Categories and labels – Nozbe 3 tutorial 5/13

Categories and labels Hi, As promised in the previous tutorial,
here come categories and labels. They are powerful features for creative and
productive people like you. Let’s see how they work. Categories are like contexts in the Getting
Things Done methodology. They could stand for places, people or tools,
and our users keep finding new ways to use them. It’s great to adapt them to your own workflow. Let’s create some standard categories like:
phone, home, work, errands and a few more that could be useful for us. As you see, you can choose an icon and a color
for each of them. Next, we assign relevant categories to specific
tasks. This one is crucial for our project and its
deadline shouldn’t be missed. Let’s just click on the task, choose a category,
and confirm our choice. I’ll add categories to other tasks and be
back in a bit. Remember that you can also add a category
to many tasks at once using edit mode. Just use the “three dots” button at the bottom
of your task list. Look at our priority list now. You can see a category icon below each task. The cool thing is you can filter your priority
list by category if you want to shorten your list and focus on the most important tasks. It’s simple! You can also see all your categories in a
separate pane. They are divided into active categories and
those with no tasks assigned. Choose a category to check out all relevant
tasks. Labels Now let’s switch to labels. We think that too much structure isn’t effective
in the long run so instead of introducing projects, sub-projects or sub-sub-projects,
we offer project labels. These are like categories but you assign them
to projects. They work in the same way, which means you
can assign numerous labels to one project. To assign a label, simply go to your project,
use the “i” icon in the top right corner to get to the infobar and click “Choose labels.” Here, you can also create new labels and assign
them to your project. Let’s add the “private” label to some personal
projects and the “work” label to the job-related ones. If you have multiple projects related to your
private life – label them as “private”! This way, you’ll be able to easily filter
your private tasks in the Priority list view. It’s a very useful feature if you have a lot
of tasks on your Priority list and need to group them. It’s also the best way to quickly switch from
your work tasks to private ones and the other way round. We have some work- and some home-related tasks
on the priority list. When at work, ask Nozbe to show only your
work-related tasks. It’s much easier to focus and get things done
if you are not distracted by the tasks planned for later. This is just one example how you can use project
labels. In the next video, you’ll see you the calendar
view in Nozbe. You’ll also learn some nice tricks to simply
get everything done. With Nozbe.

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