English Speakers Try to Pronounce French Brands (+ How to actually pronounce them)!

[Music] French dis for the one I got anything oh no no part of me wants to try first [Music] this one I got here is whom he’s Paris Emmys Paris okay this one amiss [Music] l miss Robles I have no idea about this one long shot long chair a long chain Paris long haul Oh Devon Shay okay good girl a girl ain’t very queerly yellow I like your old boy Lancome Paris Lancome Yves Yves saint-laurent wives Saint Laurent these Saint Laurent eve-san all macarons and chocolates appear ohmy macarons and chocolate Pierre hermé yeah microns and chocolate yeah who me Paris I can always look it up yeah [Music] Lafayette a gal gal Lizzy’s I can’t even read that the font they learn the language Galeries Lafayette galleries Lafitte y’all are real afraid get a litre Fiat to the leader failure ammo it and shadow goodbye boy assemble Maya and Shonda know it send on peg knee lettuce on top that work we showed off a bridge don’t carry on dumpy Rio Dom Perignon Dom Perignon don’t feel in your don’t give in you look at some in Provence oh wow I have no idea how to do the Sun pain in Provence look at time on province yeah L’Occitane in Provence II look see to help us move suitable for us Christian – Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutins Cristian Cristian with a Christian or Bhutto planet files who had cool I hope you enjoyed that one guys [Music] you

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59 thoughts on “English Speakers Try to Pronounce French Brands (+ How to actually pronounce them)!

  1. ça me fait toujours étrange quand les gens prononcent toutes les lettres (dont les muettes/celles de fin) alors qu'en réalité, dans la plupart des autres langues que je connais, c'est plus normal de tout prononcer x)

  2. Je suis pas si surpris depuis que j'étudie l'espagnol prononcer toute les lettre d'un mots me choque plus!

  3. I was just about to go run some errands but stopped when I got your notification. I actually got some of these correct.

  4. " Wives St Laurent" is my favorite. Is it some kind of reality tv show featuring desperate and wealthy housewives ? Can we consider a "Wives Gucci" as well ?

  5. You have no idea how many times I have to correct people on their pronunciation! Although, the downside of having lived in Paris, is that you risk coming across as pretentious when you do it 😜

  6. I notice ladies know quiet well Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent.
    Maybe this is a hint for incoming Valentine's Day.

  7. Salut youtube! So these are brands we do know and have heard of, but all of our advertising is in ENGLISH and we have learnt incorrect pronounciation, which I only discovered when I moved to France!! Enjoy and don't worry, no kiwi egos were harmed in the making!

  8. Bien sur «Beaulieu»
    The "it"
    Be u lee
    Which is not even thinkable nor understandable for French folks .

    literally means great place …
    Clear throats …

    A reason has to be found …

    Essayez un peu "au revoir" en Italien …

    Histoire de .

  9. Did anyone notice that "occitanie en provence" is a kind an illegal intruder ?
    Well, just "occitanie" is a landmark a territory, a district, that do not include "provence" …

    One was "Languedoc" spoken
    The other is "langue d' oïl" spoken .

    One is almost southwest part of the country the other southeast …

    Nope there's nothing above, up north from "Garonne" …
    It's another country,
    There's tales about those folks living in that middle of nothing up north "Garonne",
    But it's mostly myths and legends,
    No-one got evidence !

    Only rumors …

  10. We can see how much fun you guys had while filming this video. Like you said, Newzelanders seem very chill and laid back and it even seems contagious to frenchmen! Our frazzeled frenchy pronouncing french words with a "new zelander accent" was one of the highligh of this nice video! 🙂 (Plus i really liked the contrast between the acordeon/oldmoviefootagestyling/fancy french brands and the casually sitting in the garden the middle of luxirious island vegetation (probably barefooted ;))
    The other highlight was the aerial ending. Really cool! Hopefully just a brief taste of what is comming…
    Oh and Pierre Hermé!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Did he open a patisserie in New Zeland? If so you should make a video of newzelanders trying some (i think it is a pretty accurate taste of France!) vs Frazzeled frenchy trying some new Zeland specialities …

  11. HAHA I love the way you spell it when it's said correctly. Obviously by a french native I can tell. Honnestly it's not bad at all ! The only thing missing, I would say is that not all the letters are spoken in french 🙂

  12. It's funny how the 'frazzled Frenchman' was starting to fray towards the end and began mispronouncing the names deliberately himself. I sensed a bit of a Texas twang on some of them! Lol

  13. Although I'm completely bilingual… je vais écrire en français. :-p J'adore tes vidéos, Rosie. Dans celle-ci, j'aurais toutefois aimé voir utilisé l'alphabet phonétique international… Il y a des sons qui n'existent pas en anglais ("un"-"an"-"on", ce n'est pas pareil) 😉

  14. Que penses-tu des toilettes en France ? Je sais que le fait qu'ils soient séparés du reste de la salle de bain ça a choqué mon correspondant américain peut être qu'en Nouvelle-Zélande c'est pareil ?
    Il y a-t-il un "choc" de culture sur la douche en général ?
    Continue tes vidéos elles sont géniales !

  15. LOL, what a riot. Loved it. I will never be able to say it like the french no matter how long I live here, I think. 🙂 On the positive side, my kids study in the public school system so they have a right regular french accent and speak just like the natives. 🙂

  16. Tu as quelques problèmes pour faire la différence entre le son "in" et le son "on" qui sont CERTES très mal prononcée dans le français parlé, mais c'est vraiment une affaire d'habitudes, par exemple pour Louboutin ton interlocuteur francophone dit bien "in", il a juste une prononciation très mâchouillée!(attention ce commentaire est très bienveillant, âmes sensibles s'abstenir)

  17. Even the french guy doesn't pronounce Lancôme properly, it's not Lancɔme ("little" O as in téléphone or porte), but LancOme ("big" or long O, as in Hôte ou tableau, as indicated by the accent circonflexe). These are different sound or "phonèmes" to use the technical word, though french native speakers don't always make the difference.
    Même la personne parlant français ne marque pas bien (d'un point de vue strictement phonétique) la différence entre le "petit" o (phonétiquement noté ɔ) et le "grand" o ou o long (noté O), qui sont deux sons nettement différents: si vous prononcez téléphone (petit o) avec le son d'un grand o, c'est comme si vous disiez "téléfaune", ça sonne très bizarre…

  18. So strange to hear them ^^
    They try but … it's not exactly that ! ;P
    They must work the pronunciation of ''rrr'' 🙂

  19. Rose, you have a very sweet smile, and everybody knows Long champ as a New York restaurant Jerome from Florida

  20. Le Français a fait une petite erreur : il prononce Lancome et non Lancôme, ce qui n'est pas pareil. Mais peut-être est-il du sud de la France…

  21. Remember French it's still the first foreign language learn in anglosphere also more than 1/3 of english words come from French.

    If French are not good in english they still can manage barely english pronunciation After one years of english school.

    Réveillez vous les anglophones (ceux qui ne connaissent pas une autre langue évidemment, les autres bah restez comme vous êtes, open), la prononciation c'est le plus facile a apprendre.

  22. le premier mot qui me vient…débile,comment peut-on avoir si peu de culture,surtout pour des marques

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