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Hi and Welcome to this Stipplism tutorial. I’m Alice and in this episode I’ll cover
how to create and use multiple symbols. Overall we’ll cover: How to create multiple
symbols, how to use multiple symbols in our stipple and symbol identifiers. We’ve only ever used one symbol what this setting does is allow you ot use more. In order to use multiple symbols we need
to make them in a certain way. I’ll use this photo of a rabbit. Ok so firstly
I need to decide what I want to use as my symbols. In this case I want to create a kind
of cross hatch effect. So I’m going to draw to line in opposing
directions. At this point I need to decide which of these I want to use as my ‘base’ symbol. Which will be my point of reference in the stipple menu. So I’m going to pick this one and drag it
to the symbol panel. Give it clear
a name. After making my base symbol I now need to decide my variant. Varient’s being the other symbols we want
to use in the stipple at the same time. In this case I just want one varient. So if I select my other stroke, and then we
need to go to the Object menu and the click and create symbol variants. A dialogue box will open, asking you which symbol you want to use as your base? Essentially you are attaching these additional
symbols to you base symbol. And there is an option to delete the object
after this is completed – I’ll tick that as it will safely be stored in my symbol panel. Press Ok. And there we go it has added our
varient to our panel. The way this work is it creates a variant by adding a suffix to the end of the base file name. So the base is ‘crosshatch’ and the varient is ‘crosshatch_var_001’ so if you wanted to you could manually attach this name ending to any of the symbols, rather than go through the object menu. Making sure you increment the number at the end of the file name. There is no limit to how many symbols you want to use as varients. So lets put this to use! Apply our symbol stipple and you’ll see that now ‘include varients’ is automatically selected when I chose the crosshatch base
symbol. It even tells me that I have 1 varient! And lets press preview – and change the settings until I’m happy with the result. In this case it’s made a really graphic effect. I can also use the sample color option in the same way. Again a completely different effect but extremely effective and quick. Let’s have a look at another example so here I’ve
got various shades of fill for a simple triangle, I have my base triangle and the rest are set as varients. I can add to these the same way. So select the new addition Go to object Create Symbol Varients And it will automatically add it to my symbol varients. In order to update stipple, to include my new varients just toggle the effect in the appearence panel. This coupled with the rotation follows path
setting creates a pretty convincing diamond. Lastly lets cover symbol identifiers. It sounds complicated but is incredibly simple. I can use the additional file ending, to the name, of my symbol in order put settings on individual symbols variants – I say varients because you cant apply this to the base symbol. There’s 3 altogether. The first
=u. Meaning the symbol will only appear once in our stipple. Great for things like our
moon here.=ns. Meaning no scale. and=nr. Meaning no
rotate. All of which I’ve use for my white elephant
which appears only once, and ignores the scale and rotation settings applied to the rest
of the stipple. You can use them seperately or toegther like I ahve with my Elephant. We have reached the end of this tutorial. Just to recap, we’ve covered how to create multiple symbols, how to use multiple symbols in your stipple, and symbol identifiers. Congratulations, you’ve completed all our
basic stipplism tutorials are now officially an expert. Do checkout our webinars and Q&A’s for even more info! And dont forget you can download our free 14 day trial today and see
what your inspired to create! Thanks for watching!

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