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100 thoughts on “Detox “Detoxification”: Portrait of a Queen | Logo

  1. Hearing Detox talk about Roxxxy makes me so sad. I feel Roxxxy has been treated unfairly by the fandom since AS2. It's not her fault her friends wouldn't send her home. And she always killed it on the runway.

  2. Oh wow I love how his sister supports him! I have a sister but we have a very strained relationship. She's extremely religious and never has fully accepted me being gay. I wish we were closer!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Detox Ana how real he is. What a talent and an amazing human being! Also how special it must be to share such a deep bond with your sister! I’m really glad that he has that. It’s so important to have someone in our lives who knows our inmost being and loves us just the same.

  4. Is that the green jacket at 0:26 the one Naomi Smalls wore when she won her lipsync to come rain or shine in all stars 4??

  5. one of my favorite girls from the race talented funny in a really nice way go Detox from New Zealand with love.

  6. I love these videos about these amazing queens and their journey's on the road, in their everyday life, and the outlook on their future. Please keep these series coming! We need these stories in our lives!

  7. Detox is honestly such an incredibly talented Queen and a beautiful person. Met him a few days ago at the Werq tour and he was so humble and kind. Will forever be proud and supportive.

  8. All I can say is I love you. You are my role model cause you are exactly who you are and I will never have that chance in my life to have that it's just not in my cards. The Lord has blessed you.

  9. Still crying after watching this thrice on three different occasions! 😭 Clearly one of my favorite drag race queen. ❤️ I'm happy that you are happy. 💃

  10. I met her this year. My first ever DragCon. She’s just an amazing person. Sweet and just a beautiful person.

  11. DETOX and RAVEN are the 2 most talented but somehow overlooked queens on RuPauls Drag Race. They both should have won.

  12. My favorite profile of a drag performer. So true and honest. The deep love and respect that he has for his sister. I can tell he has been working very hard his whole life. I've lost my father and two brothers so I can empathize.

    I cant believe hes only 27. Very mature, very intelligent and real. My deepest respect.

    Thank you to the producers and everyone who worked on this profile…. it was flawless and complete and well done.

    Thank you for showing us such a profound and revealing side of Detox. What an amazing person ❤❤❤

  13. You are and will always be an All Star. You are an iconic, amazing queen! And I’m so glad that you’re happy 💖💖

  14. CONFIDENCE. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Detox. She’s such a bad bitch and she knows it but it’s all good because she has a light hearted and welcoming personality you can tell she loves to crack jokes about herself and just wants to have a good fucking time

  15. She came to see our performance at #chezmaman in Brussels. Having Detox watching me performing was amazing and surreal. After she came to the dressing room to talk to us and she was so so so sweet! What a sweet artist so human! Love you Detox i wish all the best always ❤️

  16. Detox grew as a performer, but not as a person. So pathetic someone her age STILL feels the need to be petty against Jinx. Sad.

  17. As a gay man growing up in the 70's I never 'got' drag. Boy I do now. Where I grew up the men were men, expected to breed and produce and live unhappily for ever after…, and worked down the coal mines or in the shipyards… |No way was I gonna break a nail baby. I got out the day I left school. Gone never to return. And by the way – No I don't do drag either, I'm way too old and ugly for that now but I wish I had. It's hard work (obviously) and these gals have t a l e n t. I caught Detox in Cherry Pop and the outtakes at the end… they blow me away every bloody time. How they ever got that movie finished is beyond me. Yeah I like Detox the best. Love from the UK xxx

  18. Fix that nose you look like a penguin I'm 60 years old trans Latina from the Bronx and I look better than you this is Extravaganza power get together you got your body's on I'll do your tits and your nose professional

  19. you call children clowns drag queens are beautiful clowns and you're one of them a bunch of cross-dressers everybody's in the same boat

  20. When he said “I give myself at least 30 minutes to cry before getting ready…” 🤦‍♀️🤣 I felt that.

  21. I met her in Brussels when she came to Chez Maman she came to the dressing room and party with us! She was so kind and human! A real sweet heart! Bless you my dear! we love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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