EBay shipping label print with Royal Mail pay postage with Paypal (2019)

welcome to ecom’s squeezed quick tips from retail outsource in this step I’m going to show you how to print a shipping label on eBay UK to print a shipping label you need to go to your seller hub or it’s my hub you need to go to ebay and then go to your seller hub in the seller hub you can see on the tasks section just above there you can see a waiting dispatch it says one and all the tasks you can see print labels and post click on it and the new screen pops up on the new screen you can see a waiting dispatch in that you can see the knob the item as well as the details down there de briare by RIT you need to click on print postage label once you click on the print postage label it opens up the postage page so once that page comes in you can check into the details you would know the buyer expects your item five days from now so you do have time to send this item and check the details down there and then you can either use shuttle that’s why my Hermes or Royal Mail in this case I’m using Royal Mail it’s cheaper convenient and better so in Royal Mail you need to precise for it when I put hundred grams 100 grams so you just make sure that you put the gram first and then having the hundred there or also to not come in properly so 100 and since it’s a book and we’ll put it as a large letter once I put that I will get the postage options so I’m going to use second-class Royal Mail which also has tracking so it I can see the price of it it is 83 pence so it’s cheap and good so once I set these things I need to go and accept and agree the conditions and confirm and pay once I click that you can click on open label and once you click on open label you’ll have the print option you can just print the label once you print it you can simply go to your eBay and I can show you how it works so go to ebay and in the meanwhile you can see the tracking has already been shown down there see the tracking is shown here once you reach to your eBay seller hub you can go to orders all orders and it populates up the item with the tracking number there if there is any issues with the item for example if there’s not just laws or something you can always change it in within a few days so I will show you how to do that in my next video thank you

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4 thoughts on “EBay shipping label print with Royal Mail pay postage with Paypal (2019)

  1. Thank you for this. Just to clarify, that's regular 2nd Class you selected, not '2nd Class Signed For', right? And the tracking is then only available because you are doing it through eBay, since there is no tracking number available for regular 2nd Class when I just take it to the post office and get it labeled and paid for there? Thank you for your response

  2. Hello! Can we buy postage on ebay and then print label in the post office? Or we have to print label at home only if we buy postage online on ebay??

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