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created this series in order to make a space
for the design community to come together and talk
about the role of designers in crafting the future and
the potential for design to really make the
world a better place. SPEAKER 2: I think the power
of a good design system, in whatever form it’s in,
is really leveraging trust amongst the users. SPEAKER 3: What we’re
hoping is that this is going to kind of accelerate
all of your knowledge about how to really use AI and
machine learning as a medium, as a UXer, and to start to
influence the products as much as you can. SPEAKER 4: We’re
trying to believe that inclusion or
inclusive design is about believing
everyone is the same and homogeneity is the goal. It’s actually highlighting and
celebrating our differences. SPEAKER 5: We’re making a
lot of assumptions about, what is the right
theory about emotion? And so I’m going to talk
about just a few ways that I think we can
broaden our perspective on emotional design. SPEAKER 6: It’s not just about
a new wave of technology that’s assistance and AI and all this
stuff you can kind of have in your toolkit to design for. This is about deep humanity. This is about human rights. This is about ethics. This is about human potential. SPEAKER 7: Culture does inform
every part of our design practice. Look at some of those
tropes and stereotypes that might creep into
your work, and try to identify ways to
fight against that and to build a much more
multicultural and inclusive design practice. SPEAKER 8: I’m here today
to talk to you about what product visioning means,
especially using storytelling to really advance our
business strategy. SPEAKER 9: What’s your vision
of the world as it should be? But maybe more
importantly, I think we can all start by reflecting
on this question, which is essentially, what do you value?

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10 thoughts on “Design Is […] Trailer

  1. Design is not throwing half baked products at customers and see what sticks.

    Design is having consistency among your products and UI.

    Design is making things easier for customers and improvising not stepping back.

    Design is not having blinding white 100% bright boot animation.

    Design is sticking to blob emojis. (unless there is something better).

    Design is not having "the worst notch" ever on a phone with a chin.

    Design is not making glass back phones which breaks from table height.

    Design is not removing headphone jack after mocking Apple.

    Design is not going to settings to reduce volume of messages/ringtone while watching videos.

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