Easy-Off Tailgate | How To | 2020 Ram Classic 1500

[music playing] Removing the tailgate from your truck bed
is about as simple as it gets, with the Easy-Off Tailgate feature. First, you’ll need to
have the following items ready: – the chassis plug and bracket,
– the tailgate plug, – and, a roll of masking or duct tape. Open the tailgate and look for the connector
bracket on the rear sill. Remove it by pushing the locking tab inward. Next, push in the
tab on the chassis wiring harness to disconnect it, and make sure the connector bracket doesn’t
fall into the sill. Connect the chassis plug and bracket to the
chassis wiring harness, then insert the bracket into the sill. Connect the tailgate plug to
the tailgate wiring harness so the terminals don’t corrode when the tailgate is stored
for longer periods of time. Now, tape the tailgate harness and bracket
to the surface of the tailgate to prevent damage during storage or reinstallation. For the next part, it’s best to have another
person on hand to assist. Unlatch and remove the support cables by releasing them from
the pivots, one side at a time. Position the tailgate on a 45 degree angle, and then lift
the right side until the pivot clears the hanger bracket. Then, tilt the tailgate forward
– to a more upright position – and slide it to the right to free the left side pivot.
Finally, remove the tailgate from the vehicle, and store it in a safe location. Do not carry
it loose in the pickup bed. Keep in mind, the backup camera will not function
when the tailgate is removed. To reattach the tailgate, start with the left
side in the upright position, slide the right side onto the hanger bracket at a 45 degree
angle, and then reattach the support cables to the pivots.
Remove the tape and plug from the from the tailgate wiring harness… remove the plug
and bracket from the chassis wiring harness… reconnect the two harnesses, snap the bracket
back into place, and store the plugs in the glove compartment. Your tailgate is back on,
the backup camera will work, and you’re back in business. This video is not intended to take the place
of your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety information, please
see your Owner’s Information.

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