DIY Starbucks Costume | Baby Frappuccino + Mommy Mermaid Logo

Hey guys sup. It’s raven and if you know me you know I’m a little bit obsessed with Starbucks So this year for Ziyah’s first Halloween I wanted to do a [mommy-daughter] Starbucks themed costume So I am the mermaid from the Starbucks logo And she is a caramel frappuccino with whipped cream [these] are both pretty easy Diy costumes so first I’m going to show you how I made ziyah’s caramel Cappuccino costume, okay? So what better way [to] start a coffee themed diy than with actual coffee? So I’m just taking a plain white long-sleeve onesie [and] coffee dyeing it you basically [just] boil the onesie in a pot of boiling coffee to get the coffee color It’s really hard to find this color of a onesie in stores so it’s just a really good way to Customize it and not only will [ziya] look like a cup of [coffee] when she’s wearing it, but she’s going to smell like one Too so after that, I’m just taking some black puff paint and drawing on the signature Starbucks check boxes And I’m making it say that she is a frappuccino with the whipped cream And I’m writing her name on the [cup] as if she’s the one who ordered [it] So you’ll see that peaking out on the back of her But I also wanted to make a little cardboard cup holder so for that I’m using
Some [brown] felt and I’m just cutting it to the size [that] will fit around her stomach and using a few pieces to connect them Together to be long enough to go around her stomach plus some extra because I do want to add some pleats just to give that corrugated cardboard texture and for that I just use my sewing machine and added a few simple pleats and next I’m going to use some Velcro Just to make it really [easy] to take on and [off] of her you want this to be very easy and comfortable if it’s going To be for a baby, and then I left a space in the front middle of this piece [so] I can put the logo So I created my own little customized Starbucks logo on photoshop But of course you can just print out the regular one and glue it on for the whipped cream hat and collar I just used this really soft thick white fleece fabric and I cut it into strips There are about five inches in width and just as long as possible because I am going to be gathering it up to give that Fluffy whipped cream texture, I saw on pinterest a few people used tool for this effect But I felt like for a baby That would be kind of [and] uncomfortable, so that’s why I opted [for] this really soft fleece And I just used my sewing machine to do a gathering stitch [just] a really wide basting stitch and Gathered up one edge of it and Folded in half and glued it down to create this really thick full of the strip of fabric that I could then form into a crown basically And I measured it to fit around her head And then glued that together and then from there I can build up the little whipped-cream hat so I just repeated that same process and created a few smaller whipped-cream pieces and also used a piece of Glitter card stock paper and just simply rolled that up to create the signature green [Starbucks] straw and then I’m just stacking and layering these pieces and creating a little whipped cream swirl And I’m just using hot glue to connect everything and it basically just creates a hat that [goes] around her head So for the caramel drizzle that they [drizzled] on top of the whipped cream I’m using a piece of Ribbon And I’m just swirling that around and gluing it on and then I also sewed on a piece of elastic just to help it stay [on] her head, so yeah Those are basically the main steps on how I created this really soft comfy costume for Zayat So now for the mommies who want to match with their baby, but they don’t just want to wear like a barista costume I’m going to show you how I did the Starbucks mermaid logo costume and makeup so for the mermaid costume I’m going to making a mermaid skirt a striped shirt And I’m going to be doing a green wig so first for the stripes on the shirt I didn’t want to try and paint on stripes or draw on stripes, so I actually found this elastic Sequined Ribbon type stuff, but it’s actually stretchy. I got to add [Jo-ann’s] so what I’m doing is I’m just measuring it to the size of my wrist and my arm, and I just created eight total little bracelets And I just hot glued them together and they create little stretchy Bracelets that I can just slide [onto] my arm on top of just a plain white long-Sleeve T-shirt just to give that kind of effect of the tails of the mermaid and the logo Rather than doing an actual striped tail, I thought I could just hold my arms up and give that double tail effect So then to create the white crown I’m using some glitter card stock paper, and I’m just going to create a perfect star to start off with and to do that I printed out a picture of the star because there’s no way that I could freehand it so I’m just cutting this out on a regular printer [paper] first so I can use it as a stencil onto the glitter paper and Trace it that way I can cut out a perfect star from the glitter paper and then from there I’m just using a photo as Reference and just kind of pre handing the bottom portion of the crown with the little spikes And then I’m just leaving a space where I’m going to glue the star on and then kind of just eyeballing everything to where it’s going to fit around my head and Adding an extra little strap around the back with the paper To just create a full paper crown and if you wanted to make a quick mermaid skirt to complete your outfit It’s really easy to just trace a skirt that you already have I found this really cool stretchy mermaid scale fabric at Joanne’s And you can just create a really easy skirt by adding some Elastic for the [Waist] [band] and then creating a Gathered skirt to create the mermaid silhouette at the bottom But you could totally also just wear like some green leggings or something now on to the makeup So I basically just use the logo as kind of inspiration, but I pretty much just made it up as I went along First I just laid [down] my base with just my regular foundation and concealer Routine just to give me a nice flawless base to start off with and then I knew I wanted green eyebrows I felt like that was a main point from the logo So I’m just using this green gel liner To color in my eyebrows green and then I felt like for the rest of the makeup I just wanted to do all green and white shades So I’m basically just pulling every green and white makeup product that I own Whether it be an [eyeliner] or a gel cream or whatever? I really didn’t have [that] many products to work with but I did have a green liquid liner So I made sure to slap on a green and cat eye I think that really pulled it together and another major key is to bring these little Stripes down the sides of my nose because that is something. That’s the logo head So I just added some shadow with some [eyeshadow] and then I drew on these little stripes with the Green Eyeliner and of course you have to do falsies because it’s halloween [so] it’s time to break out your falsies if not any other day and I’m also just adding some dimension to my lower lash line and Adding some white eyeliner just to make it more dramatic and of course you have to have green lips because that is another Main point of the logo as well so then I also felt like I needed to Drench and drown myself and highlighter because I mean I’m a mermaid when else am I going to be able to put on this much? highlighter so I literally just piled on every single highlighter that I could find and make it as bright and pearlescent as Possible and I also made my contour really harsh too because like I said, I mean it’s Halloween so for the hair I bought this green synthetic wig from party [City], and they also had these little clip ins and they had them in a white So I added those to the sides to kind of give [that] striped effect that the logo has I wish I would have been able To wave the hair, but since it was synthetic obviously you can’t use heat on it, but yeah I think when you put everything together it still gives a pretty cool overall effect, and that’s pretty much it It’s a really easy costume so yeah, you guys hopefully you [liked] this video. Hopefully you [liked] this costume idea I mean, I didn’t make it up I saw it on Pinterest and a whole bunch of places But I kind of just put my own little spin on it and made it work for me and zayas until you guys liked it [I] think [Sia] looks, so Freaking cute and her little caramel frappucino costume and she thought it was pretty fun She thought the hat was so funny and she had a lot of fun wearing [game] We were doing the video shoot so even though. She’s not old enough to go trick-or-treating she’s still Gonna be super cute this Halloween and Match so yeah give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed [it], and I will see you guys in [my] next one. Bye Daya hey hey go

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