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31 thoughts on “Create A Text Logo Using Guides (as Grid) and Clipping Mask in Illustrator CC

  1. hey there i was amazed of you ability to make fantastic logos, to be honest you make it too simple wich is not,so what im asking is if u could make a logo for me based on my channel wich is a gaming channel, i have a great project that i want bring to youtube and my logo is just a pale animal wich is unprofessional, so please im begging u to help me

  2. Hello i need a personal logo and banner for my youtube channel FuS1oN97 infantry competitive player. And i need a Banner and Logo for my eSport clan his name is: eXiTuz eSports. How i can contact you? Send me a message

  3. for me not work same… fuck ur tutorial… 2.05 min … after with shift+m not delete what partion want… and i have last version AI

  4. When you start making first line of A i am not getting same result as yours i followed correctly please help

  5. helpful, but would have been even more helpful with audio explaining the steps because the resolution of the video on my screen isn't too clear so its hard to see details in the menu bar and the numbers you input.

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