Emotional Branding Tactics: Positioning a Brand Using Heroism

Hi I’m Graeme Newell. Today, how to transform
boring product marketing into a heroic quest. Now, most of us buy products to solve problems.
Like, clean our clothes, or insure our cars. But the best brands supercharge this problem-solution
equation, turning it into epic quest. “At the limits of your ability, you need to
hydrate fast. You need to replace the electrolytes you lose in sweat. An isotonic performance
fuel to take you faster, stronger for longer.” Wow! And I thought I was just thirsty! Great
brands turn simple problems into an epic movie quest that builds the ego of the customer.
“He rallies new volunteers in every Scottish town”
You didn’t just quench your thirst, you vanquished a thirst enemy.
“Would you be willing for one chance, just one chance to tell our enemies that they may
take our lives, but they will never take our freedom!”
…and satisfying our everyday needs, transforms us into heroes.
“Catch it, catch it. It starts with Wheaties fuel, a bold honey cinnamon crunch cereal
with complex carbs and b-vitamins. New Wheaties fuel, prepare to win.”
The hero marketing formula goes like this. First, the marketer introduces the villain,
oppressing our hero. “I’m Heather Whinnen, and my neck is where
it hurts. I’m an aerialist, I’m a circus performer” This isn’t just pain, it’s soul-sucking oppression,
keeping her from her greatness. “It’s not just a sport, it’s a bit of my soul.
It’s an art form. I get pain in my neck and my back. Sometimes I can’t do a performance
if I’m in so much pain. Then, comes the uplift…
“I tried Aleve liquid gels. Those things work, and they work well. It was very quick for
me. I was able to perform the way I wanted to perform for as long as I wanted to perform.
Her life mission, restored. “Show them how good you are”
It’s just like in the movies, when the hero solves the problem, she steps boldly into
her destiny. “This is the time to show them everything,
make sure they remember you” Companies that use heroic marketing aren’t
just selling a solution, they’re selling personal redemption, all empowered by their product.
“Only trimix crunch cereal has a unique combination of toasty whole grain cruchies, plump fruits,
and crunchy nuts. It’s an adventure in a bowl!” …and eating breakfast transforms us into
thrill seekers. The key to heroic marketing is building the
ego of the customer – something self-obsessed companies often forget.
“At Franklin-Templeton, 60 years of investing through every kind of market has taught us
to manage risk as vigilantly as we seek reward.” And they’ve just described the boring stuff
all investment companies do. They shouldn’t yammering on about risk management, they should
empower their customers to battle money worries. Evian’s not just water. Its quest is to free
the youthful energetic person who lives deep in our heart.
Nike’s are not just comfortable footwear. Strapping on a pair is an odyssey to defeat
dark-hearted opponents who would deny our glory. So don’t sell your marketing short.
Your product may solve very functional needs, but have you taken it one better? Have you
shown your customers how that product can empower them to glory? I’m Graeme Newell and
emotional marketing.

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