Costco Liquor Vs. Brand-Name Liquor Blind Taste Test

– This one’s going to be Captain Morgan. – Wow. – This one’s going to be
Costco, I bet, but let’s try it. – Ever hear a little phrase called don’t judge a book by it’s cover? – No, why would I not judge a book by what I’m using to buy it? (happy bass guitar) – That’s the whole premise behind this is that Costco has their own generic brand. – I heard Kirkland is surprisingly good. – I feel like all Kirkland
products are pretty tight. – I think I dated a girl that
wore Kirkland brand jeans. – Give me the alcohol. – Let’s get to smellin’. – Well two’s definitely darker. – Cheers. Ahh. – Oh you (bleep), you took your whole one. – It tastes like eggnog minus the egg. – It’s like honey. That is not Captain Morgan. – That’s not Captain Morgan. – Let’s try it. – Captain Morgan brings
back a lot of bad memories. – Two smells even sweeter. – It is even sweeter. – This packs more of a punch. – Yeah it tastes like a gingerbread man. – Yeah, like a drunk gingerbread man. – Number two, Costco, and
number one, Captain Morgan. – Well that’s what I said. – I think that’s the Captain Morgan because I would never drink
something that tasted like this. – Yeah, I agree. – And I’ve had Captain Morgan before. – Number two is Captain. – Two is Captain Morgan and one is Costco. – This one’s Costco?
– [Woman] What? – Damn it. – And I think is Costco. – My initial thought was that this was Captain Morgan,
but I’m gonna change it and say that this is
Costco and it’s a copycat. – [Voiceover] Ashly is correct. – Yay! – So this is the infamous,
Grey Goose has the same quality as the Costco Brand. – Mmmm. – Boop! – That went down pretty easy. – Uggh! – Like Kesha. (throat clearing) – ♫ I’m yellin’ timber ♫ – That’s like drinkin’ Alex
Mack if Alex Mack was a liquid. – Two, cheers. – Cheers. – This is incredibly smooth. – This one is smoother than the first one. – Aaach! – Two is slightly more palatable. – My lips burn. – One has got to be Grey Goose. It’s way fancier. – Yeah, it just feels like I should be on a rooftop veranda when I drink this, and this feels like maybe a
lower to the ground veranda. – Two is Goose. – I think one is Costco. – One is Grey Goose. – Two is Grey Goose, one is Costco. – Finally, we differ. – One is Costco, because all
the vodkas I drink at bars, which are the nicer
vodkas, make me go aach. – Two is Costco, one is Grey Goose and she’s saying the opposite. – [Voiceover] Two is Grey Goose. – Ahhh (laughs). – Damn it, Costco you failed me. – Stop wasting your money on this. – I’m not the biggest
Canadian whisky person, and honestly, I really
don’t like Crown Royal. (burps) (laughs) – Shot burps. – Hashtag shot burps. – No. – They look exactly the same, literally the same color, the same everything. – This is like dehydrated for
weeks in a desert pee color. (laughs) (burps) (laughs) – I think that’s the Crown Royal. – It’s kinda, vaguely smokey. – It’s kinda like maple-ey. – I know what it tastes like. – All right. It’s the taste of my unhappy childhood. – It’s like someone with whiskey breath talking really close to your face. – Yeah, what is that like? – No! – Okay, number two? – It’s very harsh. – Oh yeah, this is way harsher,
I only took half a sip. – No, number one is the better one. – I agree, number one
tastes like Crown Royal. – Two is Crown Royal and one is Costco. – I say the opposite, one is
Crown Royal, two is Costco. – This is the Crown Royal. – We agree on this. – [Voiceover] Number one is Crown Royal. – Nooo!
– (bleep) (laughing) – [Voiceover] Three, two, one, Costco. – Oh! – [Voiceover] Number two is Costco. – Yay! – You see? – Do we win a prize? Is the prize more shots? – Yeah, the whiskey was pretty great. I feel like the vodka was just so clean, it’s almost dangerous. – It was unbelievable. – Buy the vodka with caution because that, you’re going to have a party. – Yeah. (laughs) – Costco if you’re listening
right now, I believed in you. I felt like you would
be the superior liquor, when in fact– – Where were you? – Costco is living a life of luxury. – Being an elitist
about alcohol is stupid. Everybody’s trying to get
to the same finish line. We’re all trying to get (bleep) up. So whether you get there by walking, or you get there on a scooter, or you get there on a Segway, or you get there on a private jet, who gives a (bleep),
we’re all getting there.

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100 thoughts on “Costco Liquor Vs. Brand-Name Liquor Blind Taste Test

  1. The costco brand rum will f you up. It's smoother and much stronger than the Captain Morgans and its not easy to control what you pour. Kirkland Rum = 46% alcohol and 92 proof vs. Capt Morgan 35% and 70 proof

  2. Kirkland sources spirits, meaning they are getting alcohol from very well known and famous distilleries and putting their name on it. No wonder some of you got them mixed up 😉

  3. I've learned a long time ago the quality of the liquor makes a huge difference!! especially the next morning!! better quality boos won't make you as hung over!!

  4. so americans can get canadian whiskey from costco yet canadian costcos don't sell alcohol (at least i don't think so)

  5. Obviously these are California prices. Costco SWORE to us (in their home state) that if we de-privatized liquor, it would be cheaper. Instead, we have a $33 per gallon liquor tax, the highest in the country. A $15 bottle will run us…$25+?

  6. I work at Costco and I'm drinking the vodka right now and it's way better than Grey Goose. Goose is overrated. We also now sell Irish whiskey in the Pacific Northwest and it's good. It's no Jameson but I'm an alcoholic and I love it…

  7. So is Kirkland like California’s Wegmans ( I’m from PA/NY) A giant store where they sell a lil bit of everything?

  8. A) Should have purchased the 6 X Distilled Kirkland Vodka, its even smoother
    B) Should have done silver Patron vs Kirkland tequila, its off the hook

  9. That girl at the end is wrong. Cheaper liquors tend to make you feel more nauseous and give you worse hangovers, you get what you pay for.

  10. Hi there, Ex-Costco employee here.

    Costco liquors and wines aren't "generic".
    They are subsidized versions of already real liquors, Costco gets a discount for buying the liquor in bulk from the factory's surplus, and bottles it themselves, however, they cannot brand it as that liquor's brand, so you use Kirkland Signature.

    For example, Costco's tequila, was really Milagros (last I heard) for Blanco and Añejo.

    This was further confirmed by Kevin O'leary of Shark Tank which sold wine to Costco through his O'leary Wine label, to be bottled into Cabernet, Merlot and Zinfandel wines of Kirkland Signature.

  11. Kirkland is often better than the original brands of things. Like diapers and formulas and even lotions and soaps!😊

  12. A product can be made in the same factory by the same person as the name brand, but it can still vary slightly whether it was intentional (such as choosing a different recipe/variation) or as a byproduct for a lower price (a product that QC determined to not be as good as expected for the name brand, but still selling it at a reduced price to reduce losses).

    Costco has earned it's reputation with the Kirkland brand in getting products that are similar, if not better quality, than the name brand at a better value. Sometimes they do screw up and release a crap product. But most of the time, they hit it out of the park and have me not being ashamed of that Kirkland label. The white T-shirts are some of the best quality shirts I've ever had and are really affordable. Dog food is also great, undercutting a lot of "healthier" and expensive dog food brands.

  13. It was pretty much half and half on who was right/wrong every time. Which tells me that there was enough similarity or personal preference to make the price different pointless. I bet actual sommeliers could tell the difference, but I would say that if you are buying your booze at costco, just get kirkland.

  14. The Irish Cream is a steal at $14 for a large bottle. I pick one up every time I go there.
    I just got the XO cognac and will do a review.

  15. Kirkland liquor is top notch. I love the Canadian blended whiskey. It's better then crown royal. I hope they didn't discontinue it. It's been out of stock for a month as of 2-20-2019. Anyone??

  16. The Kirkland brand vodka here is ACTUALLY made by the same manufacturer of Grey Goose, in fact, Costco has a contract with them, sooooooo, of course it was difficult for them to tell the difference! LOLOLOLOLOL!

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