Discourses on an Alien Sky #44 | Ancient Myths and Symbols: Identifying the Celestial Provocation

You’ve just entered the
theater of an alien sky. If the words and images seem strange
to you, there’s a reason for this. Our world was once a
vastly different place. To experience this won’t hurt you,
and there is nothing to fear. The Archetypes
Reconsidering the origins of world mythology It was perhaps 15 years ago that we
first used the phrase of “meeting of myth and science” to describe
The Thunderbolts Project. But now, as
we’re continuing to attract a crowd of newcomers, it seems
that a little background could be useful. My original inspiration for this work
came from the controversial theorist Immanuel Velikovsky and his 1950
bestseller ‘Worlds In Collision.’ It was that inspiration that provoked my own
lifelong investigation, which is focused on the origins of ancient myths and
symbols bringing to light hundreds of mythic archetypes and
connecting these patterns to extraordinary planetary
events in ancient times. In 1972, my brother Stephen
and I had published a special issue of the student journal Pensee
titled Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered. To our surprise, the
issue became a best-seller at local campus bookstores
encouraging us to advertise the publication internationally and
commit to a full series on Velikovsky. In the course of this series, in 1974, the
American Association for the Advancement of Science, the AAAS,
held a symposium on Velikovsky at its annual
meeting in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, I
submitted a proposal to Doubleday, the world’s largest
publisher at the time, for a book growing out of my own research,
the book to be called The Saturn Myth. My proposal included an
article I’d written, titled ‘Saturn the Polar Night Sun’ and I
included an outline of a comprehensive interpretation of ancient
myths and symbols. Starting with the Velikovskian
perspective, the article claimed that in ancient times Earth and Saturn were
joined in a unique planetary system unlike anything known today; and it
suggested that the vast world of ancient myths and symbols had its direct
inspiration in this human experience. To prepare for the task, I had learned
French and German enabling me to translate key sources
not available in English. I also acquired
a ground-floor knowledge of the Egyptian hieroglyphic
system without which no satisfactory interpretation of Egyptian mythic and
symbolic content would be possible, since my work would challenge virtually all
common understanding on this subject. Happily, the communication with Doubleday
led the company to offer me the largest advance they had ever given
to a previously unknown author. As for the rest of the story, completing
the book proved to be an endurance test beyond anything originally
anticipated, and yet, when Doubleday published The Saturn Myth
in late spring of 1980, I’d really only opened the door to the four
decades of study that followed. The Saturn Myth set
forth a radical idea. It claimed that every
ancient culture memorialized an extraordinary phase of
human history called ‘the age of the gods.’ Though the words could have a familiar
ring today, the historic meaning was lost many centuries ago and that meaning is
precisely what we’ve claimed to recover. For many years now, I’ve used the image seen
here as a ground floor referent in an uncompromising analysis of global
patterns, and I’ve claimed that every mythic theme since the emergence of the
great civilizations can be explained by what happened to these bodies. To which I’ve added, just as surely, the observation
that no archetype ever named has the slightest connection to any
natural experience today. The archetypes closest to the heart of the
reconstruction would include: memories of a primeval Sun before the
present Sun, remembered also as the father of creation, the
ancient celebration of this power as the celestial prototype of
kings, the enigmatic location of the primeval Sun at the celestial pole, the
center of the sky around which the heavens visually turned, the
unexplained identity of this primeval Sun as the planet
Saturn in the early astronomies, identity of this supreme god as
a fallen or displaced power. In fact, no description
of that earlier condition is more to the point
than that given by the Babylonian astronomer priest
Berosus, in the 3rd century BC. Berosus observed that in an earlier time the planets were,
quoting here, “so arranged in one row that a straight line may
pass through their spheres.” What a remarkable and
preposterous idea, a perfect and sustained planetary conjunction,
something never seen in our time. And yet a stunningly accurate description of
the ancient polar configuration, to which we’ve devoted priority attention
for more than 40 years. In the months
ahead, we intend to show that there was indeed a
myth-making phase of human history from which the full spectrum of
ancient ideas including hundreds of mythic and symbolic archetypes
arose, no coincidence involved. Our goal will be to expose the unified substructure to show that one
ancient experience recorded through a diversity of mythic interpretations reached
across every domain of commemorative activity. There’s a reason why we state our
conclusions with such confidence. Simply grant the reconstructed
events, and all well documented archetypes
become predictable. As strange as this
may seem, after the myth-making epoch no new archetypes
arose, not a single one. Now, that is
a critical fact. One that can force an
investigator to ask what set the myth-making epoch apart
from the era that followed? But now of course the implications should be clear, the
archetypes arose in response to extraordinary celestial provocations,
and nothing in today’s natural world would lead one to expect a single
archetype that has been named. For us, no prior cause
other than the dynamic and evolving polar configuration
will ever meet that test. In retrospect, it’s not
surprising that, month by month, new information has continually
expanded the picture. I say not surprising because
every ancient culture on Earth memorialized a
prior rule of towering gods. So as the underlying cross-cultural agreement stands out, the radical
contrast to today’s natural experience becomes progressively more obvious and
persuasive, including: the ancient identification of the Mother
Goddess as the planet Venus, the corresponding identity of the Venus
goddess as the luminous eye, heart and soul of the sovereign power, the hub of the Cosmic Wheel
and the animating outflow or radiance itself. Worldwide myths of a legendary
Warrior and Hero born from the Mother Goddess to vanquish chaos
monsters, global myths and symbols of the ancient conjunction or marriage of the
Mother Goddess and Warrior Hero, meaning of course Mars and Venus,
and finally the ancient memory that unifies the planetary traditions, the
memory so powerfully expressed by Berosus, of planets previously gathered
along a single axis. For several decades, I’ve described a system
episodically punctuated by planetary instability and world altering
disruptions, all occurring in an environment unlike anything
we experience today. It’s that contrast that
led me to encourage investigation by others, under
the obvious acid tests. For an independent researcher,
the tangible and concrete nature of the reconstruction will
leave no ambiguity as to implications. If the claimed events occurred,
what would you expect to find? And most critically, does the
reconstruction leave any recognized archetypes of world myth
and symbol unexplained? No other test than
this should be needed.

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80 thoughts on “Discourses on an Alien Sky #44 | Ancient Myths and Symbols: Identifying the Celestial Provocation

  1. I am in awe of the dedication you put toward your work.

    I’ve entertained it as mere fantasy as a kid, but I believe now, mainly through research and insights from sources like you, that much of our ancient, religious, and archaic symbolism is representative of cosmic spectacles that our ancient predecessors felt compelled to immortalize and incorporate into their myths.

  2. So happy this is in my life. 95% of media platforms discussing ‘science’ are simply preaching the good word of the SM and of the remaining 5% of the worlds alternative scientific offerings is 90% made up crackpots, lunatics, imbeciles and sensationalist, fear mongering doomsday sayers. Of the last 10% of alternative scientific sources, 99% are working on ‘creating’ the missing piece to the current puzzle that attempts to appease the established order while formulating their own little formulated ‘claim to fame’ such as the holographic universe, the 11 dimensions (which, during translation, somehow become independent universes separated by branes…)
    Then, somewhere in amongst all that mess, there are people/groups/channels/movements/theorists like this.
    Thank you Universe and thank you THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT. 🤝✌️

  3. Thunderbolts of the Gods – David Talbott & Wallace Thornhill

    Worlds in Collision – Immanuel Velikovsky

  4. Thank You Thunderbolts team! I never get tired of the ancient myths and petroglyphs that describe what humans experienced long ago = fascinating!

  5. Saturn is the old Sun.
    In our sky… It looks like a "Planet" or Heavenly Body. Start asking yourself… What is Our Sun going to look like as a New Heavenly Body in our sky?
    I could listen to Mr. Talbott speak all day. There is a kindness there that speaks to me.
    Love and Respect
    Come See… Keymaker is still making keys.

  6. Love peace and harmony to you and all on earth within and beyond mind body and soul now and and forever safe journeys infinity

  7. Thanks David for explaining more of our true natural history. Your work stands out as a new call amongst the echoes of a mis-informed past.

  8. A primary Tennent of The Nation of Islam, (yep, Louis Farrakhan's happy little group) is the "big wheel in the sky" appearing as some kind of omen.

  9. Always !!! And always !!.,!!…… I find myself wandering, why isn’t this taught in mainstream school ??…….

  10. This is the only world view of solar system formation that makes sense with historical observations.
    Thank you David and crew.

  11. Mr. Talbott, thank you for your extraordinary work. You have brought rational meaning to an incomprehensible past, and it celebrates the wonders that our ancestors experienced. I believe your work will continue to gain its rightful place as one of the greatest insights of the millennium. Please keep up this important and historic work!

  12. I wish you guys would read and comment on Thomas Chan's "The Adam and Eve Story", which the c i a dot g o v recently released under FOIA as a highy redacted copy (56 out of 243 pages) … after keeping it out of public view since its publication in the 70s. It easily explains the heating up of all planets now, the thinning of the magnetosphere, spiking Schumann, and magnetic pole drift ….

  13. Well done Dave Talbott, you have bridged the gap between the sciences and philosophies in a manner any layperson can understand and readily relate too. Keep up the good fight Thunderbolts & SAFIRE Teams.

  14. I wonder if the the polar regions of our sky, respective to our local Stellar body and at deep interstellar scales, could provide discernible ‘environmental’ altercations that may indicated potential, or impending, ‘energy’ fluctuations that may cause the supposedly, catastrophic and periodic composition changes our sun (and home planet) experiences as a result of these external fluctuations and/or influences.

    Are these current sheaths discernible by means of interaction and detection? If so, can this energy source/pathway be traced and modelled? Imagine this was a feasible process that allowed a picture of ‘energy’ flow at Galactic scales to slowly evolve.

    *U can stop reading now.
    Following is merely an irrelevant tangent, impossibly pondering the (my) perceived silhouette behind the curtain…

    Short story long…
    Does source ‘energy’ flow from the null point, ‘outwards’ along the equatorial plane and then back up to the polar regions or is it the other way round? Or is it both? And by ‘ ‘source’ energy, I do not necessarily mean the source of the flow of ‘electrons’ (In nature, ‘balance’ would mean the destruction of charge and motion, and balance being the logical driving force for all forms of ‘pressure’ equilibrium, this would make the ‘Anti’ source of ‘charge’ the true driving force of nature. Not the ‘High to Low’ Base Line Principle as we’ve been led to unconsciously accept but rather than ‘high’ or ‘low’ a neutral pressure being the ‘source’ energy of the universe…. Anything value outside this Universal/Local’s mean average, experiences, and/or achieves, a force/property/character/attribute proportionally etc etc, relevant to the relationship that specific point in space has with the surrounding medium (locality and magnitude wise.) and Universal average… Or ‘node’ point of some description if you will.

    Am I conveying my concept clearly enough? Is extremely hard to explain a simple concept in sufficient complexity in order to convey a meaningful sense of understanding when ones grasp on this, or any, simple concept (and the physics/terminology behind it) is not absolutely comprehensive in itself….

    You know what I mean? Lol?

    But in all seriousness. Neutral rather than ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ being the predominant force in nature has merit in my mind.
    Eg; if the sum total of ALL possible and potential charge and motion hypothetically was able to achieve a state of NEAR PERFECT equilibrium which then forms a Bose Einstein Condensate / Crystalline Solid type of state where all is as one and ‘energy’ is universally and equally shared in all points of space at once achieving a perfect state of balance.
    The energy ‘Well’…
    The spinning top that finally falls over and comes to rest.
    (And is now forever encased in ‘ice’)
    So even though the net energy is not 0, it is in perfect equilibrium, making ‘equilibrium’ a more primordial force than ‘absolute zero’


  15. nice try but not true , if many civilisation recorded it so the event it self was longer visible .
    also all the symbols with the bow shock around the planet point out to a other event , very poor presentation of the director of tunderbolts . he should point his eyes to the center of the galaxy ….

  16. Have any experiments recreated these shapes/structures, that were supposedly caused by the planetary alinement?

  17. It all makes perfect sense, and is the ONLY answer as to how and why our ancestors with out the aid NEWS PAPER, RADIO, T.V.'S or any modern communications devices, were able to tell the same story of an ALIEN SKY! From all corners of the 🌎 EARTH!! Across all language barrier!!! Through out 80% of the worlds cultures!!!! The same story is being told of an ALIEN SKY, and a ELECTRIC UNIVERSE. There is no doubt that this is 100% accurate research and discovery. It explains why Earth shares the same water compositions as Saturn's ice rings. It also explains a lot of mass extinctions and Biblical and historical catastrophic events. It fixes the mathematical problem that states, that Dinosaurs could not have existed, because they were to heavy for their skeletons to support their weight. The ALIEN SKY configuration would have undoubtedly altered our gravitational forces. Allowing Dinosaurs to live long and prosperous lives, and is also responsible for their mass extinction. The ALIEN SKY configuration answers these previously unanswered questions or inaccurately answer questions, better than any other mainstream theorized explanation. And will answer a whole lot more questions when applied to corresponding dates, circumstances and events in our history. Observation and research is the greatest scientific tool in our tool box. So observe the obvious the elegant simplicity of our ELECTRIC UNIVERSE is the 🔑 KEY to our future, because we are just a THUNDER BOLTS PROJECT in progress HA HA HA HA!!!!!! HAVE A TRULY ELECTRICAL DAY!!

  18. "You've just entered the theatre of an alien sky.If the words and images seem strange to you, there's a reason for this. Our world was once a vastly different place. To experience this won't hurt you, and there is nothing to fear." David Talbot, 'Discourses on an Alien Sky'.

  19. The universal knowledge of a prophesied world savior was formatted in the star signs (Gen 1.14), or zodiac, which was known in all ancient cultures with minor variations and increasing pagan distortions over time that became idolatry/star worship. The true purpose and intent was preserved by the ancient priesthood of Melchizedek and carried on through Abraham, a magi, who took the knowledge of Enoch into Egypt according to DSS. The true purpose of the star signs were fulfilled with the (wandering) star of Bethlehem, the planet Jupiter or Zedek the king planet and title of the Messiah, certifying this universal king to the world. This ancient star prophecy is the dominant driving force for all of human history and is carried on in the mystery religions (freemasonry) that runs the world. I have more information on my blog openthematrix linked atop my channel. See also the late Ernest L Martin's masterpiece, The Star that Astonished the World showing the messiah was born on Tishri 1 (Rosh Hashanah) 3 BCE or Sept 11 on the Gregorian calendar.

  20. I'm not only supporting this because of the magical inspiring content that your team creates with your videos. I support it because it's the best explanation of our past so far! Whether it's true or not, I want you TB to keep working on it and see if it could be true. If it's not, then we know. It's fine. At least you found a conclusion! And if you find out it's actually true, we all supporters can tell everyone that didn't believe in it: "Hah! I told you so!" Peace and freedom, Tim

  21. I have been watching you for a few months now, and all of this makes so much sense. I have always questioned whether science and religion are intertwined. After all, we are very intertwined with our solar system. We depend on it and it was our creation in one form or another. I've always believed that there was Merit to the Bible teachings, just not in the total literal sense. Everything they wrote about had to do with the environment in which they lived.

  22. This is my favorite series in the thunderbolts project, and what got me in the door (via things I'd read of pre-christian saturn cults everywhere ). Keep up the great work! Can't wait for the comprehensive version through 2020!!!

  23. I find many of the ideas of the Electric Universe Theory interesting, and much of it is plausible, but there is tremendous overconfidence in our ability to know what the ancient sky looked like. Interpreting cave drawings made thousands of years ago is far weaker evidence than anecdotal statements made by uneducated people walking the streets of our cities right now. The scientific method demands restraint and honesty, so one must preface any SPECULATION about our ancient sky as just one possibility. You are preaching it as fact, which is religion, not science.

  24. yeah, I notice that on the Bushcraft channels I watch, every year we have to do the basics again because there are 30,000 new people joining

  25. For many years I believed man and science was moving further and further from reality and the truth about our past. ThunderboltsProject changed all that, giving me back the belief that some men are on the right path to unlocking the secrets of our past, our surroundings, the sun. Recently Monty Child's blew me away with statistics about Safire. Was it 7% of input gave 100% output. That's incredible, congratulations. Thanks to David and Wal for never quitting. I only heard of you through Ben Davidson's Space wether channel about 4 years ago. And what a relief it's been to know you guys don't believe all the garbage that modern cosmologists want us to believe either. The magic of the big bang cracks me up. So again, thanks to all behind and in front of the camera. You've changed my life for the better.

  26. Greeting's ,Two questions. As stated in the video, the polar configuration was stable for some time HOW LONG? And two was an outside influence responsible for the disruption?
    Your work is making the rounds as a more plausible explanation than all the rest. be safe.

  27. Thank you David Talbott and the Thunderbolts team! So nice to hear your voice and the continuing quest for truth! Love!

  28. Although the 'linear polar configuration model' is compelling, I wonder why an equally attractive model (the Solaria Binaria model of Dr. Alfred de Grazia) is never mentioned, debated, or considered? And, where is any mention of Phaeton/Elektra in the polar configuration model, its 'explosion' (recorded in antiquity) and subsequent residual remnants forming the 'asteroid belt' between Mars and Jupiter? I and others are hopeful that a well-argued and documented exposition can clarify the pro's and con's of each of these 'models' of our 'relatively recent catastrophic past'.

  29. Not only do I love these talks and topics, I love to hear him speak. His voice and accent are so soothing to my ear.

  30. Is it possible that the destabilizing forces that caused the ancient polar configuration to deteriorate lasted for 1000s of years before Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn were finally separated from one-another? While the authors of the paper, "Mars Earth Wars," don't mention Saturn in their paper, they do subscribe to planetary catastrophism between Earth, Mars and Venus. It was this paper that lead me to research planetary catastrophism many years ago and I credit these authors for my discovery of the brilliant work done by Project Thunderbolts and the Electric Universe. http://www.creationism.org/patten/PattenMarsEarthWars/index.htm

  31. I absolutely love David Talbott.. When I heard he had a stroke a cried like a baby and was a nervous.. I was so happy when I finally heard him in a video.. ThunderboltsProject is too important because Electric Universe is the only true science field , and I listen to David's voice every night before bed.. Lightning Scarred Planet Mars is what converted me.. I love it soo much… Thank you for another great video!

  32. The polar alignement of the planets assumes that (like the ELECTRIC UNIVERSE MODEL proposes it) our actual understanding of Gravitation is wrong.
    Mass is function of the electrical potential of the objects in a system, and the gravitational constant G is not a constant.

  33. Am I understanding correctly that the rotating crescent would have been the result of the Saturnian system beginning to interact with the solar system, causing both the reflected crescent from Saturn as well as a more pronounced day/night pattern on earth, then eventually throwing the Venusian and Martian planets into chaos resulting in the “thunderbolts of the gods”?

    Ultimately, then, the stronger solar system ripped the Saturnian system apart, sorting our orbits as they are found today?

  34. See Dr. Alfred de Grazia's scholarly expositions on the topic of recent Solar System catastrophes. These follow along the lines of works by Immanuel Velikovsky, Donald Patten, and David Talbott, and provide evidence against the current dogma of Uniformitarianism.

    Chaos and Creation; The Lately Tortured Earth; Solaria Binaria; The Iron Age of Mars; Cosmic Heretics.

  35. Sometimes it looks like the American Indian buffalo costumes . Even some headdress look like some of the configurations Absolutely fascinating to listen and open our minds to new thoughts Love it

  36. The downvotes…
    We ALL know are religious nuts who think that their imaginary sky father made everything. Given religion is nothing more than a crutch for the pathetically feeble, is it also a given that those in religion just can't let go of poorly thought out dogma.

  37. Its really good to see that the discoures are still going on ,these discoures got me started in the Thunderbolts Projects.

  38. ⚡Question⚡
    Was the ancient sky Blue?

    I was reading the ancient writings of Homer and realized the absence of the color blue even in descriptions of the sky and water. Which are described as reddish in color.

    So, I then went to look at the ancient cave and petroglyphs to find absolutely nothing blue but perhaps this is a lack of available pigmentations for artistic use.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?

    In my quest to find answers I discovered an article by National Geographic about the color blue being missing from Homer's Tales and even Biblical history.

    it is said that the word blue is used 50 times in the ancient Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. But upon further investigating it's just a mistranslation. The Hebrew term for “blue” is tekelet which is sometimes translated as “purple” (Ezekiel 23:6) or “violet” (Jeremiah 10:9).

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