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today I have four common print mistakes
in graphic design that you need to know about so you didn’t make them yourself what is up people welcome back to
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list the first mistake that can lead to
printing errors with your graphic design work is the color mood of your work that
it might be obvious to some but you’d be surprised about how many times people
have a look this matter you need to sell your projects to CMYK as the color mode
and the RGB RGB is for web use only and CMYK stands for cyan magenta yellow and
black these are the colors that printers use to make up the whole color range of
your graphic design work when printing so make sure to set to CMYK the next
point of my video that can lead to printing errors when you’re making great
design work relates to a PPI or a resolution anything below a 4 should
have a PPI of at least 300 this stands for pixels per inch if you go up from a
four to A three a two and above you’re going to want to change your PPI to
something lower like 150 100 or even something as small as 24 a huge
billboard design’ the third point on my list for printing
errors and mistakes in graphic design is relating to fonts and typefaces when you
have a font on your work how’d you know the printer will have your typeface or
your font on their computer to get around this you can either outline the
funds in Illustrator InDesign or you can package the font files with the design
when you send it to the printers either way will work perfectly fine but you
want the computer to recognize the fonts in your graphic design work the final point come a video and
avoiding printing errors with the graphical design work is about file
formats now it’s very very very important to talk to your printer before
you send them the files they might have a specific setup on their printing
computers for specific file formats this could be PDF it could be JPEG
it could even be EPS the trick is to get the right file formats for your design
work this is because you want the printer to obtain one of the data on the
image and the designs that’s needed for quality and Chris print so keep in mind
my four points when designing your artwork and sending it for print
I remember you have to speak to the printing company or your printer before
printing out say 100 copies of a business card so what did you think of
my video on common print mistakes in graphic design do you agree that these
four points are crucial for quality print raffle design works looming in the
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10 thoughts on “COMMON PRINT MISTAKES IN GRAPHIC DESIGN | Graphic Design Tips | Satori Graphics

  1. Tomorrow a look at how we can edit and use guides in Illustrator in ways you may not have seen before

  2. Morning, Tom. already know about my weekend so not going to repeat here. 🙂
    Will keep this in mind if I ever need to print anything since I make others do this part for me. Hahahaha!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. Your 4 points are items that were obvious to me but I feel good knowing that I'm on track. I like checking in with fellow designers to make sure I'm staying on my toes. I'm definitely going to your website to subscribe.

  4. Good advice. Don't forget when packaging fonts with files that Adobe Typekit fonts will not package.

  5. I'm so confused. Wouldn't higher dimensions of a print require you to increase dpi so it's more clear when blown up ? I know this video is really old but I'd really like to know the reason behind lowering ppi/dpi for anything bigger than a4. Thanks and great video !

  6. hey ! can you explain why the PPI lowers when the end result will be larger than A3 ? as you said for the billboard etc

  7. You should never work in CMYK color mode. Inkjet printers expect data in the RGB color mode because they operate in RGB mode. Just because they use CMYK ink cartridges does not mean that they operate in CMYK. There's no way you'd be able to work in CMYK mode because you wouldn't be able to see anything beyond the CMYK color space in the application. The CMYK color space is so limited. Professional inkjet printers, wide format printers and lab printers are able to produce colors that closely resemble the colors on your screen, while document is in the RGB color mode. If the printer only has CMYK ink cartridges, then you won't be able to get as great results. Printers with more than just CMYK ink cartridges can print outside of the CMYK color spectrum.

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