Create new library and schematic symbols in TinyCAD

To make a new library in TinyCAD click the ‘Libraries’ button and
then the ‘New’ button. You will choose a location to
save the library. Then select it from the list
and click ‘Edit’. A new window will open. Right click and select ‘New symbol’. The editor is opened now. First of all let’s set the grid to normal. And draw the pins. You should draw the pins using the normal grid otherwise you will have troubles connecting them later in the schematic. I already placed two pins now I will draw the component body. I will use a finer grid to make adjustments. I will fill the part body with a gray color. I will remove the pin numbers by unchecking the relevant box. Now I will add some more pins so I’m switching back to the normal grid. To add a pin, simply click where you want it to be now I will draw some lines using the Polygon tool. To end a polygon simply right click where you want it to end and select Finish polygon. Now I want to make some arrow heads, so I will set the grid to a small value and draw some triangles which will be filled with black. Let’s also move this a bit. I will give some names to the pins and hide the numbers. For the relay symbol I’m drawing here the names are: NO – normal opened, COM for common, and NC for normal closed. That’s it. I can now save the symbol. For the reference I’m going to use ‘RL’. That’s it. The symbol is now added to the libraries. and I can use it in my schematics. For example, let’s open a new schematic First, I’ll go to normal grid Now in the left pane, in the new library that appeared I will also add a standard part from the library and here is my ‘test’ library with the symbol The wire connects perfectly to the pins. I can add a part value for my relay and move the references. by clicking and dragging them. That’s all!

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11 thoughts on “Create new library and schematic symbols in TinyCAD

  1. hey i created a symbol of the atmega328 for my standalone arduino project. When i tried to create a netlist it shows errors near the pins that are not connected and also the pin 19 which is connected to the led, it shows an error that there is no input to drive that pin. How should I counter this issue

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