DIY cute organization labels, Easy tags, Hand letter, Fiskars punch, Ikea storage boxes

Hello there! I’m Smitha from the blog Smiling
Colors and we are DIY-ing today. I’m making some cute organization labels-
these are quick to make and look so pretty. I am using this Tag maker punch by Fiskars
and I am making my labels out of patterned paper instead of cardstock – and this pretty
box paper comes from the happy Day stack by DCWV I am using Tombows Dual brush pen, color no
158 and I am slowly hand lettering my words. I kept the punch on the side as a reference
to the size of the label. I am very new at lettering, but it is so addictive
I am having so much fun practicing and developing my own style Ok the stencil word that I wrote was a bit
too big for the label so I rewrote it. And I now I realize that I wrote the words
too close to make the label so I ended up rewriting them all again. Before I punch the label shape, I’m trimming
the paper and now I need to center the word in the label punch and press. I love this
pretty scalloped shape. I just repeat this with all four of the labels
I need. I have my craft supplies organized as inks, stamps, stencils and stuff. The stuff
box has all of the little embellishments, paper bits and all. Now this punch, also has an inbuilt eyelet
hole maker. You simply insert the tag in this slot in the side and punch on either side
of the tag. I’m just making sure that the tags fit on top of my box here and then I’m
punching out all the holes on either side of the labels. You can insert some ribbon in here or eyelets,
some brads anything of your choice. I’m just keeping it empty and that way the metal
from beneath will show through a bit. To adhere the labels, I’m using reposition
adhesive for now. I am not sure if this is the right set of labels and I might change
them in a few weeks. I will then use a permanent adhesive. To finish the labels- I am just rubbing off
the adhesive near the holes I punched and we are done. I love how these look- they are pretty and
yet useful. I recently reorganized my work space and these white boxes, which I bought
at ikea by the way, look great here. I have used this same punch in a previous
tutorial where I added the words with glitter alphabets- I will leave a link for that post
in the description box below. If you liked this video do give it a thumbs
up and let me know in the comments below if this is something you would try yourself!
What labels would you create for your craft room? As always thank you so much for watching my
videos. I appreciate your support so much. For more information stop by my website And hit subscribe if you don’t want to miss
any of my future video. Happy Crafting!

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5 thoughts on “DIY cute organization labels, Easy tags, Hand letter, Fiskars punch, Ikea storage boxes

  1. Love your lettering. I have the punch so will have to do this, I have a bunch of those buckets I picked up at a thrift shop now I know how I want to label them thanks to YOU

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