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It is noon on Monday and the new mixtape just
launched. My name is Clark Dinnison and Noon Pacific
is a community-built record label on Patreon. So the core of it is actually our free weekly
mixtapes. For the past 5 years, it’s been one mixtape
every Monday at noon pacific time. Recently, we just launched New York and London. Being a creator today is an interesting time. It’s never been easier to create something,
but it’s also never been harder to get noticed in the sea of everyone creating cool things. I think it all comes down to just putting
your heart into it and being passionate about what you’re doing. Those types of creators will succeed. When I started Noon Pacific, I was straight
out of college, working for a tech startup learning how to code. It was the first website I actually ever built. It’s evolved so much since then — we launched
mobile apps, the website, and the record label, Noon Pacific for business curation. It’s provided a platform for a lot of the
artists that I love, and I think that’s the coolest part. A
traditional record label from the heydays and even some still currently is traditionally
an 80/20 split with 80% going to the record label. So we tried to flip the model on it’s head
and do an 80/20 split in the artist’s favor. It’s really hard with so much music these
days, with Spotify and all the major service providers.They need a channel that they can
get heard. People become members of the Noon Pacific
community (a patron of it) because they want to feel like they’re part of something in
the music industry that’s doing good for the artist. We brought Noon Pacific to Patreon because
it provided a way for us to stay community-built and community-driven without, really, selling
out. We never wanted to do the traditional investor
route and Patreon provided a scalable solution that made us stay organic and community-funded
and built. It provides capital for us to promote the
artists. It’s hard to run a record label without any
money and it has been a bootstrap project from the beginning. We’ve never purposefully taken investment
besides now from our patrons, so it provides a very tangible way for them to give money
directly to the artists we’re promoting. I don’t think I ever thought that Noon Pacific
would really be anything, but it’s turned into something really cool and powerful for
artists that I love. You get goosebumps when you push out a new
mixtape and all the sudden, an artist that you like is talking about you on social media
and emailing you. It makes you just want to do more of it and
help out the artists.

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4 thoughts on “Creator Tour with Noon Pacific | Independent Record Label

  1. This is so cool. Clark and Noon Pacific have been huge for me— cool to get an inside look (Clark your place looks dope!).

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