Ebay Reprint a Shipping Label or Void Printed Label and get a Refund (2019)

EECOM squeeze quick tips from retail outsource in this step I’m going to show you how to cancel a printed label on eBay there are a few reasons why you might have to cancel a label the address might be wrong or there might be some error in the postcode or even you’ve chosen the wrong postal carrier either ways if you have to cancel a printed label you can do it you need to first go to your seller hub so to reach your seller hub you can go to my eBay and choose selling once you hit selling you will the seller hub pops up then you go to orders all orders you can see the list of orders which are pending down here you can choose the order which you require in this case I’m going to choose this one so I need to click on the postage labels right here and once I click that you will have the details coming in and I can you can see the date of the item of put across the details and which postage carrier have used the tracking number and I can either choose to reprint it or go to more actions and void it so once I hit void it renders it void it will not go in so it might take a few days for the money to come back the postal charge but remember you can only do it in the first three days because after that this item would not be there alright thank you you

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