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Welcome to Kickstart where you get to see
new products here at AutomationDirect. Today I am going to show you some of our newest
tools for wiring solutions that will save you time and
frustration! The new Dymo label makers and accessories. AutomationDirect now offers two new Dymo labelers, the XTL 300 and the XTL 500, several accessories
and dozens of label cartridges. Both the XTL 300 and the XTL 500 are both hand
held labelers and both labelers can be connected to your PC for ease
of programming and for adding additional graphics by
using the FREE Dymo ID configuration software. Both printers have color TFT displays and
have impact resistant rubber bumpers and wipe clean keypads are great for industrial use and on the job labeling. The labelers are sold in kits and come with
these nice carry cases, AC power adapter for charging
or operating from 120 volts AC, a programming USB
cable and labels. We offer replaceable lithium batteries and
replacement cutter mechanisms. The XTL 300 is a smaller, lighter system that
is great for on the go or on the job site label making with
printing of up to 1-inch wide labels. The XTL 500 offers a touch screen, more features
and the ability to print up to 2 and 1/8-inch wide labels. Both are UL recognized and CE certified. Labels come in all purpose vinyl, flat labels
for panels, toolboxes and more, flexible cable wraps, heat
shrink tube, laminated wire cable wrap labels for wire and cable, pre-sized labels and pre-sized
safety/right to know labels. These labels are available in a variety of
colors and sizes and are designed for use in industrial environments. With preloaded label templates, you can create
labels quickly. Don’t forget, the FREE Dymo
configuration software for your PC allows you to connect to your PC and transfer labels
to and from the DYMO ID software or import graphics and custom
graphics, and you can even do batch printing from a
spreadsheet. Both labelers support barcode types and offer
300DPI print resolution. Other accessories include self laminating
sheet labels that can be printed in your laser or inkjet
printers. Dymo offers a 3-year warranty on the label
makers and 1-year warranty on the label cartridges. Don’t
forget about our AutomationDirect 30-day money back guarantee! You can find the specs for these new Dymo
labelers and accessories on our website at: www.automationdirect.com
Check back with us often on AutomationDirect’s websites or on Youtube.com/Automationdirect
for more Kickstart videos. If you are watching us on YouTube, please
let us know what you think about these new Dymo label makers or how you plan
to use them in your next application by dropping us a
comment down below. If you have any questions about using AutomationDirect
products, please contact AutomationDirect’s free award-winning support team during regular
business hours. They will be happy to help. Click on this short video to learn more about
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