CCL Label | GlobalVision Customer Story

[MUSIC PLAYING] My name is Pierre Dery. I am the general
manager of CCL Montreal. We have been a
GlobalVision customers I would say since 2001. We specialize into literature,
labels, folding cartons, including some serialization
aspects, security aspects, and decorative aspects. The demands of our
customers is basically no error, no error at all. So we want to make sure
that we are up to date in the technology, and we are doing
what we’re supposed to do, and we’re following
the quality criteria that our customers are requiring. Going through the process
of where a GlobalVision system is involved– at the beginning we
receive artwork files from our customers, and
what needs to happen is to verify the output
of the graphics team, the proof, and
verify that it’s in accordance with the artwork. Once it is printed,
it is verified to the exact same proof that
we used to create the file. My name is Simon
Lacroix, and I’ve been working as a Quality
Control Technician for CCL Montreal for the past 10 years. We use the GlobalVision
system 24/7, every day. So I’d say we make about
between 40 and 50 inspections a day, front and back. That means about 10,000 a year. It’s faster. It allows us to
be more efficient. It’s more reliable. It’s compatible. It’s user friendly. Before, with the
old system, we used to have a scanner and a
system in an office, and only quality control
technicians would inspect. Now with GlobalVision being
easier to train people, we put the scanner
between the presses, and all the operators
from the press can inspect the press
sheets and samples. Every week we challenge the
equipment with a challenge test, and we have samples
with errors in it that we have to find
every week, and so far it never missed an error. We also have a Count Verifier. That system really helped us
reduce the time cycle to count and assure the count
in trays It’s really critical in
the Pharmaceutical industry to have the right amount
of pieces of product into a shipment, so it was
a natural choice of using the Count Verifier to
assess the number of counts in the shipment. The return on investment
if we used the Count Verifier was less
than two years, just for a time spent on counting. It’s easy. You just put the tray
under the camera and boom, you’ve got a count. It takes a second. Guaranteed if you
ask someone, OK, I need to count 10,000 inserts
by hand because there was a problem with the count,
I don’t trust the human. eye neither. There will be, again, more
mistakes, more errors, so there’s no guarantee. With the count it’s
to our expectations. We need those type of
systems in the place to get the assurance
that what we print for the Pharmaceutical, for
the Healthcare industry, so for everybody that
uses those products, is good and meets
the requirements and the approved
specifications and artwork. It is absolutely
embedded in our process, and there is no other way
that we would be producing. Impossible. I’ve seen areas where
our customers come in for audits, for visits, and
when they say these systems they leave here with, I would say,
more confidence about what we are doing here and the quality
of our products and the output. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. GlobalVision is a must for quality inspection of packaging materials like label, insert, carton, leaflet, flexible film, manual and etc.

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