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My YouTube channel is AndrewSchrock and it focuses on me. It heavily focuses on skateboarding but everything in my life
that I think is entertaining is there on the channel. Funny fact: When it comes to
business and my YouTube channel I had no desire to start a business. I started getting comments, saying: “Hey, you should make shirts.”
“Hey, you should make skateboards.” I wasn’t against starting a business.
I just didn’t really have the honest desire. But I wanted to give
my audience what they wanted. So, when I started to see it being
more and more of a potential thing that could create revenue could get me somewhere
that I wanted to be in life that’s when I reached out to Brian Ambs and I was like, “Brian,
I need someone to run this with me.” We started the business
when we were in Andy’s mum’s basement. I grew up with the kid,
he’s my best friend. And we were able to move out
of the basement We moved into our first warehouse
and it was a very small warehouse and we only lasted
in that warehouse for maybe 8 months before we moved into a space
that was 4 times the size of it. It was at that point I realised
that this could actually be a thing. Early on, we were called Revenge Skateboards. But we hit a hiccup in the name, the people who had a trademark
for ‘Revenge’ said, “No, we want money.” So we were like, “We’ll just rebrand.” So, we had to just cease everything
and rebrand and come back as Revive. And we didn’t know how it was going to go. So, we hyped it up
as much as we could – we made it dramatic and then when we came back it was wildfire. I think that when we did make
that transition from Revenge to Revive, it felt way more real. Because I had full emotional investment
in it at that point, where I was there
for the birth of a brand new company. When I was coming up
with the branding of Revive I wanted simple and bold. Revive, it’s easy to say,
it’s easy to remember. The word ‘revive’ is very positive. There are no questions
on the spelling of ‘revive’. I have been wearing red shirts for 20+ years. That’s weird, I know,
only my wife knows why – there is a reason. And the red graphics
are very indicative of his style and the vibe that he puts out on his channel and so it translates
very nicely over to the YouTube space. Revive Skateboards
is essentially me, in the skateboard version. It just made sense, and sure enough,
the red decks – they sell better. So, when we make videos,
we have to keep up the same energy that you would see in the company
and the themes for the branding. To this day, Andy edits 95% of his videos. The brand that he has
is the way that he edits. I want it to be: exciting part, cut,
get to the next exciting part, cut and keep that machine going and you make the branding the same way,
the same vibe, the same feeling. The content drives the brand
and the brand drives the content. It’s this back-and-forth relationship. They work off of each other
and it’s very natural. The biggest thing about our brand
that helps the success of the company is that we let people in. When you watch our videos, you feel like you’re there
hanging out with us. And in response, it’s going to
make them want to support the brand. People started identifying
with the people that are behind the brand and once they started identifying with them
became emotionally invested in their lives. And they kind of wanted
to come along for the journey with us. And we showed them from the beginning
of the skateboard company with Revenge through the name change. They want to see you get out of the basement and move into a bigger warehouse and then build your own skate park. When they see that journey
and they’ve supported that along the way it’s almost as if
they feel like they’re a part of it and it makes you want to
come back for more. So, if someone were starting out,
seeing a potential business from YouTube I would say, do your homework,
ask questions and don’t give up. Andy and I joke all the time that we’re not very talented skateboarders
but we’re very stubborn skateboarders. You can try a trick 5 times and give up
or you can try 5,000 times eventually you’re going to do it
if you’re stubborn enough. You have to keep fighting
for your business, for your brand. For you.

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  9. First thing to do before creating videos. Define your brand, thank you Andrew! Your the man. U inspired me to make great videos.
    I'm excited all day to share fun and entertaining videos. Check me out my YouTube Channel guys! It's not that boring.

  10. Great video it's definitely inspired me to keep going with my strong branding and building my business on YouTube I just released my first batch of Merch my channel is only 5 weeks old so far I have build 322 subscribers I will be trying to get to 1000 with some competitions and prize giveaways of my Merch.

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