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Hi everybody, look, it’s Christmas. I have so many presents. Santa totally brought these, I definitely
did not spend an hour last night wrapping them all up just so I could rip off the paper
on camera. Why would you think that, that’s not a thing. I’m so happy to tell you guys that this video
is sponsored by the company that send me all of this stuff, which I’m going to open up
in just one second. Are you ready? Growing up, my family would always carefully
take off the paper and fold it up and reuse it. But you know what? This is my video now, I can rip off the paper
if I want to. This is a mother of a Christmas present. Can you imagine getting this giant box under
your tree on Christmas Day? It is the new Cricut Maker! I definitely just realized that this is the
back of the box. So um, one sec. There we go, it is the new Cricut Maker machine. I have so much to tell you about this and
I’m gonna open it all up in just a sec, but first, let’s see what else Cricut sent me. Aww, it’s so satisfying. Here we have the Cricut BrightPad, which is
for tracing, weeding, and more. This one is another pretty large box that
would be super exciting to get under your tree on Christmas morning. It is not the right side up. Ok, one sec. There we go, it is the Cricut EasyPress 2. I did too good of a job taping all of this
paper to these products. So here we have some Cricut cardstock for
use with a standard grip mat. And here we have the Cricut EasyPress Mat. Here we have a Cricut, uh this is, oh this
is vinyl. So this is vinyl that you can cut out on your
brand new Cricut Maker machine. When I was wrapping these up, I tried really
hard not to like really look at what anything was so that my reaction in this video could
be as honest as possible. Here we have more vinyl, this is a metallics
sampler, love me a good metallic. This one is an elegance sampler, fancy. And this one is the brights sampler. Oh I love this. Look at those colors. This is my aesthetic right here. Inside this is a scoring wheel combo pack. Inside this one is a knife blade. And finally, the very last thing, is a True
Control knife which looks like a craft knife made by Cricut. Very cool. I’m gonna get rid of all of this wrapping
paper and then start opening some of this stuff up. Alright, let’s see what you get inside this
thing. So you open it up, and then you open it up. This is a really nice box, super high quality
cardboard. We have a little box that says Let’s get started. To begin go to And in here we have materials for your first
project. So this is an envelope and inside, oh that’s
nice, they give you some sample supplies to try out. Cool so if you don’t have any of the, if you
only get this and you don’t buy any of the actual supplies, you can still try out a few
things and see how you like it. Then there’s a welcome book with lots of great
photos and lots of example projects. I’m definitely gonna have to read this start
to finish. And it looks like this is the cutting blade
so that comes right on top. And then underneath that it looks like you
get a marker and you also get a connector to connect it to your computer. After that we have a little bit of packaging. And then we’ve got the machine itself. Under that there is the power strip. And then on the side was the cutting mat. And it looks like you get two cutting mats. This one is for most materials and the pink
one is only for fabric. And, that’s everything that comes in the box. Oh it’s so pretty. Oh it’s so so pretty. It looks like this opens up, oh oh wow, oh
that was so fun, ok I need to do that again. Check this out, this opens up, and then that
just opens all on its own. Alright so I need to read the instruction
manual to find out how to set this up, but first I’m going to open everything else that
they sent me. So here is the BrightPad which looks like
a light box, it’s much more modern than the one that you’ve seen me use in other videos. And it says that you can do quick easy weeding. You can also trace things and you can do jewelry
on it. Amazingly versatile. It’s super thing, it’s a really flat light
box, there’s also an, it looks like an instruction manual and I assume there’s a charger underneath
here. Yup, oh wow, look at how beautiful that is. This really does look like I’m opening like
an iPhone. And then here we have the Cricut EasyPress
2. This is the speed of a heat press, the convenience
of an iron. So you set your temperature and time, then
you apply heat and gentle pressure, and then you can stick I guess vinyl onto fabric so
you can super easily make your own tshirts and things without bothering with an iron
that you have to kind of move all over the product. So in here you get your instruction manual
again. You also get a quick start guide. And you get a sample piece of vinyl which
is the Cricut logo that I guess you can iron onto whatever you want to try this thing out. Alright so this is what is looks like, it
has a handle here so you can really easily pick it up and press it down. And on the bottom it basically just looks
like a giant iron, but much larger. And there are only a couple buttons, so it
looks really easy to use. This is the EasyPress mat which perfectly
fits the size of the EasyPress. So you can get really nice transfers every
single time. It’s really squishy. It’s fun to just kind of hold and play with. Alright, my apartment literally looks like
Christmas morning right now. There is wrapping paper and packaging all
over the floor. But I realized I never really explained what
a Cricut is so if you don’t know, it is sort of like a printer but mix a printer with a
craft knife. So it has a blade on the, this is so fun,
I can’t get over this. On this little guy and so you feed the mat
through it, with fabric or paper or vinyl on it and you attach it to your computer and
then whatever design you tell the computer to tell the Cricut to cut out, it’ll cut super
intricate, beautiful designs. Way more precise than you could ever do by
hand with a craft knife. And this is the Cricut Maker, which would
definitely be an amazing gift to find under your tree on Christmas morning. They gave me a little cheat sheet of talking
points that I can tell you about. It cuts hundreds of materials from the most
delicate fabrics to paper and matboard and leather? You can cut leather on this thing? That is so cool. They have a sewing pattern library with hundreds
of patterns available to choose from. Which if you’ve ever had to like transfer
patterns onto fabric, it can be, definitely be a hassle. So with this you can just download the pattern
to your computer, cut it out from your fabric, and then start sewing super quickly. The ability to use your own designs, that
is number one in my book. It cuts everything that the Explore family
of machines can cut and more. It applies ten times the force of the Explore
Air machine, that sounds very intense. Oh and they also have a scoring wheel, so
you can score stuff as well as cutting it. Super handy. Alright, that’s everything that I wanted to
highlight about this machine. But if you’re not familiar with these machines,
I mean, I can tell you stuff about it all day long, but until you actually see the kinds
of things that it can make, it might still not really make sense about what it is. So I gathered ten of my favorite projects
that were made using the Cricut Maker and I’m gonna tell you about them right now. One of my favorite crafters is Sarah Hearts. She makes such beautiful stuff and she just
had the cutest baby and her baby announcement were actually these DIY luggage tags and she
cut the vinyl with a Cricut. This next one is from Club Crafted, I love
her blog, I love the way that she uses color, it’s really inspiring to me. And she actually used the Cricut to make a
stencil that she then spray painted over to make this gradient jar. So trying to cut all of those curved lines
with a craft knife would take forever but with the Cricut you just plug it into your
computer, set it go, and it does the whole thing for you. This one is super Christmassy, it is from
the blog Damask Love which I mean this video is also just me telling you about all the
blogs that I love. But she made these velvet and glitter stockings. Can you believe that this thing can cut through
velvet? Like, so many fabrics. Oh this one is beautiful. This is from Lia Griffith, it is a paper Christmas
wreath. And when I first saw it as a small thumbnail,
I thought she just cut a bunch of leaves and put them on an existing wreath, but no, every
single part of this wreath is made of paper. It is so delicate and gorgeous, and cutting
all of that out by hand would literally take days and days. This is another sewing project, so if you
want to get into sewing but you’re maybe not the most precise crafter, which is definitely
an issue that I have had in the past, you can make this little cosmetic bag. It’s from the blog Crafting in the Rain, and
once you get the hang of it, you can make these for literally all of your friends. This next one is a little bit meta. It is a dust cover and tool holder for the
Maker itself. You’re using the Maker to make a dust cover
for the Maker, I love it. It’s from the blog Jennifer Maker, and I love
craft supply organization, so this one was definitely right up my alley. So as you guys know, I love little simple
crafts that are really versatile, where you can stick it to a magnet or a thumbtack. This definitely fits that bill, it is a fabric
alphabet made by Amber Simmons. And she made it as a, like a kids, like a
kids toy, but I feel like if you used grown-up fabrics and a really nice color scheme, you
could totally use these for decoration around your home. And using the Cricut means that you get perfectly
cut out letters and you’re not sitting there with scissors trying to get every single line
perfect. You can just run it into the machine, let
the machine do the work. Alright next I have three projects from Something
Turquoise, which is a wedding DIY blog. And I am nowhere close to being married, but
I love everything about weddings and I love her blog. So she recently put up a project of making
personalized Starbucks cups, which hers are wedding themed, but they totally don’t have
to be wedding themed. You could just make this for yourself with
any text that you want. There’s also this doormat, which again does
not necessarily have to be wedding themed. And she shows how to use the Cricut to cut
an oversized stencil that’s bigger than the area that the Cricut can cut. And then since it’s Christmas time, these
are so cute, these little ornaments. Once again, they could be wedding themed,
or you could just the idea and you know, recreate your favorite outfits, something that’s really
special to you. As you can see, the theme through all of these
projects is that the possibilities are endless. So I would love to know in a comment right
down below, do you have a Cricut or any other die-cutting machine? What kinds of stuff do you like to make out
of it? What kind of projects would you like me to
make out of it? I feel like the Cricut is like this whole
subset of the DIY community that I just have not really dipped my toes in yet. But now that I have this machine, I can totally
get started, make some projects, see what I can come up with. So let me know what you want to see from me. I’m going to have links to all of the products
that I showed right down below, and I think that’s going to be everything. Thank you so much for watching, thank you
again to Cricut for sponsoring this video, and stay tuned for some more DIYs from me
very soon. I’ll see you all next time.

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63 thoughts on “Cricut Maker Unboxing + Top 10 Cricut DIY Projects! | @karenkavett

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