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44 thoughts on “Convert a Low Resolution Logo into a High Res Vector Graphic in Photoshop

  1. WOW! This was such a simple and practical video! Thanks for explaining it in such a straightforward way while still creating a fully self-contained skill set!! Love this!

  2. Gal – I think this is my new favorite tutorial. I hope you get 1k likes because I hope for more of these. One can never stop learning – and I learned a lot of new today. Thank you.

  3. Glad you guys found it useful! I literally use this technique all the time to fix low res logos my clients send me! Also, โญMy favorite resource for unlimited graphic, video, and audio assets is Envato Elements:

  4. Quick question, why not use illustrator? They have a great image trace tool for things like this. It works really good and takes about 12 seconds for illustrator to vectorize it.

  5. This is why i like Premiere Gal so much. Love not only this video but all of this channel. Thank you so mcuh.
    But what if there is multiple color in a logo?

  6. This really is helpful. We often can't get high res logos from the conservation work we fund, so even though there are a lot of steps, you made it very easy to do.

  7. Thanks Kelsey this is amazing! I've always wanted to know how to do this and there is so many uses for this. You've just taught us a course in Photoshop. I can easily follow your steps, but I need to do this several times to really understand each step. It's really cool how you understand all this and willingly share this information. ๐Ÿ™‚

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