Canva Design Tutorial: Great Branding

Hello and welcome. I’m going to take you through a few quick tips for great branding. If you’d like to try this tutorial yourself,
please jump on to a desktop computer. One of the most important things in branding
and marketing is consistency so it’s really important to use the same
colors throughout your marketing materials I’m going to change the background here
to red. and the text to white to match the
marketing materials on the left as you can see now it all looks part of a
consistent brand. Keeping up with the theme of consistency,
it’s important to use the same font throughout your marketing materials. This helps your
brand become recognizable. Choose specific fonts to use consistently
within your brand. As you can see here, we’re using the fonts
‘Trocchi’ and ‘Josefin Sans’. So, I’m going to change ‘The Sock Shop’ to use ‘Trocchi’ and the rest of the texts to use ‘Josefin Sans’. Once again, this helps all of your marketing
materials to look consistent. While developing your brand and your look,
it can help to have a photo filter that you use consistently within your brand. I’m going to select of these images, go to
filters, then the advanced options. I’m going to copy the filter code then go
across the images on the right. Go to filters, go to the advanced tab and
then paste the filter code. I’m going to repeat this for the other two
images. Once again, this consistency will strengthen
your brand. A brand should immediately communicate the
personality of your business. We’re going to change the colors of this design so it’s bright and modern. Colors are very important in branding. I’m going to choose a bright purplish color
to compliment the colors already in the cupcake. For the body’s design, I’m going to choose
exactly the same purple. And then change it to a much, much lighter
shade. I’m going to change the texts to white to
make it seems a lot brighter. For the logo, again I’m going to choose exactly the same purple but this time I’m going to go darker. Using the same color but different shades
can help create a coherent look. Again, I’m going to change the text to white. For this last task, we’re going to make this
into a much better brand. So, we’re going to change the font, the color
palette and the photo filter to make this design more appropriate for an organic restaurant. I think a font like Courgette seems quite
appropriate for an organic restaurant. I’m going to change the color of the background to green. Solid green seems to be a bit too bright and fluorescent and bold for this design. I’m going to mute it a little bit and shift it around more towards aqua and blue. For the flower, I’m going to change the leaves
to white to make them stand out and then I’m going to make the middle the same green as the background. For the photo, a filter like Summer seems
quite appropriate. So, that’s it for this week. These are some
tips for branding. Just remember, consistency is key. If you would like to share thing with us that you’ve designed, please do so on twitter and Facebook. That’s all for this tutorial. Bye for now!

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