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34 thoughts on “Edge Of Dawn With Lyrics-Fire Emblem Three Houses Theme

  1. When you know its Edelgard singing and not getting what she wanted, but this song doesnt play in black egales route with her since she got what she wanted

  2. I thought this song was just okay when I first heard it, but didn't really pay attention to the lyrics. Then, after my GD and BL playthrough I looked them up properly, and I went "Oooooohhhh shit, the feels." Gonna have to do a BE playthrough soon now.

  3. Claude and Edelgard's goal is actually very similar that he notes of it on the Golden Deer Route. The only difference of course is Edelgard has a more problematic approach to reaching her goal. But Edelgard didn't have the luxury of time like Claude who tends to use Diplomacy to persuade the world to change and unite them. Edelgard's life was short, so much that it's possibly one of the factors that lead her to go with war instead as it would have took less time. Not saying what she did was right though, good intentions doesn't matter unless you do good.

  4. Why does it skip the first chord?
    The one perfect version is gone, leaving us with this missing first chord and the one that stutters in the middle.

  5. I once heard this song in a meme, i liked that song, so i looked it up. Fire Emblem? Damn that's quality music! Maybe I should play three houses.
    sees marianne
    So anyway, I started crying and dating

  6. I still don’t understand how to unlock this song in the extras section. I’ve played through all the routes, and still missing

  7. Edlegard: Reach for my Hand. Take the invitation.
    Claude: Dance with me Teach, Dance upon the haters.
    Dimitri: Troll every last one of them!

  8. I’ve never even played a Fire Emblem game, but when I heard this song in the smash trailer, I thought it was a necessity.

  9. So, I have $300, I should buy that figure I've been saving for.

    Nintendo: Yo, you heard this sick music

    Me: Damn, where is this from?

    Nintendo : From Fire Emblem Three Houses! Take a loot at these sick screenshots bro

    Me: Holy crap… It looks good! I only have a 3DS, king.

    Nintendo: Glances at my $300

    Me: No, no, no, no, nooo!!!

    Cashier: Do you want to pay with card or cash?

  10. When a Girl Just wants Self Determination and the end of Outdated Structures but gets Hated by most of the Community.

  11. This feels like a Disney movie, you know in the credits when they have a pop cover of one of the songs from the movie? This is what it feels like. Although Dimitri is definitely the most effed-up Disney Prince if that’s the case, hehe…

  12. On my first playtrough I wanted to go for the Crimson Flower ending but I didn´t know that I needed to go to Enbarr with Edelgard so I accidentally ended up with Silver Snow, which I think is the most boring ending but technically is the best one since you only kill Edelgard and Hubert (And Ashe if you don´t recruit him or avoid him during battle). I´m now playing the Blue Lion route and eventually will play the Golden Deer, so Crimson Flower will be the last.

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