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The brand book or brand style guide should be the bible of your company. So, when designing one you need to make sure it represents your brand 100%. Let’s dig deeper into what it takes to build a brand book from scratch. Whether you have different people in your organization working in the finance department, design, or customer service, a brand style guide helps you maintain consistency all throughout your company. Before you think about making your own brand book, you need to know your brand: its mission, core values, and target audience. There are some major elements to include in your brand style guide. Start with your brand’s story. It’s of major importance for every new employee to know about your company’s story and history. Make sure to thoroughly analyze what you can and cannot share with everyone. When it comes to visual guidelines, think about including the way your logo and overall design should look, the kind of typography designers can use, the color palette (color codes included) and photography style. It’s very important to show ways in which your visual communication could be altered as negative examples. Same goes for written communication. Writing style doesn’t always jump to mind when thinking of brand identity, but brand voice strongly affects how your audience feels about you. Think about 3-5 adjectives that best describe your brand personality. Give some examples of how your brand will communicate on different mediums like e-mail or social media. While for some brands it makes total sense to communicate in a corporate, formal tone of voice, for others it may be logical to have more of a friendly, casual style. It all depends on the business. When designing your brand style guide, make sure it reflects your branding. Also, don’t forget that a brand is a living document. While your organization will grow and develop, it only makes sense for you to update it once a year. Developing your own brand book will help you share your company’s story with the entire world. So, make sure you take your time to build an efficient, good looking brand book and a set of rules that will be respected by everyone working in your organization. As a final thought, remember that Flipsnack would make a great home for your brand books!

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