light of day because
Nintendo is legally blocking its publication.   
Lindblom said he had sent Nintendo a letter to inform the company about his intentions
of publishing the book, as a professional courtesy. Not long after, he received a reply
stating the company would prefer that he not publish the book, reminding him of a (still
legally binding) non-disclosure agreement he had signed 20 years ago.  Speaking of Nintendo the game console and
not the hallucinogenic drug, Rom hackers have figured out a way to turn your Nintendo DS
into a very trendy paperweight. Sean Hinz reports that the manufacturer of 3DS Gateway
flash carts, which allow users to play ROMs on the Nintendo handheld, are being giant
hypocrites. Apparently Gateway wanted to be the only illegal ROM provider when they made
the cart and implanted code that will brick a 3DS if any of their files are modified.
So if you’re one of the many thousands of gamers who used this device to play Mother
3, I hope that it was worth it. Our last story about the world of Nintendo
is about a highly collectible title. Wired reports that a copy of the highly coveted Nintendo
World Championships cartridge is for sale on eBay. The starting bid was $4,999.99 — a
bargain when you consider these can go for twice that much. Of course, copies fetching
that kind of money generally haven’t had their labels ripped off and the word “Mario”
scrawled in ballpoint pen on the sad remains of said label. However, the game ultimately sold for almost
100 gs, missing the $100,000 mark by only a few bucks. But fear not, rich middle-aged
men attempting to relive their childhoods through game collecting. Today Destructoid
reported the winning bidder has backed out of ponying up the fortune, so the game is
going back onto eBay. Let the war of the money hoses begin anew! That’s the news for this week, folks. Make
sure you subscribe to be informed about new videos, and please also follow us on Facebook
and Twitter where you can stay up to date on the latest happenings of The RPG Fanatic
channel. Now I ask you, fellow Fanatics, what game would make an excellent themed restaurant?

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20 thoughts on “Candy Crush Trademark, Nintendo World Championship Sale, JewWario R.I.P.

  1. I've been a fan of JewWario since early 2012. He seemed like an amazing person. He will be missed 🙁

    Also, I love the music for this video

  2. it  pains me that  the word saga(a amazing word,let alone any word) is now in possession of some company(even if its only in one media),to not speak of this being a lame company with a stupid alteration of bajews as the sucess title,some times i realy think that we should do something agains companys literaly stealing from everyone(world untill now have no owner in any mean),without any sort of rigth to do so…. then i remember that as a individual im powerless.Realy thats nothing that we can do about this travesty of a copyrigth?  

  3. a good restaurant theme wold be…Disgae(just think about the staff using thae human class vests wold ber awasome,an the crazy food that exist in the disgaea realm,zombie flavored curry,prinny juice and others or even better  odins sphere….wow that wold be awasome,just imagine,some of  the food in the game  is pretty close to the reality,soo they wold have few problems to replicate, the only problem wold be making the staff look like pookas(that are very cute,furry and rarely get taller than a meter and half),but there are many other races in the game,like valkyrias or flame jinns(those look like can be costplayaple)

  4. Fucking shit, man. I can't believe what happened to JewWario. He always seemed like such a mellow and nice guy. I suffer with depression and some degree of anxiety myself, and now I wish I would have known the guy…Damn.

  5. my condolences go out to JewWario may he rest in peace.

    I find it ridiculous that a single word can be copyrighted more so when its a word that's used commonly (like in this instance games) and I find claims like this asinine.

    As for a restaurant I'd go for a Ragnarok online theme as the food in the game always seemed  appetizing to me
    -haven the burning soul signing out

  6. R.I.P JewWario. I liked the fact that as well as games & Franchises, he loved trying out different candy from his fans and that's what made him so different as a youtuber. If i had to go for a restaurant, it would be out of the three franchises due to how hard it would be to choose from one. Dragon's Crown, Tales or Star Ocean. SM3  

  7. love the show, hate the sword. You should just show your face in this sort of show you'll get people who start watching for your face and start to form emotional attachment. Whatever the case thumbs up.

  8. Thanks for the news! In regards to a restaurant, went to the Biohazard (Resident Evil ) themed restaurant in Japan back in 2012, but wasn't really impressed. I'd like to see a Zelda restaurant to be honest.

  9. Loving the RPG Report, always looking for a good source of news on YouTube :p In terms of a themed restaurant, I would have to agree with Round2Gaming in having a Zelda theme, would be fantastic… minus the faerie voices…

  10. Like the content, but I'm not too keen on the way its done. I find the 'persona' a tad annoying, childish and not particularly funny if it is supposed to be. Plus it seems like your opinion is coming through.. Should that happen in 'news' videos or should it be unbiased? While I suppose it does mean its a bit more personal (a good thing) I agree with some of the other people when they say you should just lose the Student sword thing and have your own face as the presenter.
    Easier to relate to and pay attention in my opinion =p Keep the videos coming though!

  11. Could you specify which Nintendo denied the Earthbound book? Was it America or Japan?

    A nice restaurant theme from a game (or in this case I hope shows are acceptable too) would be (not in this order):

    Samurai Pizza Cats
    Mortal Kombat
    DC Halls of Justice
    Cat Cafe from Ranma 1/2
    Dragon Quest

      Keep up the awesome work.

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