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23 thoughts on “DOMINATE The Logo Design Sector in 2020! (LOGO TIPS)

  1. ​I'm not going to be here for the premiere, but you cannot skip the video the first time around, after it has finished, you can re-watch it and revise the details and learning points 😃

  2. Always great advice brother I always take your tips and apply them to my design career. One of my biggest takeaways from you still to this day is milanote thank you brother for all your help!

  3. Hi, great advice. Many times we have to persuade our clients in writing instead of a face to face meeting, specially in the case of international clients. Can you please give a sample as to how we can creatively present our logo concepts in written form?

  4. I used to avoid illustrator for my design work . But I m gonna start research n learn more about it from u. Thank again 😊👍 my great sensei.

  5. Satori, do you make your own videos? Like edit and create the graphics for them? If so, your editing skills are dope!!

  6. Hi, I need to know is there app or tool adobe package provides to manage project like , Clickup etc.?? ….. and which tool you use for that?

  7. I like that u bring up tips u talked about in past to newer videos w/ new stuff, makes the understanding/learning much easier to always remember & keep in mind

  8. Realmente, é um prazer assistir ao vídeo que, além do visual, traz conceitos, princípios fundamentais para qualquer criação!!!! Muito obrigada!!!!

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