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84 thoughts on “DOLLAR TREE FOOD vs NAME BRAND FOOD | Mar

  1. Welcome to the grocery store

    Here take a shopping cart

    Fruit section

    Veggie section

    Dinner section 🌭🍔🍟🌯🌮🍜🥟🍝🍛🍲🥗🍕

    Dessert section

    Breakfast section

    Drink section

    Check out

    Comment 💵or💳
    To check out
    And if you want comment what you bought at the grocery store

  2. I dont get your videos. I'm like about to have a seizure from all these video edits. Every 3 seconds you apply some filter or effect on the video. Its not about the actual content of the video. Its about your dumb video editing and personality.

  3. I’m literally eating popcorn right now XD
    I went out to buy a bottle of valentina just to eat popcorn, cause I don’t really like popcorn by it’s self

  4. I just had the best idea to uu should doa video on putting black pepper and salt on things that shouldn't have salt and pepper like fruits and stuff.

  5. everyone says that hazelnut spread and the trader joes version of things aren't the same but my mom works at trader joes and said that its the same but brands will take it and change the packaging with permission lol

  6. For the mac-n-cheese you put to the side, you got the wrong box to compare it to. It compares to the the Kraft Deluxe, not the normal Kraft.

  7. I don't have a toaster either, but I do pop them bad boys into the microwave for between 30-35 seconds and it's good and way better warmed up. either way.

  8. So you were too lazy to cook the mac n cheese? Same girl! S A M E. Btw i knew them off brand potato chips had to have been dry as damn sandpaper dead asf

  9. Interesting video. I'm a disaster response officer for a local Church, and I advise my members to save money at Dollar Tree Stores all the time. One thing I did notice is that with their soup products, there is slightly less actual food content as opposed to the name brand soups. the weight is the same because the dollar tree soups have more WATER content. The difference is NOT huge, but it is noticeable.
    Nonetheless, if you're financially challenged like most of us these days, Dollar Tree is a great place to stock up on canned goods.
    DO NOT SHOP AT A DOLLAR STORE. In my opinion, they deliberately gave it that name to TRICK customers into entering the place. Sadly, on a recent road trip, I had a minor emergency and needed a few things ASAP, so I popped into a DOLLAR STORE, thinking "everything's a buck like the DOLLAR TREE- I got ripped big time!
    People; go to the DOLLAR TREE, and stay away from the DOLLAR STORE!

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