Do I Need to Hire a Trademark Attorney Near Me?

Hi everybody. I’m trademark attorney Josh Gerben, and welcome to episode 3 of Ask a Trademark Attorney. Today’s question is
“do I need to hire a trademark attorney near me?” And the answer is no. You can
hire a trademark attorney from anywhere in the United States to help with your
United States trademark application. Unlike other areas of law, trademark law
is federal in nature. This means that an attorney in Washington, D.C., like myself,
could help a client from California, from Washington state, from New England, from
Florida. We work with clients from all 50 states.
As matter of fact, we work with clients from multiple countries around the globe. But
your trademark attorney doesn’t have to be near you. The one instance where you
may want to have a trademark attorney in the same state or town that you’re in is
if you’re involved in federal litigation. In this case, the attorney that you hire
will need to be licensed and admitted to the particular court that your case is
in. But, if all you’re looking to do is conduct a trademark search and file a
trademark application, you are not required to hire a trademark attorney
near you. In today’s world, with phone and email, you really don’t need to be able
to walk into an attorney’s office and talk to them face-to-face. And in many
cases, keeping your communication to phone and email will keep your fees down when
you’re working with an attorney. For example, in our firm, we have a flat rate
service that clients can use if they’re willing to limit communication to phone
and email and do not require in-person meetings. That’s because we can
effectively deliver the legal services and do so in a much narrower scope of
time than if we’re taking in-person meetings. This keeps the fees down for
the client and keeps the work moving right along. Thank you for your question
and I’ll talk to you next time.

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