CREATE Titles, Logo Reveals, End Screens & more EASY in Final Cut Pro X

today we’re gonna see how you can create
logo reveals transitions tilings side infos and lower thirds very easily in
Final Cut Pro 10 using the YouTuber pack from digital products 669 everybody and welcome back to another
Final Cut Pro 10 tutorial for those of you who are watching me for your first
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every time I post a new video I want to give a huge shout out to deter product
669 for sponsoring today’s episode and I have placed the link for you to get the
spike in the description of this video down below also if you’re more of an
Adobe user then I have placed a link in the description of this video down below
as well for the Adobe version of the youtuber pack now let’s go into Final
Cut Pro 10 and see what we can create very easily with this pack all right
first things first you have downloaded the YouTuber pack for Final Cut Pro 10
from digital products and how you’re gonna install it you Google seen in the
file that you see the folders for n screams logo reveal lower thirds siding
for n titles these five folders you’re gonna copy them into movies motion
templates and titles and the transitions you’re gonna place them into movies
motion templates and transitions simply as that a very simple process and let’s
go now into Final Cut Pro 10 and see them in the real action okay so we’re in
the Final Cut Pro 10 their face as you can see we have the typ end screens
Liguori fields lower thirds siding foreign titles into our title section
here in Final Cut Pro and let’s go into the logo reveal first let’s choose the
logo reveal 11 for example we click on it and we go
into the effects panel on the right and as you can see on the first option we
can make the adjustments that we want for colors of the logo of the background
of the text the save box and etc as you can see for example we can change the
logo let’s say to a nice light blue here we can make the first background into a nice light those will the second
1/2 and darker one and we can leave the the gradient into this purple now if you
don’t have the funds needed for the titles the logo reveals etc in the file
that you have to unload it here on the help documentation folder if you click
on the readme PDF you’re gonna find the link for all the necessary phones that
you need to download so let’s continue now we have placed the name on the text
holder and here where it says drop zone for the logo we’re gonna place our logo
so we go here we click here and we select simply by clicking the left click
but right now you see that you don’t see anything that’s because our logo is in a
black phone but as you can see here we will click on the apply clip and
everything is gonna work just fine simply as that we have a very nice intro
if you don’t have any intro for your videos your corporate videos or your
YouTube videos and as you can see we have 20 different options to choose for
the logo reveal let’s go now into the end screen so one of the things that a
lot of youtubers or a lot of creators they don’t want solve they don’t like to
spend much time to create is the end screen and it’s a very important aspect
of every video so let’s use for example the end screen
9 here we’re going to drag it in a timeline and in the inspector panel
again on the effects let’s move a little bit we will see that we can investigate
all the colors for example you change the color here let’s leave it to white
we can change you see on the bottom the like/comment/subscribe let’s put it the
purple one and you can either go here and select what element you want double
click on it and change the phone here or if you’re
in the inspector panel here you’ll see for example title one vid one right you
can change it to the title of the video title of video one then the second title
here title of video to what’s next you can write for example take these and by
clicking enter it’s gonna change the lines on your channel again you can go
from here or you can simply double click here so let’s say it’s on though again
and then as you’re moving down social media one is the Facebook and you write
whatever your tag is on needs of the social media and that’s it basically
that’s it and after you finish that and you’re ready to export your video the
only thing that you need to do next is enter the YouTube editor you’re gonna
place on the end screens the videos right here so you’re gonna have all the
border and the background to place your next videos that you want to promote on
your end screen of your YouTube video let’s continue now let’s say that we
have these footers of the tomato and we want to add a side info something that
you probably have seen in a lot of gear reviews so if you’re a youtuber that
does gear reviews this is something that you’re gonna love it so we go into our
titles again we go into the side info here we can see that we have ten
different site infos to choose from let’s go with this one decide info eight
work and drag it on top of our clip that we want decide info to appear and text
holder one it’s gonna be the title here this is a tomato and let’s say for
example what is a tomato tomato is the edible blah blah blah now
as we can see here in the inspector panel we can change all the parameters
of the text and the titles so for example we can scale all as you can see
here and we can change the position from here the x and y so it’s basically it’s
very familiar and similar for you who are working Final Cut Pro 10 on how we
can make any adjustments in the inspector panel also on the text holder
here we can change the scale here and of course change the x and y z to lift and
of course for the text holder too again we can say in the scale and as you can
see automatically it change the alignment and hyphenation so something
like this let’s say that we want to change the background to white and we
want to change the text to black text the color the first color is a tomato
let’s make it green and let’s play and see simply as that we have a side info
for our gear reviews or we want to make a note for something that we see in our
video now let’s go and see the titles we go into the titles the typ titles we
have 20 titles 20 different titles to choose from and let’s say that we will
go with the first one again we drag it and place it on top of our video and
again in the inspector panel we can change all the different parameters the
text of the title and the colors as you can see here of the title let’s do it
real quick John Doe presents
let’s Saints the yellow to the black one and boom title is ready you can’t even
imagine how easy it is to create titles logo revealing soul your lower thirds
let’s go and see a lower third okay we’ll go into titles and we go under
lower thirds folder we have 25 lower thirds to choose from and it’s going
select this one we go again to the inspector panel here we’ll change John
Doe perfect and follow us creates every day we can say in the scale here create
every day and if we want to move the whole lower third we can click here
click on transform and we can place it for example on the bottom right or the
bottom left or the top left here I believe it’s great and let’s go create
every day John Doe and of course we can go into the inspector panel again click
here and change all the colors to the colors that we want to have and now one
extra thing that he will get with this youtuber Park is transitions so you have
n screens you have logo reveals you have the lower thirds you have the side info
you have the titles and you have transitions you have 15 transitions to
choose from and you simply use them as you use decisions in Final Cut Pro Tem
let’s place one transition here coming up and of course you can change all the
parameters again and inspector panel instead of coming up you can place
whatever you want you can change the logo the background
and everything that you’ll see in these editions as you can see here we have the
logos that you can change and all the colors
very easy to use and very usable I hope you found this video helpful and if you
did don’t forget to hit that like button as it helps a lot to run this video and
if you have any questions about this part I’m waiting for them in the comment
section down below thank you so much for watching and I
will see you in the next video

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