Do You Need a Mac as a Graphic Designer in 2016?

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100 thoughts on “Do You Need a Mac as a Graphic Designer in 2016?

  1. I love OS X but I was going to get a pc computer. however my school requires us to get a Mac laptop for iBooks in particularly. but in the end it comes down to what you like.

  2. You could always go into the file information and check to see if it's made using a certain OS. 😛 But if you're just looking at something then you won't be able to tell if it's from a pv or mac.

    However I personally think mac is better for getting work, with pc being better for entertainment such as games 🙂

  3. Very well said! I use an iMac for design at work and a PC for design at home. As long as I can download Adobe apps and they work without any problems, either one works for me.

    As a personal preference, I tend to enjoy using my PC much more as it is newer, has a Wacom tablet, and simply works where my work iMac constantly has problems.

  4. Great video. I've been a freelance designer for 12 years and have never owned a single Apple product. Not that I hate Macs or anything, I just can't justify their prices compared to similar specced PCs and portables.

  5. I remember when I was working for a publishing company back in 1996, we swore the moment that Adobe and Quark started making their products for PC, we were jumping over, because it was TOO DAMNED SLOW! Thank goodness, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to start my business if I only depended on a Mac.

  6. I am SO glad someone made this video. You know what you're talking about, Roberto. I find PC's incredible for design/illustration. I have both, and I actually find PC's better.

  7. @OmegaReviews The thing is, PCs built for games are going to be a lot better for any kind of visual work than most Macs, due to the graphics cards they have. If people can handle the extra bulk.

  8. Please do a video about how to get a Mac for less than $500. My goal for this year is to get a Mac and I am on a very limited budget. I am so glad I found your channel.

  9. I believe a lot of the reasoning behind needing a mac for graphic design is because when digital design first started up, a lot of the applications were only for macs, or Mac had the better features on the programs designed for the Mac vs the pc

  10. I agree, you don't NEED a Mac. I have one because it was included in my tuition package for school, and I had been using one before that because I simply prefer the user experience. I can work on a Windows machine just the same and you can surely get more for your money power-wise with a PC. I personally started using a Mac before school just because I liked using it better. I think the big argument between the two is silly and actually very limiting. I'm about to start a new job in a few weeks and my employer asked for a list of things I'd need to be successful. I listed my ideal Mac and also put a PC alternative as well so they could choose what best fit the company. In many areas of graphic design, being flexible and adaptable is a much more important asset.

  11. Usually, when discussing this topic, people take sides and stay with one or the other. Truth be told when you say mac, that's what it is, a mac, but when you say PC you are talking about Asus, Dell and Microsoft. So in effect, you're comparing apples and oranges.

  12. @Roberto Blake, great video and right on point. I used to be a die hard Mac power user and now I am a die hard PC power user, Windows 7, custom game rig and all and it flies! I got a PC mainly due to cost benefit, the low cost to build, and the ability to expand/upgrade affordably were big factors. Also I have found that there seems to be far more free or low cost software out there for the PC or Linux than for Mac OS, maybe that is my perception but so far it seems to be accurate. I still enjoy using a Mac, especially at work, but at home I have a desktop gaming pc that I use for web/graphics/animation/3D, and a Macbook Pro laptop that I hardly use…lol

  13. I could have a 4-core, a 6-core AND an 8-core
    PC for the cost of a MacIntrash…
    …and I do!
    Clients love it when they can play at doing their own editing, and I love that it doesn't have to interrupt my own work flow.
    To do that on Mac's — I'd still be paying for them.

  14. Great talk. I cut my teeth on PC. I still think the best OS Microsoft ever created was Windows 3.1. And, no, it doesn't really matter what you're using. If you're good, it'll show.
    That said, there is a definite sense of professionalism and 'getting there' as a designer in Apple.
    I can't quantify it except for this:
    After years of driving around, figuring out and fixing little problems with fonts and ram and drivers and things I was really annoyed at having to deal with, and vehemently defending what I had earned thru hours and hours of figuring stuff out… I bought a Mac.
    Not a new Mac, but a MAC. In that first week I realized I'd been shoveling coal into a furnace when I could have just turned the spigot to steam and had relatively smooth cruising.
    I have an old iMac and a year old Windows 10 laptop. The PC still provides me with a lot of wasted hours, even in 2016.
    You CAN be a great designer on a PC. There is no substitute for superior work.
    Given enough time you can also move the entire contents of your house to the other side of the State in a 15-year-old hatchback. If you have the time, that may be a sound economical decision. Or you could rent a truck. Better yet, rent a truck with automatic transmission, AC and a CD player because you're still gonna be in there a long time.

  15. Thanks for that. You reminded me that computers are just boxes the real designer is our heads. that's what we should be worried about.

  16. Desktop – Get a custom built PC. More bang for your buck, more customisable, can do more with it like Gaming, High-end 3D/CGI stuff etc.

    Laptop – Get a MacBook. Incredible build quality, performance is outstanding, looks beautiful, and can always be hooked up to a monitor to work just like a desktop.

  17. I think whether Mac or PC both of them could running design software, but designer's preferences are various.

    Pros using Mac :
    Mac has a "good-looking" design and simple OSX ecosystem also when it out of the box, you just simply turn it on to use it.

    Cons using Mac :
    Big agree with Roberto, in long terms use, you will be outdated if you using Mac (iMac/Macbook) because you can't upgrade the components. Using older version of Mac machines will decrease some performances (eg: older processor, graphic cards, etc) also Mac's products are too expensive for some people (eg:student)

    Pros using Windows PC :
    Windows PC could be powerful and it can't outdated because you will able to upgrade and installing hardware components as much as you like. You will able to upgrade RAM, Graphics Card, Processor to your motherboard. So you can running Adobe/Corel products more powerful without laggy in long terms use.

    Cons using Windows PC :
    you may getting tired to build and installing some capable hardware (beside installing windows, driver, etc)

    Those above are in my opinions. I were using Windows PC and Mac and it was awesome. Both of them has pros and cons which fulfilled each other 🙂

  18. I have used both, but I still feel the cost to quality ratio is off. A few custom machines I've built run circles around most stock pcs from Apple or Microsoft. I'll never forget the day my iMac blinked out like a light on me, right in the middle of a project, at just under 2 years old. I heard later that this was a common problem with the capacitors in that model, but I couldn't get anyone to repair it.

  19. Exactly i agree on the video but!!! why would you spend huge money just because it has an apple logo on it?You can setup an extremely powerful pc rig in whatever price range you take.Also pcs are more customizable in terms of anything.Final point is like you said,get the job done with whatever you like.Thats the main point.

  20. Ahh Roberto, I knew you had a video about macs, my current windows XP Dell just cant handle the editing im running through it, I usually have to render long 1080p vids down to 720p so the processor doesnt freeze. Im looking at Imacs now and Best Buy has the 21 inch for $999.00 Im tempted to get it but I know theres spec details for video editing that I need to get up to speed on. from your knowledge Roberto is the standar Imac ok or should I look into getting one with SSD drives and higher Ram? I know this isnt a simple question but any help is appreciated. thx

  21. I have a friend who who despite the cost will refuse to buy or purchase a PC, custom built or not.. My sisters long time BF is a video editor and he laughs at me for having a PC despite it being much more powerful and yet so inexpensive.. Both people think that if your going to be taken seriously YOU MUST GO APPLE.. I showed both a demonstration of Video rendering on my PC and it blew them both away.. However they still think I'm stupid for having a PC… Does this make any sense?

  22. Oculus CEO Said :  We’ll build for Apple if it ever releases a ‘good computer’

  23. Thanks for being true and saying it, like it is. As an IT person, I"m going to guess that most artist are not computer savvy and that is the reason they use mac products. Apple's user interface are more user friendly and more easily understood. Users are more limited to make custom changes that will have adverse affect. All software must be approved and filter by Apple to meet Apple standards. So mac users rely on Apple to filter out, and make decisions for users on what they can and can not do.

    Microsoft on the other hand is more open and allow a greater flexibility of software on the platform. This has more potential for adverse affects, but gives users more choices. Most people these days don't know. These differences between Apple and Microsoft extends from the 1990s. The 90s was a period of digital/internet emerge and heavy usage of computers. If you do you research, you will realize that Apple lost the battle the company went under. Microsoft realize the benefits of competition and bailed out Apple. Microsoft realize Apple filled a nitch in the market they could never fill. Apple would not be here today without Microsoft.

    Funny, Apple is still doing the same thing they did in the 90's. Here's a quote from wiki "Apple products had become overpriced and uninspired; the majority of the product line consisted of indistinct rehashes of the 1984 Macintosh, with relatively minor improvements. Competing products beat the Macintosh in performance in almost every dimension save style, typically at a significantly lower price."

  24. My opinion is never buy a mac for hardware just don't they are overpriced pieces of junk when talking about performance.
    I always prefer to build a pc like mine i7 6700k, amd r9 390x , 64gb ram, intel nvme ssd for less as 2000 euro and you'll have tripple the performance of a mac pro which btw is running on almost 4 year old hardware

  25. Hey Roberto! What tools are available exclusively on Mac? I thought there was parody between the 2 computing worlds of design. Personally I like the Surface Pro line for my daily driver just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work. Your vids are inspiring and I have incorporated a number of ideas into my design life!

  26. wow!! such a great video!
    I have one Q: I'm beginner and going to learn Computer Science. first Python then Ruby and then JavaScript or C++ !

    what do you think should I get Windows or Mac?
    again, I don't have any huge projects. just for learning purpose. Mac is unix based, it'll really help me?

  27. I honestly can build a PC in the future that might be AMD or maybe intel with a good 300 or 400 dollar gpu that has 4k support, a powerful cpu for around 200 or 300, DDR4 ram, 600 Watt or 700 watt PSU, SSD/HD and a good PC case for around 700 or 1G and I can find a way to install IOS, Linux and hell.. even Windows 10.

  28. Hi, I did some research on PC vs. Mac and found your channel. I just started Graphic Design school and there's been a huge discussion on the topic and we'll have an evening with the parents getting involved as well.
    I've been running CS6 on my laptop for a while now and it works perfectly fine for me so I was quite anxious because people were talking about needding a new Mac for the school (which I find exaggerated).
    Just wanted to say your videos concerning the topic really helped me 🙂

  29. On point, Mr. Blake. At college, kids had all kinds of machines. I had an iMac. But my school forced me to get a laptop because we got rid of the school computers and replaced them with open space labs. The one they wanted us to buy, with the dedicated graphics card, was $3800 AUD. So, I couldn't justify paying off the cost, so I went with a gaming laptop. My laptop has really good hardware. And eats everything for breakfast. I now have a job, working in graphic design. And we use OS X, everyday. Buy what you can afford, and make sure you can design. That's the most important part. If you have enough turnover, you can claim back a Mac with you business. But, otherwise… just buy what you can afford, and make sure you get the best looking PC monitor you can find for colour accuracy.

  30. i purchased a 2009 mac pro tower. Stuck a raid card so all the drives are SATA 3 for SSDS, Ued the ram to 64 and changed the cpus to 3.3ghz. There are 2 of them. I have no issues running the most complex stuff. Cost? In total $600. Go figure Apple.

  31. Macs are great for people that like to brag about paying too much for nearly obsolete hardware (I'm looking right at you, iMac).

  32. The only reason why i bought a (used) macbook pro retina is for final cut pro x… otherwise i would build myself a great desktop …

  33. Hi. Wht is the best laptop for Interior design student? I mean..I need to use CAD, Sketch up, photoshop and other software too. So..wht do you think I should buy? Thnks! 😊

  34. I need to show this to my dad, cuz I'm about to start graphic design classes in college, and I want a Windows laptop. But my dad is saying Mac is better, and the classes are gonna use macs, so I should get a Mac. Pricewise, I don't want to spend a lot of money on this laptop, since I really just want something to get me through school, but my dad says I should get a used one… I don't want a used computer though. I want it new, with all the best specs that $600 can buy. And I've talked to at least 3 people in the computer store and they all recommended a Windows computer. On top of that, I always liked Windows computers. I've used Mac computers before (not for anything serious, just web surfing and stuff) and it felt weird. And honestly, I don't wanna be trying to learn graphic design and a new OS at the same time… I dunno

    But this was really helpful. Thanks 🙂

  35. Until Adobe XD gets better, the only real UI design option is Sketch which can only work on mac because of how it uses the system natively to get better memory allotment. People should know.

  36. Hi Roberto, I hope you can help me, I study Computer Science and I want to buy a laptop for programming and also graphic design.
    I really dont like spending money in things I dont need (I prefer having money for food) but I really want to make a investment for the years I am going to study.
    I was seeing a HP pavilion for £450 but I dont know if buying a macbook, thank you

  37. One time in class, we were using Macs and our teacher was trying to troubleshoot a students problem, and he said "I moment I need to go use a real computer" and walked over to the PC lab.

  38. I'm a graphic design student and I was debating whether I should buy a new laptop (Mac). I have a Dell Inspiron 15 and I compared my laptop to other lists of laptops recommended for graphic design. I watched your videos (I immediately subscribed) and the ones that discussed Mac v PC. I made the decision that I really don't need to buy a MacBook, they're expensive. I even thought I needed MacBook. My question is (unless you have a video on about it) there a PC that is efficient enough that is inexpensive and able to use the programs needed for graphic design? Also, should I just keep my Dell laptop? I know there are laptops in the market but I want your opinion. (Sorry for the long post).

  39. I was willing to switch back to pcs after 10-15 years of mac, …

    but my tech friends told me pc tens to crash more and have more updates bugs that makes them less last standing on the long run

    like, i need to change my imac, cuz its old & slow but its still kicking, bu bugs, no crashes, no viruses that i'm aware of, it's 7 years old. So now I don't know what to do…

    also i'm used to the os, don't know how I would handle a switch and relearn of windows.

    Also heard you can't just delete an app like on mac when you put in trash.. and other things that makes it easier. What's your take on that.

    Also what's your take on the new surface studio ? That the thing that made me wanna switch for the first time in over a decade. But then the pen not being as good, and i don't know about touch, and the dial ones't seems to have that many option, it may be better for the moment to wait for the second gen, and get a cintiq qhd 27. What do you think ?

  40. I'm looking into a graphic design program and they seem to require you to take an introduction to Mac class. Hopefully they just have them at the school cuz I sure as shit don't have the money to buy one at this point in my life.

  41. The problem is, in my class, everyone has laptops, to work, and almost everyone has problems with the laptops, except the one guy that own the macbook air ( I study graphic design) to me they look more reliable, I paid 800 € for my laptop and know its almost in 1000€ because some windows problems and errors

  42. I say if you already own a 2014 or 2015 MBP there's no need to upgrade unless you choose to. Otherwise those two are honestly the best, not the fastest disk wise, but they have great performance and because the 2014 MBP has an Nvidia card, the CUDA drivers in premier pro provide amazing performance boost.

  43. hey Roberto I was wondering does it still make sense to get a Macbook Pro (2012) as a new graphic designer on the scene with a budget? i cant afford a Pro Retina just yet. I would really like your opinion.

  44. First time coming across your videos because I was perusing youtube to hear opinions such as yours and you basically put all the mental pacing back and forth to rest with this video in less than 5 minutes. thanks so much, man!! Liked and Subscribed!

  45. From my experience all professionals are better off with a Mac. It's not because there is something magical or special about Macs, but because I've found Macs to be far more stable and reliable than any Windows PC I've ever used. That's important for normal, everyday users but even more important for professionals.

  46. When you are in your design software (like photoshop), how your laptop brand can help u to become a better designer? They're just operating systems. Apple is great stuff but wherever u see a bitten 🍎 logo it means: please bend a little more so we can…
    Don't let the advertisements disease your mind. Choose wise

  47. I use a 2006 Mac Pro I just got. Maxed out everything and installed elcapitan . Runs very fast and reliable. All for just under £500 🙂

  48. Everyone says that mac X gives you a real color representation of the design for prints etc.? what do you think about that ?

  49. After using both, I do prefer PC just because I play games, thats it, theres literally no difference in workflow, or work quality, or anything really

  50. Hey guys. I'm botch a web developer and a web designer. Meaning I code a lot, but also design a lot in Photoshop and Illustrator. I've been usin Axure for protyping and stuff but would love to get my hands on Sketch.

    Anyway, I'm gonna buy a new computer. Don't know if I should choose PC or iMAC. oh, also I'm a gamer, but exclusivly on console, not interested in pc gaming that much so I really do not care if it has the most awesome graphics cards.

    Recommendations? Thanks 🙂

  51. Hi, I’m doing research for a new desktop (I have a 12 year old iMac) and I found your video really helpful. I have limited funds so I can’t really afford a new one so I’m more confident about making the right decision now.

    I also saw this uploaded on another channel. Here’s the link

  52. i fear that i need a mac because colleges seem to only teach on macs. Makes me fear that the industry need one.

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